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Pz.kpfw.VI Tiger I (Middle Type) (Plastic model)
Erwin : 2021/02/28 13:54:14
Hobby boss 1/16 Tiger Tank
Aston Martin DB5 Silver Starter Set (Model Car)
No Name : 2021/02/28 13:07:36
Totally unbuildable, don't waste your money!
Sousai Shojo Teien Madoka Yuki [Touou High School Winter Clothes] (Plastic model)
oko : 2021/02/28 3:41:50
Alright, now is the perfrct time to make a Corpse Party paintjob.
WWII Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4/B (Plastic model)
tomtom : 2021/02/28 3:18:49
r a s . merci .jmt
(HO) West Japan Railway Shinkansen Type 923-3000 Doctor Yellow Unit T5 Seven Car Set Plastic Product (7-Car Set) (Pre-Colored Completed) (Model Train)
doctor yellow : 2021/02/27 16:40:09
I would like to know if it is still possible to pre-order or reserve
(HO) West Japan Railway Shinkansen Type 923-3000 Doctor Yellow Unit T5 (7-Car Set) (Pre-Colored Completed)
thinking it was end of December 2021 instead of 2020 (beginning of winter) as you had specified
in addition, I would like to know around what date the article will eventually be available
normally, I had to reserve 1 copy, but I have no confirmation message
waiting for an answer
Plamax GP-02 Guilty Princess Maidroid Alice (Plastic model)
whoa... : 2021/02/26 13:54:00
price is kinda... not fun for this simple kit: main body + skirt. also i guess there won't be prepainted parts except faces
Nendoroid Nier: Automata 9S (YoRHa No. 9 Type S) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/02/26 12:57:50
I eagerly await A2 now....
Final Fantasy VII Remake Trading Arts (Set of 5) (PVC Figure)
L. : 2021/02/26 0:19:11
Quick delivery (1 week). Good quality. Thank you so much !
Artfx J Natsuno Minami & BJ (PVC Figure)
EB : 2021/02/26 0:12:40
Natsuno best girl!
Student Council President Shinonome Mio (PVC Figure)
Kian : 2021/02/25 22:28:40
The figure it's self is a very good model. The shape and size are great. The only down side is the shirt.
To take the shirt off and put it on, there are some small plastic pegs on the shoulder of her right sleeve and on the inside of her left sleeve. These pegs are very prone to breaking, so make sure to be carful when undoing the seems.

Over all, I would recommend this figure to people who like leave the shirt on or off for long periods of time.
Nendoroid Nier: Automata 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) (PVC Figure)
Ada4 : 2021/02/25 20:12:35
Quadruple WOW, she really is cute
Nendoroid Nier: Automata 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) (PVC Figure)
Ada3 : 2021/02/25 20:10:50
Another WOW. she looks even cuter in person 😍
Fujiwara no Sai (PVC Figure)
2-3d otaku : 2021/02/23 4:05:02
I think it would've been better if the base was reminiscent of a Go board. At least the fingers of his left hand is in the right position.
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.2789 Hololive Production [Usada Pekora] Hololive 2nd Fes. Beyond the Stage Ver. (Card Sleeve)
Ksiyas : 2021/02/22 4:27:44
I love Hololive but the big*ss logo on the corner is annoying... still buying it though because I'm a slave to Cover. 4 stars because of the logo .-.
LED Interior Lighting Kit, ver.2 (DCC Optional: FR11) (6ea) (Model Train)
Lafondue : 2021/02/21 19:53:43
Easy to install and give a magnificient amount of light. Great
Rhatische Bahn `Bernina Express` (with New Logo) Additional Four Car Set (include an Open Panoramic) (Add-on 4-Car Set) (Model Train)
Lafondue : 2021/02/21 19:39:37
A beautifully crafted set. The cars are just amazing in details, details, colors/lettering and run like a charm. The highlight of this set is the open panorama car, a little gem.

