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EX Cute Family Marshmallow Rabbit / Fuka (Fashion Doll)
Mcnosurge : 2018/10/16 13:59:44
Pantheon The Goddess of Wisdom Athena (Fashion Doll)
The Collector : 2018/10/15 17:12:50
Scarlett Johansson is Athena? Really?? o_O
Pantheon The Goddess of Under World Hades (Fashion Doll)
The Collector : 2018/10/15 17:09:59
Hades turned into a woman.... how much they know of Greek-Roman civilization?
>_< Nice figure indeed.
50cm Doll [Hell Girl: The Fourth Twilight] Ai Enma (Fashion Doll)
Sra llorente : 2018/10/06 5:02:18
Quiero esta muñeca por que me gusta y la serie me encanta
GAC Toys 1/6 Westerner Beauty 017 Sexy Face D (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/09/16 8:42:19
How good is the face compared to the preview pictures?
Some places I see that the face is older looking. Not pretty like shown.
Does GAC toys live up to expected in the pictures shown?
GAC Toys 1/6 Westerner Beauty 017 Sexy Face A (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/09/16 8:39:38
How good is the face compared to the preview pictures?
Some places I see that the face is older looking.
One Third - 60M (BodyColor / Skin Orange) w/ Finger Wire (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/09/15 13:03:55
does this body fit with Volks' super dolfie SD13 head? thank you
Mafex No.65 Astro Boy (Fashion Doll)
Someone : 2018/09/06 18:20:03
The legends will never die!!
Attack on Titan - Eren Yeager (Fashion Doll)
ukEzio : 2018/09/05 23:54:40
He's awesome! I love him so much. Details of his costume are so amazing, boots are so cool. I like his face a lot. That's my first Azone doll and I'm very impressed, he's one of my favs dolls from my collection :D
Pure Neemo Flection Full action S (Natural) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/08/29 19:46:47
Hello, will this body be in stock again please! I prefer this body style much more than than the new Pure Neemo 2 style body. Thank you!
1/12 Lil` Fairy -Small Maid- / Allen (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2018/07/23 18:59:19
My sweet discoverer and his first journey to Egypt. :-)
TB Leagued 1/6 Action Figure Cleo Super Deluxe (Fashion Doll)
Curtis : 2018/07/08 11:46:19
Nice stuff. Why could they not make a version without the extra set, bonus, and furniture. It could be more affordable. Some do not need all of that stuff.
Mortal Kombat 1/12 Action Figure Shao Kahn (Fashion Doll)
Someone : 2018/06/24 10:59:51
Reviews are becoming numerous, and still i see "Not Fixed" as release date.. what's wrong?? I have to worry o_O
Mortal Kombat 1/12 Action Figure Shao Kahn (Fashion Doll)
Someone : 2018/06/19 10:16:01
Update: AnthonysCustoms on Youtube reviewed the figure, pointing out the good, the bad and the weird. Turned out smaller than Zangief, not a big problem for me. I recommend check his review. Still in love for the figure. :)
TB Leagued 1/6 Action Figure Athena (Fashion Doll)
Fox : 2018/05/26 19:14:41
Awesome! Simply perfect figure!
TB League 1/6 Collectible Action Figure Cowgirl (Fashion Doll)
The Collector : 2018/05/26 13:20:07
27cm Female Body Soft Bust L (Whity) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/05/06 13:24:07
Please restock~~~This body is sturdy and poses very well and I also like the skin tone.
Pico EX Cute - Angelic Sigh IV / Lien (Fashion Doll)
Candiednickle : 2018/05/05 6:14:23
She is Gorgeous! Picconeemos are the best . So tiny and poseable 💖
Mortal Kombat 1/12 Action Figure Shao Kahn (Fashion Doll)
Someone : 2018/04/12 10:36:06
… is that the best you can do?

