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Nyaruko: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
1987 : 2019/04/21 23:20:16
It is perfect, only the hair...isn't it too dark?
Hana Fukiishi Kaketemiru? Ver. Illustration by Kurehito Misaki (PVC Figure)
HJ : 2019/04/19 22:15:28
Its a shame they have to change full stocking to thigh-high fishnet for lower part cast-off. And I could say fishnet like this just meh.
Sagiri Izumi Ending Mode (PVC Figure)
radio_noise : 2019/04/19 12:41:09
The shirt looks like it's removable, but is it actually?
Hana Fukiishi Kaketemiru? Ver. Illustration by Kurehito Misaki (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/04/18 22:53:18
Not sure how I feel about this figure, in my opinon, it's cliche and plain...
Monobeno Sumi Navy School Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
Gerardo : 2019/04/16 13:37:58
Learning with Manga! Fate/Grand Order Collectible Figures (Set of 6) (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/04/15 16:53:36
it is finally re-stocked, yay!!
Jeanne d`Arc & Mordred Type-Moon Racing Ver. (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2019/04/15 5:42:28

My understanding is that they started as a fictitious motif back
in 2015, but it sounds like they're actually going to do it for real
(much like Goodsmile) and sponsor their own team.
Jeanne d`Arc & Mordred Type-Moon Racing Ver. (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2019/04/15 5:37:56
Umm ... you do know that Type Moon and Plusone Inc. are engaged
in sports car racing? http://plusoneservice.jp/TMR2019/
Next Black (PVC Figure)
Bryan : 2019/04/14 13:20:31
So beautiful!! This is instant buy!
Illyasviel von Einzbern: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
wooosh : 2019/04/11 13:17:20
never liked faces of freeing 1/4 figures, but she got nice one this time, which is close to actual character too. one minus, her ass is not ['seksɪ] enough.
Yom Tights Futotta? (PVC Figure)
freedom : 2019/04/10 16:32:16
I don't think 23cm is too bad, its about 1/7 scale if she was 160cm in real life.
Price is on the more affordable end of the spectrum too.
Yom Tights Futotta? (PVC Figure)
meh : 2019/04/10 12:21:50
Height: 230mm... meh. srsly she is small, too small for that art.
`Date A Live` Fantasia 30th Anniversary Project - Tohka Yatogami: Astral Dress Ver. (PVC Figure)
E : 2019/04/06 10:32:58
the figure looks great, and the paint on it are astonishing (especially Sandalphon), totally feel touched when holding it, izit me or is the figure feels Weight more then other 1/7
anyway, the price r a little to high, which u can't pose it much, it only consist of 3 item, the stand, tohka herself & Sandalphon, that's all
Chloe von Einzbern: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/04/05 14:03:39
I saw this and my jaw literally dropped, Freeing is my Favorite producer and Chloe is my Fave character.
Instant buy!
GGG Mobile Suit Z Gundam Haman Karn (PVC Figure)
OP : 2019/04/05 12:08:53

Too loyal to the anime, Haman have hairs that looks like an helmet. It's ok for an old anime, but today artists are capable to do a lot better. But i'm still tempted to reserve.
GGG Mobile Suit Z Gundam Haman Karn (PVC Figure)
freedom : 2019/04/05 9:06:48
but thats how her hair is on the anime
GGG Mobile Suit Z Gundam Haman Karn (PVC Figure)
OP : 2019/04/04 21:39:01
Fourth image: a big letdown. Lack of details on hair.
G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Eevee Friends (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/04/04 17:03:07
as much as I like pokemon, with that kind of paint job & previous mew&mewto figur problem, I would wait this until either someone selling it 2nd hand or during bargain sale.
Jeanne d`Arc & Mordred Type-Moon Racing Ver. (PVC Figure)
noname : 2019/04/03 3:34:36
finally a good looking mordred figure
Nendoroid Shield Hero (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2019/04/02 18:35:22
Where are his waifus? No offense Naofumi but Raphtalia and Filo are the real stars.
Kobato Hasegawa Repackage Ver. (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/04/02 15:37:15
maybe they were angry due to price...
*look at price*
*only 8000yen*

why were they angry again?
Jack the Ripper (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/04/02 10:49:00
the proportion of the thigh is way too fatty, literally 5-6 times the size of her arm which is not normal.
also a lewd figure smh.
