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Tsuruno Yui (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2019/03/19 22:35:11
Real shame she wears shorts under her skirt..
Nodoka Haramura: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Shiv : 2019/03/19 13:35:45
Bust size is perfect.
That old myth about spine problems with big busts is so tiring. Female insecurity projection at its finest in this comments section.
Dragon`s Crown Sorceress (PVC Figure)
Gok : 2019/03/19 13:32:38
'rawr' ...you're a plain idiot
'mhe' nailed it.
1/12 Little Armory (LA050) Mk14Mod0 EBR Type
Mr. BigBud : 2019/03/19 7:24:39
I don't want no teenage queen, I just want my M14!
Providence Gundam (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Archer King : 2019/03/18 15:37:35
The premium edition includes specially designed action base and water transfer decal. That and the box art looks cool, i guess...
Gundam AGE-2 Normal (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2019/03/18 11:32:02
Standard Type Tactical Pod Regult (Plastic model)
paul : 2019/03/18 10:26:57
one of my old time models brilliant kit did have a bit of a balance problem but it didnt fall over ever, built it about 35/40 years ago (when they first came out) like those walker type kits then this is right up there with them. and 1/72 scale perfect.
Anti-air Destroid Defender (Plastic model)
paul : 2019/03/18 10:24:51
this takes me back a god few years (35-40 approx) when i started modelling sci fi kits they NEVER made the phalanx or attack tomahawk in 1/72 in them days (always wanted one) go them in 1/100 nice kits still, until now it cost bit out of my pocket range this one was a good BIG size.
Providence Gundam (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
paul : 2019/03/18 10:02:32
wondering what the difference is between this and the Providence Gundam G.U.N.D.A.M Edition (MG) ? apart from the big price difference ? its £20 more for ? (would be nice if the rockets were spring loaded automatic "clockwork" rotating firing would be neat) and i think justice gundam is like the GREEN-Goblin with the jet ski.
Musha Gundam Mk-II (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
paul : 2019/03/18 9:59:55
buy the red shin version as well you WONT be disappointed, (took me over two years thinking about it) got one and not regretting it one bit. (cost £10 more but then there is MORE kit than the blue version).
Shin Musha Gundam (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
paul : 2019/03/18 9:42:16
very nice kit (brought the BLUE one firstly then years later made up my mind to get this to) good job i did because its a WOW model kit, be careful it does have a tiny problem KNEE joints will LOCK UP "again" when you straighten the legs (ball joints will then POP OUT) drill hole & pin the ball joints with staples, sword scabbard push via other end to "arrow direction" see pic 2 (or scratch off all that paintwork) a bit of cutting out is also worth while.
RGM-96X Jesta (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
paul : 2019/03/18 9:32:51
buy it (dont miss it) this kit is VERY highly detailed and easy to paint and build (take your time painting it) its an amazingly great kit...
Great Mazinger (Mazinger Z: Infinity Ver.) (HG) (Plastic model)
Vertigo : 2019/03/17 0:30:47
Ayame Illustration by Ban! (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2019/03/16 8:11:23
Grape titties
30MM eEXM-17 Alto [White] (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2019/03/15 17:41:28
This reminds me of HG Genoace Custom. Love that kit.
Fresh Ruruko 1902 (Fashion Doll)
Flavasweet : 2019/03/14 22:27:58
She is absolutely adorable and a must have. Always well made.
English Electric Lightning F.6 XS927/N, RAF No.74 Squadron `The Tigers` (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2019/03/14 19:38:40
Fantastic model!
[Senran Kagura Shinovi Master: Tokyo Youma-hen] Yumi (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2019/03/13 11:02:23
Seems lacking ....... in the body department.
Gundam F91 Ver.2.0 (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2019/03/12 19:12:32
A-6E Intruder VA-196 Main Battery NK500 1996 Last Cruise (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2019/03/12 7:04:28
Great model, but missed one bomb...
Broccoli Hybrid Sleeve [Aurora decorate the night sky] (Card Sleeve)
Guinea pig : 2019/03/11 19:06:00
Thanks, passerby I will look else where. 😊
Zaku II FZ (RE/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
james : 2019/03/11 13:29:56
Thanks pal, just looked better and found it!
Laevatein Ver.IV (Plastic model)
Vertigo : 2019/03/10 16:18:03
Zaku II FZ (RE/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
ohmeingott : 2019/03/10 12:17:45
It has "trigger" hand. 1st screen. There are (most likely) no other options for hands tho.