Wow, it's slightly bigger than Zangief, and much cooler imho (no offense to Zangief fans).
TB Leagued 1/6 Action Figure Cleo Super Deluxe (Fashion Doll)
Fox : 2018/03/17 20:14:44
GM626 Heinz Wilhelm Guderian Generaloberst (Fashion Doll)
Jhango : 2018/03/13 11:11:15
It's PERFECT! It's a great work of art!
CCS 17AW Momoko (Fashion Doll)
Hazel : 2018/03/13 0:23:27
This doll is one of the most beautiful CCS momoko I have seen. Her face is very sweet and delicate. The outfit is great with several possibilities.
50cm Cocktail Dress (Green) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/02/07 16:37:44
Hi, can this item be shipped in SAL small packet?
[Re: Life in a Different World from Zero] Rem (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2017/10/09 0:57:00
Rem is very cute and her clothes adorable.
Now I'm waiting for Ram.
Erwin Rommel Generalfeldmarschall Atlantic Wall 1944 (Fashion Doll)
Fox : 2017/08/26 19:38:00
The Desert Fox in person! Simply Perfect!
Alvastaria / Meryl -Day of Departure- (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2017/08/26 3:13:00
Hello!!! I have a question. You can tell when sending to Belarus to specify a low cost. This is the minimum for customs clearance.
PNS Animal Raglan Dress (Pink x White) (Fashion Doll)
Talolili : 2017/08/20 5:23:00
Super cute t-shirt. Fits my Momoko perfectly.
EX Cute Family Wakaba / Lovey leaf (Fashion Doll)
xoxxox : 2017/07/15 5:22:00
Does she come with hand parts

EX Cute Otogi no Kuni / Miu & Prince of Frog (Fashion Doll)
xoxxox : 2017/06/17 1:44:00
She's cute is she suppose to be the princess and the frog thing
AZO2 Frill Bikini Set (White x Pink) (Fashion Doll)
chocolatecheesecake : 2017/06/15 17:25:00
@cheese cake heaven:
the item is for 1/3 dolls, so unless your doll is around 50cm tall, it wouldn't fit...
AZO2 Frill Bikini Set (White x Pink) (Fashion Doll)
cheese cake heaven : 2017/06/15 14:31:00
i mean my lol sorry
EX Cute x Maki Sugar Dream / Koron (Fashion Doll)
cheese cake heaven : 2017/06/15 14:30:00
she is so cute might order lol hope i do shes a cutie
AZO2 Frill Bikini Set (White x Pink) (Fashion Doll)
cheese cake heaven : 2017/06/15 14:24:00
wait does this fit 1/6 azones!?!?! because this would be sooo cute on me azone
PNM Swimsuit (Bandeau Bikini) (White) (Fashion Doll)
cutie pie : 2017/06/15 14:22:00
this is soo cute lol so is the model in the pic :3
EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Bear / Koron  (Fashion Doll)
lol love azones : 2017/06/14 5:59:00
hey you guess should email product info
EX Cute x Kinoko Juice Sweet Dream Chiika  (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2017/06/14 5:55:00
thank you so much sorry for my spelling
EX Cute x Kinoko Juice Sweet Dream Chiika  (Fashion Doll)
chocolatecheesecake : 2017/06/09 13:47:00
@No Name:
for product questions, you should email customer support.
EX Cute x Kinoko Juice Sweet Dream Chiika  (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2017/06/09 6:53:00
will she be restocked or is she out for good

(sorry if i wast your time)
EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Bear / Koron  (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2017/06/07 6:08:00
will she be restocked
24cm Female Body Bust Size L (Whity) (Fashion Doll)
obitsu 24cm : 2017/06/02 5:55:00
I really wanted the smaller bust but I'm very happy with the large bust! It's not as obnoxious in person and this is such a beautiful doll! Obitsu really did a great job on this body. It is Mt favorite obitsu. A lot more smooth and realistic than the others !♡
[Assault Lily] Lily`s Armored Cavalier Yurigaoka Jyogakuin High School Ver. Custom Color Resin Kit (Resin Kit)
Grunbeld : 2017/04/21 14:34:00
Is too expensive and is only plastic without details!
Assault Lily Series 021 [Assault Lily] Hitotsuyanagi Riri Version 2.0 (Fashion Doll)
Chris : 2017/03/27 14:38:00
How many days can delivery to Namba if I order today:
One-Piece Swimsuit (Marine Blue)  (Fashion Doll)
日系3世 : 2017/02/05 15:38:00
48cm Original Doll Happiness Clover Moka / Spring Symfony (Fashion Doll)
Mark : 2017/01/24 8:46:00
She is very lovely ;3;
PNS Usamimi Parka One Piece (Lavender) (Fashion Doll)
Marion : 2016/11/12 2:57:00
Very cute dress with beautiful lilac color, looks like the photos of the site.