Thank you Kato for this and thanks to Hobby Search for the great service
30MM Extended Armament Vehicle (Space Craft Ver.) [Purple] (Plastic model)
LordAaronus : 2021/02/21 19:18:02
can I just say I love how they made a body block you could do stuff with. and I know some folks out there will find a use for the four wheels. yes, there's wheels.
1978 VW Type 2 Champagne Edition II Bus Brown (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2021/02/21 15:32:02
No review, but that's not a type 2- it's a '78 type 4. I had and drove a real one for ten years.
Rhatische Bahn `Bernina Express` (with New Logo) Standard Three Car Set (Basic 3-Car Set) (Model Train)
Lafondue : 2021/02/20 20:34:20
Kato has done an amazing job on these cars. Details exterior and interior are perfect, the paint/ decoration is superb and they do run like a charm with their shock absorbing trucks.

....and thanks to Hobby Search for their excellent service.
JDG-00X Devil Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
chellochelllo : 2021/02/19 19:13:22
Fegd*fgc f f * hht hiubb hbh ub(quote a beautiful life we had a
A.T.K.Girl Arachne 2.0 (Plastic model)
Whip : 2021/02/19 10:24:54
Doyusha isn't a manufacturer of this product.
This product is make by Chinese company named Eastern Model.

Doyusha is authorize dealer for this product.
A.T.K.Girl Heracross (Plastic model)
Whip : 2021/02/19 10:24:24
Doyusha isn't a manufacturer of this product.
This product is make by Chinese company named Eastern Model.

Doyusha is authorize dealer for this product.
Dead by Daylight The Trapper (Completed)
Roccosiffrudy01 : 2021/02/15 20:37:18
Sympathique petite figurine, quelques jointures pas top , et manque de nuance sur le piège. Mais pas mal
Honda Integra Type-R DC2 #16 `Castrol` Super Taikyu N1 1996 (Diecast Car)
Rajeev Kumar Singh : 2021/02/13 19:05:01
Horror Bishoujo Ash Williams (Completed)
No Name : 2021/02/13 4:38:36
They need to make more of this figure. A second run.
Nendoroid Ayu Tsukimiya (PVC Figure)
Illusionyary : 2021/02/10 15:11:51
Arrived safely and so so cute, one of my favourite nendoroids so far. Uguu~
figma Sam Porter Bridges: DX Edition (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/02/10 6:16:08
figma now costs 100 bucks WOW SUGOI AMAZING
Not buying figmas from GSC until they lower their margin down a bit
Ridiculous price tag
Sirius Azure Horizons Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/02/10 6:12:46
You expect quality finish here, plus it's coming from Alter company. I am not surprised to see 200 bucks for 1/7th scaled figure from company that does quality finish. If you think 200 bucks for 1/7th scale figure from Alter company is expensive, you're obviously spoiled.
Re:Rising Gundam (HGBD:R) (Gundam Model Kits)
san : 2021/02/09 12:19:26
Gundam ini lengkap sekali 1 box ada 4 gundam
ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
edling : 2021/02/09 0:24:45
What the cost of the shippment to Malaysia?
[High School DxD Hero] Bed Sheet (Rias & Asia & Himejima) (Anime Toy)
J Loewen : 2021/02/08 12:35:31
I change my mind. Using the bed sheet has a flag on a wall :)
Mobile Suit Gundam Last Shooting Zeong Effect Set (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Itachi san : 2021/02/07 14:38:51
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Sylphiette (PVC Figure)
Rorch : 2021/02/05 16:20:33
Honestly think the figure is a little plain for the price being asked especially with such a boring pose and expression.
Le Malin TF Edition (PVC Figure)
Bob : 2021/02/05 13:10:33
Sirius Azure Horizons Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/02/05 13:01:21
Gorgeous fig, but $200 bucks FOR A 1/7TH sized model?? Wow...
