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Bullet Knights Launcher (Plastic model)
dename : 2018/12/18 19:23:33
1-eye-robotgirl who cannot hold 1 big gun without 2 stands. I will call her Model 112. I really (!) hope there will be option for smaller gun and smaller shield for better play- and pose-ability.
00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (PG) (Gundam Model Kits)
No Name : 2018/12/17 17:05:13
Why did they not fix the shoulder joints from the old kit? It can’t hold the GN sword the arm falls off everytime, these weapons look much heavier than the GN sword on the old kit.

Not to mention without the stand it really has issues standing, wish they built it on a frame similar to the pg exia

Sad face, should have been nu Gundam.
Gundam Kimaris Vidar (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/16 23:50:45
Graze Ein (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/15 21:53:27
Amazing Strike Freedom Gundam (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 13:29:00
GN-0000 00 Gundam (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
rekipoca : 2018/12/14 4:04:19
Not really impressed with the Vfin because it was mostly white with a bit of yellow that relied solely on the sticker for color. The red part of the vfin was equally disappointing because it was clear and relied on a bit of red sticker to fill it in. Better off using gundam markers for this one.
Gipsy Avenger (HG) (Plastic model)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:53:39
Luna Gazer Gundam (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:49:24
ZZII (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:42:19
RX-78-2 Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:37:44
GAT-X105B/FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:32:03
ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:27:35
ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:23:19
Dahak (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:19:00
Barzam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:14:07
Helmwige Reincar (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/14 0:02:17
Gundam Astaroth Origin (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/10 12:17:06
Gundam 00 Diver Ace (HGBD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Wanka : 2018/12/09 19:57:19
Isn't this just 00 diver but more expensive with few weapons?
Narrative Gundam A-Packs (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Hulahup : 2018/12/09 19:55:08
HG these days are almost as expensive as PG.
RX-121-1 Hazel-Custom (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/09 10:11:09
Grimgerde (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/12/09 10:09:25
Gundam Dynames (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Cee : 2018/12/08 7:52:38
My pants are tight.
Narrative Gundam A-Packs (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/12/04 21:12:05
Look like there is a version of the exposed frame covered with armor called the C pack. Bandai put the B-pack into the P-Bandai line instead of selling as a builders parts like IBO and Build Fighters(they forgot these actually sell). What will they do with the C Pack?
Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
No Name : 2018/12/03 18:34:04
Also it can stand with wings attached.
Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
No Name : 2018/12/03 18:22:27
beside ugly nubmark, i love this kit
Narrative Gundam A-Packs (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Cee : 2018/12/03 11:47:03
A HG box heavier and larger than a MG.
Only offering EMS shipping costing more than the item plus taxes and fees.
Bandai messed up for international customers because they just lost a while load of customers.
00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (PG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Broli : 2018/12/02 21:04:47
The last updated version of the 00 design used for le Metal Build Seven Swords look already better that the old one used for this PG imo. Sad.
Lightning Gundam (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/30 21:23:30
00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (PG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/11/30 19:29:00
Gundam 00 didn't need another PG it just got the Exia, a better choice would have been to make a PG God Gundam(I suppose a P-Bandai for the "full" hyper mode) with a strong stand for dynamic poses. Other mentions would be the F-91 or Crossbone X-1 since their pilot's voice actor just died, Sinanju, Barbatos something for being IBO being a successful series but the full mechanics to MG to PG would require some special engineering first.
Gundam AGE II Magnum (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/11/30 19:10:19
It ain't P-Bandai the final version maybe though. At least you can just buy the new parts separately for the HG thankfully.
Gundam Dynames (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/11/30 19:07:55
Next: Cheriduim Gundam(smart-Saga regular release Dumb-P-Bandai) some other Dynames equipment, and Gundam Zabanya (with stands for the bits).
Gundam Astaroth (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/29 0:50:19
Gundam Vual (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/28 19:13:36
Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/28 19:11:30
Narrative Gundam A-Packs (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Someone : 2018/11/28 8:30:57
Just now i have time to answer. I watched pictures of the B Pack on Youtube, taken from Dengeki Hobby. Even the B Pack have part exposed, i wonder if it's possible to combine both A and B Pack into something... gigantic?
Gun EZ (RE/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/11/26 10:51:31
The last RE 1/100s seem to have had a P-Bandai versions that look like they belong in the P-Bandai area like Vigina-Ghina red(same pilot) and all of those stickers/decals.
Kaede Agatsuma (Plastic model)
Cee : 2018/11/26 10:04:49
Most of the people review bombing this kit are upset at it's price. Which is due to licensing/product cross over.
The kit itself is great with plenty of features and a fantastic design.
GM Intercept Custom (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Cee : 2018/11/26 10:00:00
While the Kit itself is basic in terms of extras, the build itself is fun and very detailed.
The kits articulation and colour separation are great and despite not having it's interceptor flight unit it's a nice addition for any GM fan.
Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr Bikini Armor Ver. (Plastic model)
Nitramy : 2018/11/26 3:27:17
Looks like Hresvelgr is in her Best Kouhai mode :)
RGM-79 GM (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Maybe : 2018/11/17 23:51:17
This is a very easy build that still looks great. Relaxing build great for beginners and for higher skill level gunpla builders to practice there techniques on. I purchased mine for under $10 with s and h.
High-Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame (1/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
Cee : 2018/11/14 18:12:38
Hi-Res red frame... with that Chinese inner frame prime for snapping like all the other kits.
Nub marks on the painted parts like all the others.
Over priced (still cheaper) then all the others.
Here's hoping they get it right or this will be the final nail in the lines Coffin.
SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Destroy Mode) (Narrative Ver.) (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/11/13 15:32:07
I wish we could do more the kit like Unicorn mode and beam saber effects for the beam saber.
RX-Zeromaru (Sinkikessyo) (SDBD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/11/13 15:28:59
Stickers or Gundam markers is what she requires.
Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Hi : 2018/11/13 11:15:04
To nukename,