Jeanne d`Arc & Mordred Type-Moon Racing Ver. (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/04/02 9:59:43
kinda hate the racing theme...
especially when the series don't participate in any racing stuff, unlike Hatsune miku's Racing Miku series.
Holy Angel Kamineko (PVC Figure)
Ikasumi : 2019/04/02 5:30:54
I've had this for years and love this figure very much. Her face is great and really reflects her chuunibyou personality. Have no idea what everyone else is complaining about. Really quite a bargain compared to how much 1/7 scale figures cost nowadays...
Vanilla: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
Ikasumi : 2019/04/02 5:24:46
@ProRocker, it's not cheap.
It's 1/12 scale... have you ever seen a 1/12 scale figure in real life?
Fu Houhou (Winter Baked Sweet Potato Ver.) (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/03/30 11:48:12
for its size and price, its not too bad in my opinion.
...I might just get this for that bike stand to use with my figma
Nendoroid Petite: TYPE-MOON COLLECTION 12 pieces (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/03/30 9:30:42
so is that 5000yen perr chara or all 12?
Fu Houhou (Winter Baked Sweet Potato Ver.) (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2019/03/29 21:19:24
such a downgrade from the makers earlier figure
Fate/Grand Order Saber/Elizabeth Bathory [Brave] (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2019/03/29 21:16:02
glad they fixed the wardrobe malfunction from the game
Shiro: Cat Ver. (PVC Figure)
Dard : 2019/03/29 11:49:33
Yeah, this one was so disappointing that I'm even trying to reselling the one I bought
Shiro: Cat Ver. (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2019/03/29 8:49:05
Agree with Misa, Freeing dropped the ball on this and the super weird neck. How do they charge that much with such a messed up figure. Mine is the same way.
Akeno Himejima (PVC Figure)
Himejima : 2019/03/28 12:36:31
another Akeno Figure i can add to my collection :D
Alisa Ilynichna Omela White Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
lel : 2019/03/28 2:01:47
Just noticed name on the box is "LLYINICHNA", not "ILYINICHNA" (last one is correct russian female patronymic)... well Japan...
Also 'alisa ilyinichna' is correct name+patronymic, 'omela' is not russian surname (it sounds like horsesh*t as surname), omela is hemiparasitic shrub (viscum). But... who cares.
Saber Kimono Dress Ver. (PVC Figure)
Moy : 2019/03/28 1:39:13
Her boobs are extra small, sad face.
Jeanne d`Arc & Mordred Type-Moon Racing Ver. (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/03/27 18:43:12
she used it all up on Mordred cos her full weight is supported by Mordreds single arm.
Jeanne d`Arc & Mordred Type-Moon Racing Ver. (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2019/03/27 18:35:24
that's an interesting pose, and where the hell are Rulers command seals?
Jeanne d`Arc & Mordred Type-Moon Racing Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/03/27 9:45:41
This is nice but they should separate them so the price can be affordable.
Ayame Illustration by Ban! (PVC Figure)
Gerardo : 2019/03/25 14:17:03
All I know is "I want her", Displaying this figure will be crazy, with that thing in her hand! ;)
Ayame Illustration by Ban! (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2019/03/24 6:32:05
wished they showed the different hand and face parts as mentioned, is that girl on the book by the same artist?
Tsuruno Yui (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/03/20 9:28:17
what you must realize is that there is no panty line... so, what does that mean and does that make those shorts her undergarnment?
Tsuruno Yui (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2019/03/19 22:35:11
Real shame she wears shorts under her skirt..
Nodoka Haramura: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Shiv : 2019/03/19 13:35:45
Bust size is perfect.
That old myth about spine problems with big busts is so tiring. Female insecurity projection at its finest in this comments section.
Dragon`s Crown Sorceress (PVC Figure)
Gok : 2019/03/19 13:32:38
'rawr' ...you're a plain idiot
'mhe' nailed it.
Ayame Illustration by Ban! (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2019/03/16 8:11:23
Grape titties
Love Toys Vol.1 Green Ver. (Unassembled Kit)
Gerardo : 2019/03/08 1:21:59
I would prefer the pink version or a red version. But my loli figures will enjoy them selves anyway!!! :)
GGG Mobile Suit Z Gundam Quattro Vageena (PVC Figure)
Peltast : 2019/03/07 22:10:07
HAHAHA OH WOW that typo in the name just made my day.