My ruruko eyes fit perfectly the color of this dress. Ruruko has a XS body but it is ok...
1/12 Lil` Fairy Neilly / Kibou no Hotori (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2016/08/23 6:01:00
Now I own 10 Lil Fairy's. Neilly is very sweet.
Soft Vinyl Sandals (Beige x Pink) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2016/08/06 4:05:00
They are lovely but is a real struggle to put on the shoes of my pureneemo m dolls, usually i have to remove the feet from the sandals in order to remove it
PNS Chiffon Ruffle Millefeuille Dress (Black) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2016/08/06 4:02:00
Looks lovely on my Sahra’s a la mode Twinkle a la mode Yuzuha, the fabric is nice and the quality overall is pretty good
Assault Lily Series 019 [Custom Lily] Type-D (Pink) (Fashion Doll)
Isara : 2016/07/26 15:38:00
I am satisfied with the doll as it looks beautiful and there seems to be no imperfections aside from the loose neck and wrist joints. My problem that I have encountered is that the head and hands could easily be removed since the joint's pegs are thinner than the hole or vice versa. I actually expected this from this series since my previous Assault Lily's had their own problems with the loose connections.
EX Cute Family Otogi no Kuni / Mermaid Princess Minami (Fashion Doll)
Tanya : 2016/07/02 18:04:00
She is adorable and her underwear is peace of art! Very satisfying!
[The Seven Deadly Sins] Leviathan (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2016/06/25 4:36:00
Leviathan is cheeky and her outfit very naughty.
She does not like Lil` Fairy's. :-)

The material of their clothes is okay but not superior for that price.
Sahras a la mode -Twinkle a la mode- lapis lazuli/Yuzuha (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2016/06/12 22:07:00
Yuzuha is a real cutie :-)
50cm Original Doll Black Raven Series Cecily / Edge of Echoes. -Tsuioku no Shojo- (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2016/05/11 19:11:00
Nice Doll. I love her dress. Look at the pictures for a better impression.
Facial ex_pression: Five stars + one extra star, for the cute face. :-)
Soryu Asuka Langley in CG (Fashion Doll)
Anon : 2016/05/07 18:25:00
This doll looks like if, some time in the 90s, a minimal budget western studio tried to make a live-action NGE and this doll is of the 35-year-old they cast as Asuka.
Fmunu 002 [Aldnoah.Zero] Inaho Kaizuka (Fashion Doll)
me : 2016/05/04 2:08:00
helloo when my order has shipped??????
Lilia Black Raven: The Battle of the Night. Misty Gold Edition (Fashion Doll)
kasmichan : 2016/04/28 17:11:00
my baby in 1:12 scale!!!! >.<
48cm Female Body  (Whity) (Fashion Doll)
Kaya : 2016/04/24 14:52:00
Hi! this includes the head? Thank you!
[Gugure! Kokkuri-san] Ichimatsu Kohina (Fashion Doll)
Tanya : 2016/04/11 4:23:00
Kohina is my fave anime character and I absolutely in love with this doll ^.^
Her hair is soft and shiny, she has nice movement rage and her green eyes are to die for!
Pico EX Cute Fanny Fanny Himeno (Fashion Doll)
Resuri : 2016/03/04 1:08:00
So pretty and cute girl!
Female Outfit/ Bunny Girl 1/6 Set Black C011-A (Fashion Doll)
kripa : 2016/02/21 0:37:00
like a dress which is pink
Female Outfit/ Bunny Girl 1/6 Set Black C011-A (Fashion Doll)
kripa : 2016/02/21 0:37:00
like a dress which is pink
50cm Original Doll Ellen / Time of Eternal V -A Dream of Princess- (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2016/01/29 9:26:00
Ellen is so a pretty Maid. To say she is cute, or kawaii is not enough for these beauty.
The dresses and the material are adorable. This Doll is really a dream of princess and a nice piece for every collection.

[Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- DC] Takao (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2016/01/27 7:28:00
Me gusta muchoo
Multi Stand Large (Clear) (Fashion Doll)
JC : 2016/01/18 8:46:00
I bought one in July 2014 for a TokyoDoll. Since then I have been disappointed by its poor stability. After nearly dropping the TokyoDoll several times, I gave up to use it. It is not suitable for a TokyoDoll 1.6 Kg, it lacks rigidity.
1/12 Lil` Fairy `Small Maid` Riam (Fashion Doll)
Awantbuygirl : 2016/01/03 0:56:00
What is the difference between sold out and long sold out?
EX Cute 8th Series Witch Girl Chiika / Little Witch of the Heart (Fashion Doll)
Awantbuygirl : 2016/01/03 0:55:00
I want it soo much >~<
EX Cute 10th Best Selection Classic Alice Cheshire cat / Aika (Poyo Mouth ver.) (Fashion Doll)
Awantbuygirl : 2016/01/03 0:44:00
When its going to be restocked?
RAH676 Armin Arlert (Fashion Doll)
Anie lover : 2015/11/25 21:58:13
Please sell Annie
RAH668 Eren Yeager (Fashion Doll)
follower Anni : 2015/11/25 21:56:58
Please bring Annie
WWII German Army Supply Duty - Bastian (Fashion Doll)
Mr. Ouch : 2015/10/28 18:55:25
Maybe you should read this:
[Love Live!] Yazawa Nico (Fashion Doll)
Bubbel : 2015/08/14 17:04:00
love her, but...she is way to high, when you look at the other dolls, she is supost to be smaller than Maki and she isnt...
other than that,,wow
[Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie] Devil Homura (Fashion Doll)
Poorman : 2015/08/08 1:32:54
$500!? Do I crush my wallet or miss out on this figure for good?
I hate poor peoples' problems!
RAH697 Levi (Suits Ver.) (Fashion Doll)
annie : 2015/07/24 22:30:37
Please, sell Annie
50cm Original Doll Black Raven Series Lilia / Black Raven V The Stardust Nightmare. (Fashion Doll)
Sabine : 2015/07/24 21:26:50

Very nice Doll. Their dress is a dream and much detailed. Lilia is every penny worth.


[Love Live!] Sonoda Umi (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2015/07/02 2:07:10
Can I buy it all of them ?
[No Game No Life] Shiro (Fashion Doll)
Sabine : 2015/04/13 7:18:48

Shiro is super cute!
Wig, Face, Outfit, everything is wonderfully matched to each other.

best regards from germany,

[No Game No Life] Shiro (Fashion Doll)
okami22 : 2015/02/16 13:14:05
My Loli Waifu!
Assault Lily Series 008 [Assault Lily] Matsunaga Yui  (Fashion Doll)
Sabine : 2015/02/03 9:50:30

I like the Assault Lily theme and this Fashion Doll is so little and cute.
Look at the pictures for a better impression.

Greetings from germany,

RAH683 Kiryuin Satsuki: Kamui Junketsu Ver. (Fashion Doll)
JustaGuy : 2014/12/04 9:37:23
Why are the ratings so poor on this one? It looks great!
60cm Loafer (Black) (Fashion Doll)
JC : 2014/10/31 14:06:06
Shoes too small for TokyoDoll 58cm.
I have not been able to find shoes that fit to the foot size.
Depending clothing it takes a certain type of shoe and not just any.
EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Cat / Aika  (Fashion Doll)
ann2 : 2014/10/22 21:19:45
Is so beautifull! Put that doll in stock again!
50cm Original Doll Cecily / Darkness Soul -Wandering Soul-   (Fashion Doll)
Sabine : 2014/10/16 18:28:20

