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Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)

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Manufacturer:God Hand
Release Date : Early Feb., 2017
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Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
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- Pursuit of sharpness specialized for gate cutting!
- Ultimate ultra-thin blade single-edged nipper by craftsmen!
- Workability is improved because it is hard to whiten!

- The finish and work efficiency are improved by the good sharpness! -

Ultimate nipper is a nipper pursuing [ultimate cut out] specializing in gate cutting.
When you slice cut a runner of Φ 3 mm or so, the thrusters and blades come in and almost cut off without sounds.
A section of Ultimate Nippers
It has a sharpness, so you can obtain a smooth cut surface as scraped with a design knife, minimizing whitening of plastics (a phenomenon in which the cross section turns white).

Compared with general nippers, traces of cutting are pretty beautiful, so it is also recommended for people who wish to complete without painting plastic models.
Comparison of sharpness with common nippers (here [GN - 125]) Comparison of sharpness of nippers
Even for painting workers, cutting edges will not be scratched even if they are cut along the parts with their edges aligned with the parts, so gating by files and knives will be minimal, and it will be useful as a significant time reduction tool.

Even when cutting out small parts, there is little that the parts snatch and fly, and it will be released from the trouble of finding the parts that fly.
Cut small parts
It is hard to get tired even with cutting work for a long time because it can be torn without power.
The standard of the force when cutting Φ 3 mm plastic is 2 kg or less (general nipper 3.5 kg ~ 10 kg).

- A pursuit of sharpness [cutting edge] and [single blade structure] -
Creating a tremendous sharpness of the Ultimate Nipper is a thin sharpened [cutting edge] (Kiriba) and a [one-edged structure] to cut more cleanly.

- Ultra-thin [cutting edge] by craftsmanship
Also known as the life of Ultimate Nipper, thin and sharp like a knife.
This [cutting edge] is produced by carefully doing blade cutting and blade sharpening one by one artisan of Niigata prefecture [Tsubame Sanjo] famous for knife.

- Single-edge structure for cutting cleanly
In order to obtain a clean cut surface, Ultimate Nipper adopts [single-blade structure].
[Single-blade structure] is a structure in which one of the blades is a [cutting edge] and the other is a [chopping blade].
Because there is only one cutting edge (cutting edge) on one side, it is called [one blade].
[Cutting blade] firmly holds the object to be cut, and the force gripping the grip turns into force to move [cutting edge] directly.
Also, since the wide [chopping blade] is supported from the bottom, deformation at the time of cutting can be minimized.

- Cutting blade to ensure cutting reliably -
[Cutting blade] of Ultimate nipper is slightly overhanging than [cutting edge].
For that reason, there are steps on the cut surface, although they are slight.
This is a specification for giving priority to cutting [surely] rather than making the cut surface flat (no step).
Any nipper will rattle slowly as you use it.
If [Cutting blade] and [Cutting edge] are in a flat state, [Cutting blade] will be removed from [Cutting blade] even with slight play.
If that happens, you will not be able to cut it properly, in the worst case it will cause blade breakage.
Therefore, by adjusting so that [cutting edge] comes to the center of [cutting board blade] when closing the blade, even if some backlash comes out it is made to be cut off properly.
On the other hand, since the surfaces of [chopping blade] and [cutting edge] are not flat, even if both blades are brought into close contact with parts and trying to leave the gate, it is easy to leave uncut.

- Functions of each part -
- Opening prevention pin
It prevents spring from coming off due to too much blade opening.
It changed from a conventional metal pin to a resin pin.
The pin does not get pushed into the hole by hitting it, and it is difficult to escape more than ever by the tapered shape pin.

- Blade prevention stopper
It prevents the blade from breaking with excessive force.
In order to cut cleanly, [Cutting blade] must be hit [Cutting blade] securely, so there is a slight clearance that is not hit by merely lightly closing the blades.
The stopper is supposed to function at the limit just as [to break the blade more than this].

- Broader tip than before
In the previous Ultimate Nippers there was a narrow specification at the tip, but the current specification intentionally widens the tip.
In the past, many customers broke the blades with thin specifications at the tip, so we dared to widen the tip to make it hard to break.

- Quality inscription -
Material: Special tool steel (manufactured by Kobe Steel Works)
Total length: about 120 mm
Weight: Approx 60 g
Blade hardness: HRC 58 or more
Single-edged specification
Blade prevention stopper
Opening prevention pin
With spring
Soft grip
Original nipper cap included

- Cutting capacity -
Applicable material: Only plastic (PS resin, PP resin, ABS resin, PE resin) can be cut.
Cutting capacity: Only applicable materials with Φ 3 mm or less can be cut. However, transparent / translucent PS resin is hard, so it is limited to Φ 1 mm or less.

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Item Size/Weight : 19.4 x 8 x 1.5 cm / 72g
Explanation in Japanese

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Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
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5 posts
2:nah00: 2017/06/13 0:38:00
Believe the hype, these are every bit as good as they claim to be. You'll still need to keep your other nippers for cutting the gates holding the part in away but for cutting the gates off of the part itself nothing beats these. Using them to cut out 1/700 helicopter blades was a world of difference from my old Xuron nippers which would tend to bend or break the blades. These just let the part just drop right out with no chance of breakage.
3:EJN: 2017/07/03 23:22:00
Purchased 2017/05/23 and spring retention pin has broken or fallen out.
4:Cee: 2018/10/10 9:38:01
I bought these 9 months ago and they've built 30 MG,10 RG/HG, 2 PG gunpla and they're still going well. They aren't as sharp as they once were, but still do a better and cleaner cut than most other cutters with this much use. I oil,rust proof ,clean weekly and they defiantly need it and it pays to maintain them.
Would I recommend them? YES!
Are there cheaper options that do just a good job for a shorter time? YES!
Would I buy another one MAYBE! (I want to try other brands)
5:No Name: 2020/04/09 12:49:42
After using my Tamiya nipper for many years I decided to move on to this God Hand. A piece of junk. First use after about 3 hrs it broke! I am not new to nipper but this quality is really a great disappointment. The only good thing is that it really cut very clean with little to no stress mark.
6:timmy: 2020/04/09 13:17:20
@No Name:
if you used this the same way you use the tamiya nippers, yeah you might break it...
the tamiya nippers requires some amount of force to cut parts, but they are more durable.
this one is much more delicate, and the fact that you managed to break the blade means you applied way too much force on the blade...
5 posts
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