Gundam NT-1 Ver.2.0 (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Someone : 2019/03/08 23:09:42
Don't remember the shield like that in the OAV, but it's a very cool feature. Amazing kit!
Zaku II FZ (RE/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
james : 2019/03/08 23:03:44
And still no hand dedicated for the gun.. no good.
Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 (Completed)
Otaru : 2019/03/08 15:44:20
Why did it restock and immediately sold out?
Only restock like 1? Pls restock more
Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 (Completed)
No Name : 2019/03/08 14:33:02
Sold out when received notification, please restock....
Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 (Completed)
Hkheero : 2019/03/08 14:09:01
Sold out when received notification, please restock....
1/6 The King of Fighters `98 Iori Yagami (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2019/03/08 10:13:13
Holy...please, some one buy SNK back from chinese.
Love Toys Vol.1 Green Ver. (Unassembled Kit)
Gerardo : 2019/03/08 1:21:59
I would prefer the pink version or a red version. But my loli figures will enjoy them selves anyway!!! :)
GGG Mobile Suit Z Gundam Quattro Vageena (PVC Figure)
Peltast : 2019/03/07 22:10:07
HAHAHA OH WOW that typo in the name just made my day.
Gundam Astray Blue Frame D (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2019/03/07 21:17:53
Gundam NT-1 Ver.2.0 (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2019/03/07 15:09:17
Those upgrades are intense....MG AN-1 Tristan is out there with working Gatling guns and 2 beam rifles on the horizon.
Crossbone Gundam X1 (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2019/03/07 14:30:43
I'm not digging that cloak......art supply store for a proper ABC cloak. This is over due from the Build Fighter's version uh forced release of the Full Cloth in 1/144 scale. You know Full Cloth is coming as a regular release as X-0,X-2,and X-3 will be P-Bandai for sure. When are we going to get a HG or RG Phantom/Ghost Gundam Bandai?
Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 (Completed)
Altair : 2019/03/07 11:42:57
Please restock!!!!!!
50-04 Head (Whity) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2019/03/07 4:33:43
Cheeky boy
MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2019/03/07 0:26:10
MSA-0011`Ext` Ex-S Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2019/03/07 0:24:31
Selgut Class 1st Space Battleship < Domellers the 3rd > (1/1000) (Plastic model)
Valar : 2019/03/06 22:59:33
For a ship very prominent in the 2202 and important in 2199, plus the between movie opening scenes.... seems this model had a short selling half life. Needs to be re-released. Seriously been wanting.
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/03/06 16:06:05
so... do we get the green base or the transparent one??
Arpeggio of Blue Steel Mental Model Takao Sailor Ver. (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2019/03/05 23:14:26
If only she wasn't wearing stockings, this figure would have been great.
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion C.C. (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/03/05 11:14:33
I agree. insta buy if it is 9000 - 10.000 yen...
also indeed it is the best C.C. figure at this moment, pose & quality wise. other were either half naked and lewd pose which is disgusting or derp quality & face...
Nendoroid Saber Extra (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/03/05 2:06:05
padoru padoru!
Agnirage (Plastic model)
Archer King : 2019/03/04 9:49:27
that lobster isn't actually an official mode, its just shown as an example of creative customizations you can make out of all the parts included in the kit.
The concept of the hexagear series is models you can customize easily, with compatibility between other hexagear models and some of Kotobukiya kits that shares the same joint and hole sizes.
Gundam Astray No-Name (HGBD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Commander Farsight : 2019/03/04 3:58:11
I like my Astray No Name, I hope the MG version is able to do the claw form.
ZZ Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
No Name : 2019/03/03 23:07:03
Hope Bandai will release new version of SD zz gundam
Agnirage (Plastic model)
Monster : 2019/03/03 15:41:43
So the build is amazing. It was something different then what i am used to building (gundams). The look is amazing, but there are a few flaws, the tubes on his neck will disconnect when ever you turn the neck, in its crotch area the parts covering the joints at his inner thighs keep falling and his heel talon falls off. The tail is flimsy when extended all the way, there isnt much of an elbow joint, And lastly there arent any instructions on turning it into his lobster mode.
Crossbone Gundam X1 (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Yua : 2019/03/03 14:45:05
Skull Heart and Full Cloth part as P-Bandai Exclusive, that is likely how Bandai is going to play their cards.
Marion: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
Gay : 2019/03/02 11:37:21
Dude is okay too.