I believe this version comes with an interchangeable hand, which is specifically designed for the rifle.

Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (Destroy Mode) (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/11 22:23:33
Experimental Ship of Transcendental Dimension GINGA (1/1000) (Plastic model)
nobody : 2018/11/10 7:49:47
Yamato 2520 sister ship
Full Armor 7th Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/07 23:58:00
Narrative Gundam A-Packs (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/11/07 10:31:21
Narrative Gundam is the test bed for Nu Gundam. I'm predicting that there will be a version with all the exposed frame covered with armor. And the version I would buy that I know of, the B Pack, is sadly P-Bandai.
Gustav Karl (Unicorn Ver.) (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Nitramy : 2018/11/06 1:35:36

Can't wait for a Hathaway's Flash version.
Wing Gundam Zero Honoo (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/06 0:36:55
Transient Gundam Glacier (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/06 0:33:36
Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/06 0:28:56
Build Burning Gundam (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/06 0:21:32
GN-002 Gundam Dynames (1/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/11/05 15:21:52
Hu hu ha ha....your wish hath been granted....
Gun EZ (RE/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
Someone : 2018/11/03 14:17:34
I predict P-Bandai for Gun Blastor.
Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
nukename : 2018/11/01 15:41:59
its shown "cool" how he holding rifle with rocket laucher attachment in one hand... actually normal version cannot hold just rifle in one hand cuz that rifle kind heavy for "cool" one hand poses. :/
Denial Gundam (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/11/01 13:31:05
Hugo (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/31 10:51:16
XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero EW (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/31 10:44:33
Gundam 00 Sky (Higher Than Skyphase) (HGBD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/30 11:21:02
Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
FigureGunplaFan : 2018/10/28 22:16:25
P-Bandai exclusive, indeed.
Gundam Portant (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Hulahup : 2018/10/28 19:52:30
@CT you can't marry a robot.
GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:54:53
ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:50:48
ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:49:10
Gundam Vidar (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:47:48
Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:46:47
Gundam Barbatos Lupus (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:45:12
Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:43:57
Scramble Gundam (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:26:46
00 QAN[T] (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:22:56
RX-78 GP01Fb Gundam GP01 Full Vernian (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:21:20
00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:13:31
MSN-06S Sinanju (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/28 11:11:55
Gundam Astray Blue Frame D (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Namalek : 2018/10/25 23:16:21
Great kit, love it, colors, curves, all..
Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/24 11:27:03
RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/24 11:22:20
Gundam Amazing Exia (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/24 11:17:54
Haropla Ball Haro (Gundam Model Kits)
Ron : 2018/10/23 17:34:16
Good kit for beginner, relaxing one for expert.
Moon Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Keremcan : 2018/10/23 4:35:30