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/03/06 16:06:05
so... do we get the green base or the transparent one??
Arpeggio of Blue Steel Mental Model Takao Sailor Ver. (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2019/03/05 23:14:26
If only she wasn't wearing stockings, this figure would have been great.
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion C.C. (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/03/05 11:14:33
I agree. insta buy if it is 9000 - 10.000 yen...
also indeed it is the best C.C. figure at this moment, pose & quality wise. other were either half naked and lewd pose which is disgusting or derp quality & face...
Nendoroid Saber Extra (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/03/05 2:06:05
padoru padoru!
Marion: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
Gay : 2019/03/02 11:37:21
Dude is okay too.
I just wonder what does mean connection of her rifle to the canister? Gasoline rifle?:/
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2019/03/02 3:15:36
Anyone giving this less than 5 stars confirmed to have bad taste.
Nidhogg (PVC Figure)
MCnosurge : 2019/03/01 19:04:04
Looks fantastic, but have no idea about the makers. Love the devil wings though.
Marion: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
MCnosurge : 2019/03/01 19:01:19
Marion looks TOO much like a dude when the eye patch comes off.
Tsukasa Nishino: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Alcrin : 2019/02/28 23:50:58
OMG She's amazing! It would be amazing if she comes with another head with her longer hair! Please make this a series, I need at least Aya too!
Tsukasa Nishino: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
MCnosurge : 2019/02/28 16:19:37
Ichigo 100%!? Never would I have thought this day would come. Please let this turn into a series of Ichigo 100% bunny girls, Aya and Satsuki. Instant preordered!!
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
blammo : 2019/02/28 15:55:34
waiting for the orc figures
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
Gerardo : 2019/02/28 15:42:59
Love Toys Vol.7 Medical Chair (Unassembled Kit)
Gerardo : 2019/02/28 15:40:04
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
Archer King : 2019/02/28 11:53:08
non-scale means its not of a specific scale.
Frame Arms Girl Stylet -Session Go!!- (PVC Figure)
brahnume : 2019/02/28 11:42:52
Can I have her without those flying pieses? meh... srsly awesome ass ruined by stupid design.
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
Moy : 2019/02/28 8:45:59
What does Non scale mean?
figma Megumin (PVC Figure)
NTTT : 2019/02/27 14:57:27
My main three complaints are the staff, the small plastic piece on the hat, and the difficulty of trying to take the hands on/off. The staff broke IMMEDIATELY on the first attempt to put it in Megumin's hand. Second complaint, is with the way that the hat attaches to her head is with this small, thin piece of plastic which I found to be too easily bendable. My third complaint is the difficulty of removing/changing out the hands to one that could hold the staff required alot more work.
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
Peltast : 2019/02/27 0:50:25
Wow. this little guy is so wrong it's actually hilarious.
Don`t Meddle With My Daughter Honey the Hugger (Mei Senou) (PVC Figure)
whyte : 2019/02/26 22:49:44
BBW are hot!!
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/26 13:55:53
He'll go nice with my Goblin Slayer figma.
Shiro: Tuck Up Ver. (PVC Figure)
keikei : 2019/02/26 12:11:07
No issues if you live in U.S. I've a few shipped.
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
whatup : 2019/02/25 15:21:38
Those figfix are smaller. The other issue is that companies price their things at whatever price they want. Who is to say if it is WORTH it?
Making better things and pricing them at a good price is what is called staying competitive.
There are already a few company making cheap figures already. What makes GS stand out is to offer a better quality figure at a good low price.
Shiro: Tuck Up Ver. (PVC Figure)
Anyone : 2019/02/25 8:27:44
Will this figure will have custom problem delivered to the USA ??? Anyone know ?
Oni no Yu Devil Girl [Hiiragi-chan] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/24 13:36:37
The pictures do not do her justice. She is pretty big as well.
A Cow Life No.721 Holstein Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/24 13:29:54
Just got her today. She is pretty good but her earrings/tags are a pain to put on and her clothes, especially her bottoms, are hard to get to stay on. Sculpture and paint wise she is solid
Maromi Asadera (PVC Figure)
Gerardo : 2019/02/24 0:44:42
At first I didnt like it because its belly. But when I saw the preorder and the figure full paintet, I felt in love with Maromi!
