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10/23 HobbyJapan InmonDecalSet Vol.2 for 1/8-1/12,for 1/4-1/7now in stock.
10/9 GSI Creos Mr.Adhesive Brush Set (10 Pieces)now in stock.
9/6 Argofile Japan Artima 5 has been RESTOCKED.
8/22 God Hand Stand for Side Cutternow in stock.
8/22 GSI Creos Gundam Marker Airbrush Hand Piecenow in stock.
7/30 Bunka Mask w/Activated Carbon Filtered Vent Valvenow in stock.
7/23 Staedtler Scale Ruler for Scalemodel, Militarymodelnow in stock.
7/22 GSI Creos Mr.Polisher PRO IIInow in stock.
4/11 HIQ Parts Line Scribers CS now in stock.
4/4 Finisher`s Brick Moldnow in stock.
4/3 Tamiya Needle Nose w/Cutter IInow in stock.
3/27 Gaianotes M-04r UV Gel Clear Rnow in stock.
3/14 HIQ Parts Decal Squeegee (1 Pieces)now in stock.
3/6 God Hand Short Power Pin Vice Deep Colette Typenow in stock.
3/1 GSI Creos Gundam Metallic Marker Set 2now in stock.
2/19 HIQ Parts DP Bottle JP 30ml (1pc)now in stock.
2/15 Gannet|Platz Super Punch Compass Titanium Blade Special now in stock.
1/25 MYK DesignGM Decal now in stock.
1/21 Sujiborido Perfect Vise No.1 now in stock.
1/18 Plamokojo Committee Yasurikasu (File Dust) Zeronow in stock.
1/17 Plamokojo Committee Work Station Pro now in stock.
1/9 Green Stuff World Weathering Brushes 15mm (Set of 2),Weathering Brushes 8mm (Set of 3)now in stock.
12/28 Kyosho Instant Glue UV Curing w/UV Lampnow in stock.
12/21 MYK DesignGM Decal now in stock.
12/18 HIQ Parts Round Masking Seal XL (6.2-7.6mm) (1 Sheet) (Material)now in stock.
12/13 Wave Wave Compressor 058 Compact [Desktop Type]now in stock.
12/10 GSI Creos Mr.Deburring Stick Gnow in stock.
12/4 God Hand Edge Nipper 45 Degrees (Green Color)now in stock.
11/15 HIQ Parts [Ultimate! Nipako] Water Transfer Type Decal 02 B (1 Sheet)now in stock.
11/6 Hobby Base Model Cover UV Cut Black now in stock.
10/26 Plamokojo Committee Decaling Quick Tray now in stock.
10/26 Hobby Base Paint Clip (Reverse Clip) (14 Pieces) now in stock.
10/18 Funtec Drill Stand DS-20 now in stock.
10/16 HIQ Parts Sanding Slider (1 Piece) now in stock.
9/26 Hobby Base LED Stage White now in stock.
9/11 Model Kasten Fine Paint Brush Kolinsky 00,Fine Paint Brush Kolinsky 0 now in stock.
9/5 Hobby Base 1/12 Sozai-chan Flesh now in stock.
8/20 Platz|Peco Static Grass (Pro Grass Micro Applicator) now in stock.
8/9 Shimomura Alec|Platz Precision Multifunctional Chamfering Tool Lagia 2is now in stock.
8/1 GSI Creos Takumi no Yasuri Kiwami Modeling File `Unyou` Two-sided Single Cut Plate File for Plastic Mjodelling (Coarse/Smooth)is now in stock.
7/26 Wave Cutting Mat A4is now in stock.
7/19 Wave Nipper for Plastic (Thin Blade Type),HG Multi Handle Miniis now in stock.
7/12 Tamiya Polishing Compound Spongesis now in stock.
7/6 Hasegawa Graduated Windshield Finish is now in stock.
6/27 God Hand Child Nipper EXis now in stock.
6/1 Argofile Japan UV Glue 4is now in stock.
5/2 Plamokojo Committee Work Station Prois now in stock.
4/19 Wave Flex File Holder Setis now in stock.
3/30 GSI Creos Mr.Tweezers Parts Holder (w/Lock Mechanism)is now in stock.
3/12 GSI Creos Mr.Hi-Coating IIis now in stock.
2/27 C1 Models C1 Metalizer Metallic Shine Powder 32gis now in stock.
2/22 Tamiya Engraving Blade Holderis now in stock.
2/9 Plamokojo Committee Work Station Prois now in stock.
2/7 God Hand Acrylic FF Board (Set of 5),Double-sided Tape (15mm Width) for Mini FF Board Acrylicis now in stock.
2/2 Green Stuff World Work Holder on Standis now in stock.
1/26 Inter Allied Track Makeris now in stock.
1/16 HIQ Parts DC Lock Tweezers (1 Piece)is now in stock.
12/23 Wave HG Circle Cutter Set,HG Weak Adhisive Cutting Mat A3is now in stock.
12/15 HIQ Parts Sanding Chip is now in stock.
12/14 Bandai Action Base 5 Black,Action Base 5 Clearnow in stock.
12/14 Bandai Action Base 4 Black,Action Base 4 Clearnow in stock.
12/11 God Hand Glass Cutter Mat (B5) Blueis now in stock.
12/8 Eiger Tool Toolx2 Soft Light Clampis now in stock.
11/16 Wave HG Rotary Punchis now in stock.
10/26 Bandai Collection Stageis now in stock.
10/23 GSI Creos Mr.Almighty Clip Stick [Clip] (20 Pieces)is now in stock.
10/17 HIQ Parts Painting Base 3 (1 Piece)is now in stock.
10/12 Kotobukiya Character Standis now in stock.