Just finished the build. It was a very fun and detailed build. Definately a must for all gunpla lovers! Great design and articulation!
Gundam Avalanche Exia Dash (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/23 1:17:03
00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (PG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Cee : 2018/10/15 4:52:49
Just like unicorn, 00 fatigue is setting in. I wish we could get some other 00 kits that's aren't Setsuna's
We need a PG Barbatos or PG Nu gundam!
Gundam Love Phantom (HGBD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Nitramy : 2018/10/14 2:00:11
I see a "Noir Striker" runner. Does this mean we'll finally get an HG Strike Noir without the derpy shoulder joints?
MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Ble ble : 2018/10/10 21:23:07
Mas @susanto di batam ada satu hobby shop jg..di nagoya hill search aja ig yen toys batam lengkap gundam disna variasi jg bnyk
Lightning Z Gundam (HGBF) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/09 20:30:29
XXXG-01W Wing Gundam EW (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/09 9:08:04
Musha G Armor (SD) (Gundam Model Kits)
No Name : 2018/10/08 11:55:30
my very 1st model kit, centuries ago as a kid, still loving the bird markings on the unit. the different forms you can put the model into gives this kit alot of play value.
Moon Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Vertigo : 2018/10/07 9:42:37
Gundam Love Phantom (HGBD) (Gundam Model Kits)
No Name : 2018/09/30 14:04:30
I think it's infinite justice or the original one , ,noir and death scythe.
Gundam Astray No-Name (HGBD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Ican : 2018/09/30 10:18:23
Ready ??
Narrative Gundam A-Packs (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Someone : 2018/09/28 21:56:36
Looking at the suit, i had the feeling of some sort of unfinished MS (like Zeong). I'm the only one?
Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z: Infinity Ver.) (HG) (Plastic model)
rather not say : 2018/09/25 11:36:27
that is the reason i brought this.
Great Mazinger (Mazinger Z: Infinity Ver.) (HG) (Plastic model)
rather not say : 2018/09/25 11:35:40
for the mazinger z one, you might need to touch up a little (like body, head, arm and upper leg) with silver gundam marker.
Moon Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Someone : 2018/09/25 10:27:27
And from this one they developed the Sazabi? Fascinating.. also the box art is really impressive.
Narrative Gundam A-Packs (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/09/24 13:53:01
Another GP-03D Orchis compact, but Narrative Gundam looks great but is gonna need some mods for to add more armor to it. Looks like we have a customizable Gundam here.
Moon Gundam (HGUC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/09/24 13:34:13
Well they did have what was left of the RX-80PR Pale Rider also and it became the AMX-018Todesritter. This guy looks good with a satellite cannon on it's back "pun intended"...Looks like I created the next Build Fighter timeline kit bash design. I have the DX and X for parts.
Gundam 00 Sky HWS (Trans-AM Infinite Mode) (HGBD) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/09/24 13:08:45
It ain't P-Bandai, go for it folks!!
Dom Test Prototype (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
No Name : 2018/09/24 3:52:14
very nice and finally a Dom kit's rod (in this case the heat saber) comes in 2 mold colored parts
No Name Rifle (HGBC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Dat boi : 2018/09/23 13:50:29
They now sell no name's rifle seperately with the ability to be more useless w/o its claw
YMS-03 Waff (HG) (Gundam Model Kits)
No Name : 2018/09/23 7:22:23
very different and unique build experience
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