I just wonder what does mean connection of her rifle to the canister? Gasoline rifle?:/
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2019/03/02 3:15:36
Anyone giving this less than 5 stars confirmed to have bad taste.
Nidhogg (PVC Figure)
MCnosurge : 2019/03/01 19:04:04
Looks fantastic, but have no idea about the makers. Love the devil wings though.
Marion: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
MCnosurge : 2019/03/01 19:01:19
Marion looks TOO much like a dude when the eye patch comes off.
Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 (Completed)
anonymous : 2019/03/01 3:08:11
"Hey it's availaPSYCHE!"
Tsukasa Nishino: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Alcrin : 2019/02/28 23:50:58
OMG She's amazing! It would be amazing if she comes with another head with her longer hair! Please make this a series, I need at least Aya too!
Plamax MF-32: Minimum Factory Kasumi C2 Black Ver. (Plastic model)
Archer King : 2019/02/28 20:39:49
yeah thats definately colored by a pro. I would expect the gold parts would need to be painted, and the hair would not have that gradation.
But the eyes should be printed on, at least.
Tsukasa Nishino: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
MCnosurge : 2019/02/28 16:19:37
Ichigo 100%!? Never would I have thought this day would come. Please let this turn into a series of Ichigo 100% bunny girls, Aya and Satsuki. Instant preordered!!
Plamax MF-32: Minimum Factory Kasumi C2 Black Ver. (Plastic model)
blammo : 2019/02/28 16:00:09
to be fair, the pics shown are most likely painted and touched up
no way would it look that nice right out of the box
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
blammo : 2019/02/28 15:55:34
waiting for the orc figures
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
Gerardo : 2019/02/28 15:42:59
Love Toys Vol.7 Medical Chair (Unassembled Kit)
Gerardo : 2019/02/28 15:40:04
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
Archer King : 2019/02/28 11:53:08
non-scale means its not of a specific scale.
Frame Arms Girl Stylet -Session Go!!- (PVC Figure)
brahnume : 2019/02/28 11:42:52
Can I have her without those flying pieses? meh... srsly awesome ass ruined by stupid design.
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
Moy : 2019/02/28 8:45:59
What does Non scale mean?
Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 50: Infinity Edition (Completed)
Omega : 2019/02/27 22:12:35
Item arrived well packed. Shipping was about 3 weeks once left Tokyo to Canada.

The figure is well detailed, super posable joints, his paint is great and box art. My only complaint is his waist joint fell apart and is looser than it probably should be. It seems these super posable line have these issues though. Overall it's a great figure and may order the extra part set.
Crossbone Gundam X1 (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Cee : 2019/02/27 20:46:32
The X1 doesn't have a crossbow, the XM1 (full cloth) does. / Smiley face
Crossbone Gundam X1 (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
nickname : 2019/02/27 19:27:03
No crossbow... /sadface
Gundam NT-1 Ver.2.0 (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Cee : 2019/02/27 17:32:37
Zaku II FZ (RE/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
rick : 2019/02/27 17:24:48
Zaku in RE/100? RE/100, Carl.
Bandai is not too late. Next week announce for 2 zaku MGs and I'll forgive you.
figma Megumin (PVC Figure)
NTTT : 2019/02/27 14:57:27
My main three complaints are the staff, the small plastic piece on the hat, and the difficulty of trying to take the hands on/off. The staff broke IMMEDIATELY on the first attempt to put it in Megumin's hand. Second complaint, is with the way that the hat attaches to her head is with this small, thin piece of plastic which I found to be too easily bendable. My third complaint is the difficulty of removing/changing out the hands to one that could hold the staff required alot more work.
Broccoli Hybrid Sleeve [Aurora decorate the night sky] (Card Sleeve)
passerby : 2019/02/27 9:37:20
@Guinea pig :
...it states sold out on the product status... looks like that was from 2012 so it would be really old even if you did find it elsewhere. i suggest you find something different.
Broccoli Hybrid Sleeve [Aurora decorate the night sky] (Card Sleeve)
Guinea pig : 2019/02/27 5:07:27
This is not a review i just didint know who or how to contact, I would like to buy some of these sleeves, but they are sold out and I would like to know if this site is even still in use or if I should buy else where, if so I would love to know where. If the site is no longer in use it would be great to know. Please let me know, as soon as possible as it is a planed birthday gift.
Kind regards,
Guinea pig.