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster Bianco Canopus (White) (RHD) (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2021/02/05 3:10:08
Is there a White AVentador RdstR like that in 1/24 or 1/18 scale? 🇮🇹
gF USA ☮️
Berserker/Miyamoto Musashi (PVC Figure)
Musashi : 2021/02/04 12:14:07
She looks beautiful 😍💯
Yuzu Kitami: Citron Days Ver. (PVC Figure)
DoctorNeko : 2021/02/04 8:00:32
Instructions will be given on how to put the balls into the empty basket. There will be extra balls that will not fit into the basket despite the intructions telling you to put all the balls in. I had some trouble pulling the basket into Yuzu's hand. For comparison, EXO Figure Yuzu was included in the picture for comparison.
Capcom Figure Builder Creators Model Morrigan Aensland (PVC Figure)
EB : 2021/02/03 21:55:41
I really love it. It exudes eroticism. Stand seems a bit flimsy but so far so good.
My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Climax Dakimakura Cover Yukino Yukinoshita (Anime Toy)
customer : 2021/02/02 1:09:31
Poor drawing quality. Vector graphics
Rhatische Bahn Ge4/4-II `Glacier Express` (Model Train)
Lafondue : 2021/02/01 22:49:47
Rhatische Bahn Ge4/4-II `Glacier Express` (Model Train)
Lafondue : 2021/02/01 22:04:08
A very well made and precision model. The printing is superb, run very smoothly at any speed. Another liitle gem from Kato.

And a wonderful thank you to Hobby Search for their fantastic service.
MSN 02 Zeong (Gundam Model Kits)
yo : 2021/02/01 4:15:54
figma Marnie (PVC Figure)
Missing : 2021/01/30 3:50:41
figma costs $70? No thanks
MODEROID Fafner Mark Sein (Plastic model)
Kincaid : 2021/01/29 14:48:31
Moderoid is taking care of the stuff Kotobukiya and Bandai aren't doing.
US M198 155mm Towed Howitzer (Plastic model)
Wtf : 2021/01/29 8:44:02
See here.


This item is an almost exact copy of the Trumpeter model Kit.
How is this legal?
Metal Slug X Assort Box (6 Types Included) (Plastic model)
Optimus : 2021/01/28 17:18:08

Is the whole kit paintable ?
Pop Up Parade Darkness (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2021/01/27 3:26:28
It's a result of quality than just color selection.
Lexus LFA (Model Car)
mrceej : 2021/01/27 2:21:18
Nissan Skyline GT-R (R35) DX. (w/Etching parts) (Model Car)
mrceej : 2021/01/27 2:14:25
Pop Up Parade Darkness (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2021/01/26 23:01:15
The character's default clothes were plain to begin with, so the result would be this. It acrually looks OK, but could use more detail and color added. Thet need to update this figure with a better design in term of clothes and colors.
Nier: Automata Play Arts Kai < YoRHa No.2 Type B DX Edition > (PVC Figure)
Ada2 : 2021/01/26 14:39:25
^this comment didn't age well lmao^
Pop Up Parade Darkness (PVC Figure)
ROBBERGON : 2021/01/26 12:53:29
oof, those colors are so dull and flat looking
figma Alter Ego/Okita Souji (Alter) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/01/23 13:30:53
Did you guys know that figma used to be $30 range? So nostalgic ya? Now you pay nearly $90 that you can actually buy Kotobukiya's decent scale figures. GSC you disappointed me with pricing.
GM Intercept Custom (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
SFW : 2021/01/22 21:35:42
HGGTO RGM-79KC GM INTERCEPT CUSTOM. Lack of accessories & shield makes the model set not very worthy against its cost.
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade (PVC Figure)
baribari : 2021/01/22 14:24:15
I am satisfied with both the sculpting and coloring.I'm a little dissapointed that her face is different from the sample, but it's okay. If you want to see more product photos, go to MFC
Xi Gundam VS Penelope Funnel Missile Effect Set (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2021/01/19 13:55:45
I wish the funnel missile effects came in the stand alone versions.
Xi Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2021/01/19 13:52:26
It is like Katoki overhauled the Xi Gundam even more than just the design and colors. I don't remember Xi having Hi-Nu style beam sabers. If this sells well there will be an expensive MG of Xi and Penelope and a whole new action base to go with them.
SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Phoenix Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Dvd : 2021/01/19 11:03:02
great color separation!
Frisia Ornstein Alter Ego (PVC Figure)
Nintendork : 2021/01/19 9:50:23
The loli alter ego is missing... we need the whole trifecta.
Eureka: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2021/01/18 22:14:29
freeing should make more like this. The usual outfit that every character have worn, with color changes, are getting old and does not look any different from each character. freeing needs to be thinking of new ideas.
Le Triomphant (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2021/01/18 22:09:20
Agree, Alter and some others have taken the prices on figures too far.
SDW Heroes Wukong Impulse Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincaid : 2021/01/15 13:40:25
@SFW They sure aren't Bandai Hobby quality. I have seen why Bandai Japan didn't want to support the Bandai China release initially. I understand using my paint markers on older SD Kits and even those didn't require the level of paint job these kits need for color correction.
Gan Ning Crossbone Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincaid : 2021/01/15 13:30:24
By current SD standards, this guy requires a lot of paint work. More than some have come accustomed to. Have your paint markers ready.
Girls` Frontline Gr G41 (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2021/01/15 12:15:28
The figure looked like it was dropped on to the pavement from 50m high.
What happened?
Le Triomphant (PVC Figure)
Death Rattle : 2021/01/15 1:28:41
That pricing is just deluded. Alter's prices have ballooned in recent years, but this is ludicrous for the size and level of detail involved. Half this price would be an appropriate amount.
Girls` Frontline Gr G41 (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2021/01/13 18:14:06
Frontline getting right to the point.
Girls` Frontline Gr G41 (PVC Figure)
Bob : 2021/01/13 0:22:48
SDW Heroes Wukong Impulse Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
SFW : 2021/01/11 12:45:39
The SDW coloring is crazily difficult. The difference between un-colored looking against the photos on box art, is highly discouraging kids & hobbyists to support this SD line. Bandai should rather make it as toys instead like SDX series even pricing higher, or make it easily assembly like new EG Gundam.
SDW Heroes Wukong Impulse Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
LordAaronus : 2021/01/10 23:27:45
they should at least make the armor parts turn into a Force Impulse pack
30MM EXM-A9s Spinatio [Sengoku Type] First Limited Custam Joint Set (Plastic model)
LordAaronus : 2021/01/10 3:49:17
wait... are they making it in more colors tho
Dagger L (HGCE) (Gundam Model Kits)
Leon : 2021/01/08 22:07:49
Gundam ini seperti GM versi gundam Seed
Kimetsu Model Tanjiro Kamado (Plastic model)
SFW : 2021/01/08 8:57:32
Model quality is very good. Earrings design need hand drawing to make looking closer to animation, because Bandai wanna avoid China’s sensitive about WW2. Price is really high comparing to its size, and it deserved RG/GTO quality label under this pricing.
Kei Karuizawa: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
yomang : 2021/01/07 14:22:25
Get it for the butt I guess
Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd L (1/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
Irvan Salim : 2021/01/07 13:57:49
30 Minutes Missions Completion w/Bonus Item (Book)
LordAaronus : 2021/01/06 13:49:14
Space Portanova in this color wouldn't be that bad
Dreamcast Dry T-Shirts Orange S (Anime Toy)
randall28 : 2021/01/05 9:36:14
does this item has print on the back?
Penelope (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
jarigoni : 2021/01/05 3:58:28
Excellent plastic on this, the yellow runner was deliciously buttery and easy to work with. The ball joints used for the hips require a little tightening to pose, otherwise they will droop due to the weight of the legs. Easy fix (nail polish, etc) Tons of potential for panel lining, plenty of ridges along the sides of the armor, funnels and detail on the underside. Comes with a few color correcting stickers, mostly used on red/blue/yellow and vent segments along the top of the Fixed Flight unit.