Beautiful Cecily ...
This doll is just fantastic. The realistic hair and clothes (leather, fabric, metal, etc.) are like a fairy tale. With the new wear she also looks classy.
Dressin up the Doll is not really a problem. Only for my clumsy fingers. :-)

Many greetings from germany,

EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Bear / Koron  (Fashion Doll)
Nani : 2014/10/11 18:04:57
Hi~ in just want to know...
Is bear koron will be restock?
(sorry for my bad english)
[Love Live!] Yazawa Nico (Fashion Doll)
Harem : 2014/10/01 2:44:09
.......this is love at first sight........my wallet is crying but ........NIKO!!! DX.....me need you!
RAH648 Mikasa Ackerman (Fashion Doll)
mikab : 2014/09/11 8:57:45
My only question: are her killer abs recreated too?
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A`s Reinforce Zwei (Fashion Doll)
japtic : 2014/09/11 8:47:46
she looks nothing like the pictures
her face looks much skinnier and longer than the picture
i really like the character but this is disappionting..
Black Butler II - Sebastian Michaelis (Fashion Doll)
Drake : 2014/08/07 13:34:21
this figure is amazing in every way, not only does he have the very accurate look, but he has hair and cloth clothing to boot, so i would definitely get this figure before it runs out of stock
One Sixth - 25S (BodyColor / Skin Fresh) (Fashion Doll)
RinaAlva : 2014/07/03 3:27:41
Please add this information picture on English (from the Tokyodoll website) for International customers - there are compatible skintones info
EX Cute 10th Best Selection Classic Alice Cheshire cat / Aika (Poyo Mouth ver.) (Fashion Doll)
nuri : 2014/06/10 12:11:07
should be released in august but since there is no official released date here it could be delayed or changed. she is super cute!
Sahras a la mode -Sweets a la mode- Cream Anmitsu/Yuzuha (Fashion Doll)
hien : 2014/06/06 11:27:09
cut order and sold out...nice job Azone....wheewwww
Original Effect 1/6 Army Attractive vol.11 Cleopatra (Fashion Doll)
nuri : 2014/05/20 4:46:59
i like the outfit. too bad i dont like the doll or cape. wish they released this as an outfit set instead :/
RAH673 MGM Ultimate Madoka (Fashion Doll)
Yobiwik : 2014/04/24 14:34:05
Always wondered if Medicom Toy would complete the character set with Ultimate Madoka.. (after watching the anime) Saw images elsewhere of her (might had been an unpainted version) and was impressed. Some of the above images remind me of Goodsmile Co PVC version.
Eeeek the shipping would be pretty high though.... still looks excellent.
Hmmmm where to put her, *need a bigger house* ....
Very Cool Alien 10inch Action Figure (VC-AX02) (Fashion Doll)
Gurunberd : 2014/04/03 9:05:55
Is paul, forma the movie PAUL the alien
RAH668 Eren Yeager (Fashion Doll)
Zainox : 2014/04/02 18:45:32
I really dislike these kinds of figures, but god damn! Did they nail it with this one. Expression and all, very well done.
RAH622 Link (Fashion Doll)
Knil : 2014/03/29 17:59:52
They botched him. Look at the last picture, his green shirt's fabric is different. It looks horrible
50cm Original Doll Yui / Happiness Clover Prelude to Springtime (Fashion Doll)
kk : 2014/03/15 12:25:34
doll cost to much low the price please
RAH622 Link (Fashion Doll)
Nana : 2014/03/01 14:14:20
It is been a year since they open reservations, and the doll has not been released.
Don't be so cruel D:
[Sora no Otoshimono Forte] Nymph Electronic Battle Type Beta (Fashion Doll)
i'mOtaku : 2014/02/13 12:12:03
damm i want this girl so badly hope it will restock
1/12 Lil` Fairy ~Small maid~/Vel (Fashion Doll)
Shirou Emiya : 2014/02/04 19:04:16
DANGIT. I was waiting for this and it's gone...as usual lol.
[Kantai Collection] Shimakaze (Fashion Doll)
kasmichan : 2014/02/02 10:08:49
why did they painted the arms? it would've been better if they use plain arms so we could at least display her without the sleeve..
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