Danua (PVC Figure)
Qun'mi : 2019/02/23 1:16:11
I want re-release (
Velvet Crowe (PVC Figure)
JkC : 2019/02/22 16:19:28
not buying this one, the price is ridiculous
figma Saber of `Red` (PVC Figure)
Abra : 2019/02/22 15:30:05
Uh hello. I wanted to ask if it is released yet. I have reserved it but it's showing notify when available option. So that's why I am asking if it's released yet
Erika Izayoi Brown Ver. (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2019/02/22 12:52:12
Futa 😍
Velvet Crowe (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/21 22:22:42
The prices are getting out of hand...
Maromi Asadera (PVC Figure)
Archer King : 2019/02/21 15:38:05
...depends on where you are, its leagal atleast within Japan.
better check your import laws in your country before ordering, would be sad if your package gets confescated at customs.
Maromi Asadera (PVC Figure)
yua : 2019/02/21 12:52:11
Cute figure, but is this legal???
Revy -Swimsuit Ver. II- (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2019/02/20 16:16:31
Reminds me of Claire Redfield. Nice hair.
Atago Midsummer March Ver. (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2019/02/20 15:25:32
No, you're thinking 2010 prices, or bootleg shit off the internet.
Alter has always been about quality, and it shows, not like someone
who doesn't do this seriously as a hobby would know.
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/02/20 9:25:55
They already have the FigFix series thats figma quality around 4000~5000yen, what makes you think GSC would make higher quality things at much lower price?
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2019/02/19 22:10:02
This is a nice inexpensive figure. However they need to add more detail to the hair to make it worth the price. They need to make the figure stand out as a good deal and not just an expensive cheap looking figure.
Chitocerium LXXVIII-Platinum (Unassembled Kit)
Cee : 2019/02/17 10:14:51
The guy above me can't even read trhe description and see that it's states parts are pre painted and coloured with decals builders can apply.
Chitocerium LXXVIII-Platinum (Unassembled Kit)
nadenade : 2019/02/16 9:50:11
I would love to own this, but I'm sucks at painting job...
too bad, this is targeted to those who can paint figures well...
Kurosaki Mea Max Factory Ver. (PVC Figure)
Epwilcox15 : 2019/02/15 22:11:06
When will this Amazing Figure be back in stock?
Dragon Ball Gals Android 21 Transformed Ver. (PVC Figure)
........ : 2019/02/15 15:49:31
It looks like she shat her pants or something.... not that I would complain but it just doesnt look right
Chitocerium LXXVIII-Platinum (Unassembled Kit)
Cee : 2019/02/14 9:19:11
The dude above me seems excited
Chitocerium LXXVIII-Platinum (Unassembled Kit)
No Name : 2019/02/13 15:38:48
Asuna Ver. Glint (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/02/13 9:03:58
pointy nips... its orca toys afterall... *sigh*
Vanilla: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/11 15:53:00
These are nice, but they should consider making it bigger size. They are too small. They either make their figures too big or too small. one eight would be nice.
Saber Type-Moon Racing Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/11 15:45:34
They should also make more of the others to complete the set.
DC Comics VARIANT Play Arts Kai Batman Rogues Gallery Two-Face (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2019/02/07 21:00:40
This is a true collector's item for the Batman series. Great collaboration, design, paint job, detail, quality, value, and idea. One of the first daring attempt for a Batman/Two Face figure! 2 for 1!!!
Nekotama (Set of 9) (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/02/06 18:57:21
seems each one is around the size of your fist, so each of them would be fairly large.
if you divide it, its1667 JPY each so i guess you would wanna buy it with a friend or something.
Nekotama (Set of 9) (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/02/06 14:17:06
why so expensive tho?
Atago Midsummer March Ver. (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/02/06 9:31:44
Its Alter, they usually only do 1/7 or 1/8... and its Alter, you can expect quality but the price is always steep.
Atago Midsummer March Ver. (PVC Figure)
Moy : 2019/02/06 4:17:00
This should be a 1/6 figure at that price.
Nier: Automata 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) [DX Edition] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/05 6:15:29
This looks like a glorified prize figure. On the flip side, if people keep donating to SE, we can hope for a Nier automata 2.
Vanilla: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/02/01 9:36:42
cos its figma size and can't change pose?
so ppl just get it for the body n shove other figma heads onto it?
Vanilla: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
ProRocker : 2019/02/01 1:26:22
why is it so cheap?
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