Ultimate Joint Series Mechanical Hand 144 Angled G-Gray (Material)
No Name : 2021/01/04 22:16:30
Item Size/Weight : 18 x 11 x 0.9 cm / 27g
is this the smallest size i could get these hands
Force Impulse Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Leon : 2021/01/04 21:05:20
Tolong buat RG blast impluse
Queens Blade Figure 4 Menace (Arcade Prize)
Berserga : 2021/01/04 9:45:37
Great sculpt of the female curves & amazing value for the price.
SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Zaku II (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Dvd : 2021/01/02 2:45:45
Built by my 6 years old son
SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Crossbone Gundam X1 (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Dvd : 2021/01/02 2:42:50
Great and solid kit! Built by my 6 years old son
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/12/29 8:50:58
Amazing figure!!!!!!
Sazabi (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Dvd : 2020/12/28 16:53:52
One of the RG model kit which can't be missed.
Super Figure Action JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 [Crazy Diamond] (PVC Figure)
JKR : 2020/12/28 11:48:52
Jojo bizarre adventure crazy diamond
Good Smile Racing Hatsune Miku BMW (BMW Z4 GT3) 2012 SUPER GT Rd.2 Fuji Ver. (w/1/8 scale Helmet) (Model Car)
pat : 2020/12/27 23:00:19
Really nice modelkit, requires a little work because of the decals but other than that pretty nice kit!
DC Comics Bishoujo Starfire 2nd Edition (Completed)
ALP117 : 2020/12/25 12:31:14
Of all the Bishoujo figures I have, she is definitely the best one. She's striking, gorgeous, and looks great in the back against all the other statues I have. Definitely a fiery stand out figure, and one of the best in the range.
Tekken Bishoujo Christie Monteiro Renewal Package Ver. (PVC Figure)
ALP117 : 2020/12/25 12:29:13
The colour and contrast are quite superb. Definitely one of the most striking figures in the Bishoujo range and certainly worth the 90 bucks I spent.
DC Comics Bishoujo Poison Ivy Returns (Completed)
ALP117 : 2020/12/25 11:06:56
@Hypnotik Yes, they covered it up so not to annoy anyone sensitive to that stuff (e.g. SJWs). I noticed they've been modifying a lot of their statues with these subtle censorship stuff, which is dumb.
Zaku II Type C-6/R6 (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Dvd : 2020/12/25 0:00:43
Great Kit! Without the doubt, HG GTO Zaku is the best!
[Kaguya-sama: Love is War] Chika Fujiwara (Fashion Doll)
Erika : 2020/12/24 14:17:52
This was an amazing doll, came fast and she’s really cute! The quality of the face and dress is outstanding. From the USA! I highly recommend! ^^
Rebirth for You Trial Deck HoLolive Production Ver. Hololive 3rd Class (Trading Cards)
Sam : 2020/12/24 0:07:14
Very nice packaging with no damage at all to the item
SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Leon : 2020/12/23 19:26:03
Beam saber tidak ada efek clear jadi harus di cat
Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Version 2 (PVC Figure)
Narikusha : 2020/12/23 6:45:52
Thank you very much! This figurine have amazing quality
Mitsubishi RENFE 269 #269-304-2 Amarillo/Gris (Yellow/Gray) (Model Train)
No Name : 2020/12/23 1:51:49
Black Rock Shooter: Inexhaustible Ver. (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2020/12/22 20:09:19
10 years fly by! Anime sucked but the art style is still sweet and relevant. Looks like it will fit right in with the other BRS statues.
Nu Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Innovator : 2020/12/22 14:33:27
@Shutaro Mendo because Nu Gundam in the anime is a big MS, it stands around 23 meters while the standard gundam size around 18 meters just like the Grandpa
Peach Aviation Airbus A320 (Plastic model)
passerby : 2020/12/22 13:38:16
@No Name: its a plastic kit, you build it yourself. you may want to check the product photos before ordering. the instruction manual shows a stand so that should be included too.
Peach Aviation Airbus A320 (Plastic model)
No Name : 2020/12/22 12:23:34
Is this item (https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10199369) plastic or metal, and does it have a stand ?
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