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
Peltast : 2019/02/27 0:50:25
Wow. this little guy is so wrong it's actually hilarious.
Don`t Meddle With My Daughter Honey the Hugger (Mei Senou) (PVC Figure)
whyte : 2019/02/26 22:49:44
BBW are hot!!
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/26 13:55:53
He'll go nice with my Goblin Slayer figma.
Shiro: Tuck Up Ver. (PVC Figure)
keikei : 2019/02/26 12:11:07
No issues if you live in U.S. I've a few shipped.
[High School DxD Hero] Bed Sheet (Rias & Asia & Himejima) (Anime Toy)
J Loewen : 2019/02/25 15:25:54
This bed sheet look good on my coffee table. Put a class cover up top the sheet. A DxD coffee table. :)
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
whatup : 2019/02/25 15:21:38
Those figfix are smaller. The other issue is that companies price their things at whatever price they want. Who is to say if it is WORTH it?
Making better things and pricing them at a good price is what is called staying competitive.
There are already a few company making cheap figures already. What makes GS stand out is to offer a better quality figure at a good low price.
G.I. Joe Bishoujo Scarlett (Completed)
fyi : 2019/02/25 14:51:47
It is kind of awesome to see something like this.
Shiro: Tuck Up Ver. (PVC Figure)
Anyone : 2019/02/25 8:27:44
Will this figure will have custom problem delivered to the USA ??? Anyone know ?
Graze Ritter (Carta`s Custom) (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2019/02/25 6:42:18
Oni no Yu Devil Girl [Hiiragi-chan] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/24 13:36:37
The pictures do not do her justice. She is pretty big as well.
A Cow Life No.721 Holstein Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/24 13:29:54
Just got her today. She is pretty good but her earrings/tags are a pain to put on and her clothes, especially her bottoms, are hard to get to stay on. Sculpture and paint wise she is solid
Maromi Asadera (PVC Figure)
Gerardo : 2019/02/24 0:44:42
At first I didnt like it because its belly. But when I saw the preorder and the figure full paintet, I felt in love with Maromi!
Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 (Completed)
strmcwby : 2019/02/23 19:54:12
need restock...
Danua (PVC Figure)
Qun'mi : 2019/02/23 1:16:11
I want re-release (
MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus Test Color Type (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2019/02/22 22:39:32
Velvet Crowe (PVC Figure)
JkC : 2019/02/22 16:19:28
not buying this one, the price is ridiculous
figma Saber of `Red` (PVC Figure)
Abra : 2019/02/22 15:30:05
Uh hello. I wanted to ask if it is released yet. I have reserved it but it's showing notify when available option. So that's why I am asking if it's released yet
Erika Izayoi Brown Ver. (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2019/02/22 12:52:12
Futa 😍
High-Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame (1/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
Ren : 2019/02/22 11:02:02
Worth it, love it .! hold all part in place , totally improved frame and design, all edge cut are perfect. waiting for new release of Hi-res ! ^_^
Velvet Crowe (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/02/21 22:22:42
The prices are getting out of hand...
Maromi Asadera (PVC Figure)
Archer King : 2019/02/21 15:38:05
...depends on where you are, its leagal atleast within Japan.
better check your import laws in your country before ordering, would be sad if your package gets confescated at customs.
Maromi Asadera (PVC Figure)
yua : 2019/02/21 12:52:11
Cute figure, but is this legal???
G.I. Joe Bishoujo Scarlett (Completed)
No Name : 2019/02/21 11:37:48
This looks great!
Revy -Swimsuit Ver. II- (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2019/02/20 16:16:31
Reminds me of Claire Redfield. Nice hair.
Atago Midsummer March Ver. (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2019/02/20 15:25:32
No, you're thinking 2010 prices, or bootleg shit off the internet.
Alter has always been about quality, and it shows, not like someone
who doesn't do this seriously as a hobby would know.
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/02/20 9:25:55
They already have the FigFix series thats figma quality around 4000~5000yen, what makes you think GSC would make higher quality things at much lower price?
Plamax MF-32: Minimum Factory Kasumi C2 Black Ver. (Plastic model)
passerby : 2019/02/20 9:15:09
@No Name:
err... dude, its an assembling kit. they usually cost around that much. If the series isn't selling, they wouldn't be able to release new ones.
Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2019/02/19 22:10:02
This is a nice inexpensive figure. However they need to add more detail to the hair to make it worth the price. They need to make the figure stand out as a good deal and not just an expensive cheap looking figure.
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