9/27 GSI Creos Mr.Almighty Clip Stick Deluxe (18 Pieces)is now in stock.
9/22 Tamiya Tamiya CA Cement (Easy Sanding)is now in stock.
9/14 Tamiya Fine Lapping Film # 4000 (3 pieces), Fine Lapping Film # 6000 (3 pieces)is now in stock.
8/30 Wave HG Cutting Edge Rotation Cutteris now in stock.
8/9 HIQ Parts Aluminum Thunder 20mm (1 Piece)is now in stock.
6/20 G-Temple Runnner Stand for Plastic Model is now in stock.
5/24 WaveUSB Rechargeable Cordless Polisher is now in stock.
5/1 GSI Creos Mr.Nipper GX < Single-Edged > is now in stock.
2/20 GSI CreosGundam Marker Advance Set is now in stock.
2/14 Wave USB Charge System Cordless Router is now in stock.
12/15 FuntecCarbide Scribing Needle 10,Carbide Scribing Needle 30 is now in stock.
11/24 Shimomura AlecShokunin Katagi Oite Yasuru Shineblade Itasan-Combi is now in stock.
10/30 We have moved the crafting materials and display cases to "Material/Case".
10/25 Kotobukiya Gigantic Arms 02 Blits Gunner,Gigantic Arms 03 Movable Crawler is now in stock!
10/19 Wave Kosutte Gin SUN restocked
10/14 Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base R [A],Mechanical Chain Base R [B] is now in stock!
9/30 Doyusha The Nipper SGOT! is now in stock!
9/14 Kotobukiya Gigantic Arms 01 Powered Guardian is now in stock!
9/8 Bandai Character Stand Plate Fumina Hoshino is now in stock!
8/30 Kotobukiya Heavy Weapon Unit MH12 Gunblade LunceHeavy Weapon Unit MH11 killer Beak open for reservation now.
8/24 Wave Handy Router Mk.1AC open for reservation now.
8/23 Tamiya Spray Work Power Compressor open for reservation now.
8/8 Kotobukiya Flying Base R open for reservation now.
7/6 Funtec Kirewaza Line Engraving Carbide is now in stock!
6/30 NOVARS MaBee open for reservation now.
6/28 Barchetta Etching Dedicated Scissors Zantetu is now in stock!
6/20 GSI Creos Beautifully Transparent Adhesive is now in stock!
4/21 Gaianotes Gaianotes Limited Special Edition Water Transfer RB Caution Decal 1/Non Metallic Red (Miyazawa Limited) (1 Sheet),is now in stock!
4/19 Sujiborido HobbyTool restocked
4/18 Kotobukiya Mecha Supply 01 Flexible Arm A,Mecha Supply 02 Flexible Arm B is now in stock!
4/15 HIQ Parts is now in stock!
2/29 GSI Creos Mr.Harumold Chisel,is now in stock!

Hobby Tool New Items List

Edge File (Hobby Tool)
Edge File (Hobby Tool) God Hand File
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (Dark Gray) (Parts)
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (Dar... Hobby Base Premium Parts Collection
Stand for Side Cutter (Hobby Tool)
Stand for Side Cutter (Hobby Tool) God Hand Side Cutter
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (Light Fresh) (Parts)
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (Lig... Hobby Base Premium Parts Collection
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (Fresh) (Parts)
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (Fre... Hobby Base Premium Parts Collection
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (Pure White) (Parts)
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (Pur... Hobby Base Premium Parts Collection
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (G Gray) (Parts)
Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint (G ... Hobby Base Premium Parts Collection
Shokunin Katagi Small Aluminum Marker `SUMI` (Hobby Tool)
Shokunin Katagi Small Aluminum Marker `SUM... Shimomura Alec,Platz Shokunin Katagi
Stripes Plate Finish B (Stainless) S (Material)
Stripes Plate Finish B (Stainless) ... Hasegawa Hasegawa Trytool
Stripes Plate Finish A (Stainless) S (Material)
Stripes Plate Finish A (Stainless) ... Hasegawa Hasegawa Trytool
Scales Polishing Finish (Stainless) S (Material)
Scales Polishing Finish (Stainless) ... Hasegawa Hasegawa Trytool
Replicant EX 7 (Book)
Replicant EX 7 (Book) Take Shobo A4 Wide Replicant,Mook
New BMC Chisel 0.05mm (Hobby Tool)
Monthly Hobby Japan August 2019 (Hobby Magazine)
Monthly Hobby Japan August 2019 (Hobby Magazine) Hobby Japan A4 Wide Monthly Hobby Japan
[memory`s] Maple 40mm (3 Pieces) (Model Train)
[memory`s] Maple 40mm (3 Pieces) (Model Train) Popopro N Scale Layout Material
[memory`s] Maple 65mm (2 Pieces) (Model Train)
[memory`s] Maple 65mm (2 Pieces) (Model Train) Popopro N Scale Layout Material
Modeling Template (Round/1-12.5mm) (Hobby Tool)
Modeling Template (Round/1-12.5mm) (Hobby Tool) Tamiya Tamiya Craft Tool,No.150
Etching Nipper `Killing` (Hobby Tool)
Etching Nipper `Killing` (Hobby Tool) Hasegawa Nipper Hasegawa Trytool
Quick Hose Joint Plugs (2 Pieces) (Air Brush)
Quick Hose Joint Plugs (2 Pieces) (Air Brush) Tamiya Tamiya Air Brush System
Quick Hose Joint (Air Brush)
Quick Hose Joint (Air Brush) Tamiya Tamiya Air Brush System
Paint Clip (Reverse Clip) Slim (14 Pieces) (Hobby Tool)
Paint Clip (Reverse Clip) Slim (14 Pieces) (... Hobby Base Premium Parts Collection
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