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Neo-Tridagger ZMC Carbon Special (Super II Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
アルベルト : 2019/12/17 20:24:53
Gorgeous model. This carbon body is really nice and makes the car aggressive. Surely a material of great effect.
Gun Bluster XTO Premium (FM-A Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
Toto : 2019/06/22 23:47:38
AO5042 3mm O-Ring Black (10 pieces) (Mini 4WD)
h34 : 2019/04/24 19:51:30
It's not for Mini 4wd. It's for RC Cars.
DCR-01 Body Parts Set (Light Smoke) (Mini 4WD)
Alberto アルベルト : 2019/01/02 2:57:36
あなたがフレームを見ることを可能にする透明なプラスチックDCR-01のための追加のフェアリング。 Xシステムシステム(クロスシステム)に従って3つの部分に分解することができ、モデルに視覚効果があります。
Additional fairings for the transparent plastic DCR-01 that lets you see the frame. Comes in three parts as per X-System (Cross System) with a visual effect on the model.
DCR-01 (MA Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
Alberto アルベルト : 2019/01/02 2:48:05
One of the most beautiful Mini 4wd ever designed, low line, racy, aggressive, excellent chassis, MA revolutionary chassis even if slightly bulky
Mach-Bullet (VS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
Alberto アルベルト : 2019/01/02 2:21:50
Mach-Bullet (VS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
Alberto アルベルト : 2019/01/02 2:14:04
I think it's hard to give less than 5 stars to all the models of mini 4wd, you can prefer one rather than another but the vote always remains
Lunch Box (2005) (RC Model)
Firdaus : 2018/12/20 7:55:06
[those Separately request]******
● RC Mechanical: ESPECK GT-I , or 2-channel R / C with FET amplifier
● Receiver
● Speed ​​controller
● Steering servo
● Battery charger: Tamiya 7.2V racing pack, or 7.2V advanced pack

About product detail of the item already explained the separately require item
Dash-1 Emperor (MS Chassis) Memorial -30 Years of the Japan Cup Anniversary- (Mini 4WD)
Mini 4WD Ranking 1s : 2018/07/24 14:13:52
want buy
Lunch Box (2005) (RC Model)
Robby Rockefeller : 2018/02/24 15:24:54
No esc 101bk in the box.
Hotshot (2007) (RC Model)
Daouzs880910 : 2017/12/19 4:48:00

For tge answerbof the your question is yes! The ESC is not include with the kit. And when the ad have said the ESC is include actually it will so much help in saved my time and money. And actually purchased on the page was 2 weeks ago n just received the kit yesterday. But when customs staff told me to ooeb the box and i then i've found out there is no any shape that can like ESC or any look alike like it in the kit box.
Hotshot (2007) (RC Model)
Kirito-kun : 2017/12/18 19:59:00
r u sure the speed controller is not in the kit? how would the thing run without it? if its seriously not in there, u should contact customer support.
Hotshot (2007) (RC Model)
Daouzs880910 : 2017/12/18 14:54:00
I've purchased the hotshot rc 2007 reprint kit just couple weeks ago and actually the ESC (TEU-101BK) is not include in my kit. Only motor type 540 motor that i have found in the box. The ad on the hobby search page said the ESC and the motor is include in the kit. If there said any changed about the term and conditon theb why the description still said it INCLUDE in the kit. I want a explanation that statisfied me about this matter.
19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers w/Plastic Ring (Red) (Mini 4WD)
waks : 2017/09/11 12:35:00
Product good. Items received timely.
Vanquish RS (VS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
Justin : 2017/09/03 2:07:00
When will you have another stock of this?
Spin Cobra Premium (Super II Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
arya : 2017/05/25 22:25:00
Thank you tamiya, I hope release as fast as in Indonesia.
Super TZ-X  Reinforced Chassis Set (White/Red) (Mini 4WD)
No Name : 2017/03/01 0:23:00
Restock please... Badly needed here in the philipiines rare tzx chasis red/white nowadays
Torcruiser (MS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
arya : 2016/12/05 23:05:00
torcruiser body pretty nice. I love the design.
Mini 4WD Shirokumakko Finished Model (Mini 4WD)
Welshdodger : 2016/01/26 20:07:00
Very nice unit good quality runs very well
Mini 4WD Panda Finished Model (Mini 4WD)
Welshdodger : 2016/01/26 20:05:00
Very well made unit nice detail runs very good
SP1022 1/10 Medium-Narrow 10-Spoke Wheels (OFFSET) (RC Model)
No Name : 2014/08/01 23:48:31
Hello, I need to make sure that item number 50122 ( SP1022 1/10 Medium-Narrow 10-Spoke Wheels (OFFSET) (RC Model) ) are actually GRAY WHEELS (as shown in the picture) and NOT gold wheels before I place my order for them. Thank you
Savanna Leo (MS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
dud : 2013/11/01 13:21:06
This is sabanna leo or savanna leo.?
Avante Mk.III White Special (MS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
Givar : 2013/08/11 15:39:23
is this kit restocked? ty.
Aero Manta Ray White Special (AR Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
jufrey : 2013/08/09 10:19:01
how i can buy this product..
i'm from indonesia
Blitzer-Sonic Black Special (VS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
angelo : 2013/01/09 19:31:37
iam tamiya racer si may tamiya is crush
Red Low-Height Tire & Dark Silver Wheel (Dish) (Mini 4WD)
kowdee : 2012/08/28 17:18:22
i ve got one of those
Savanna Leo Black Special Ver.II (MS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
axel : 2011/11/04 6:14:01
Savanna Leo (MS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
axel : 2011/11/04 6:06:23
White Super FM Chassis (Mini 4WD)
danish : 2011/02/06 21:14:40
that tamiyahobby tool in malaysia
SP674 Volks Wagen Golf VR6 Spare Body (RC Model)
laseemo : 2010/12/07 18:19:08
is the car sprayed and is the price including shipping
Dash 1st Emperor (MS Chassis) Black Special [Mini 4WD Limited] (Mini 4WD)
amar : 2010/10/17 0:43:48
seppp ok
Avante MK.III AzureTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles -Home Color Edition- Bunka Limited (Mini 4WD)
Tamiya... : 2010/03/19 22:48:47
My Tamiya... My Name is Veo From Indonesia, I Hope You Like my Photo Tamiya
Avante MK.III AzureTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles -Home Color Edition- Bunka Limited (Mini 4WD)
Alex : 2010/02/12 0:04:09
Hello everyone!, My name is Alex and I come from Italy, I wanted to add this color photo of this beautiful model .... I hope you like!
Avante MK.III AzureTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles -Mr.Carrasco Edition- Bunka Limited (Mini 4WD)
No Name : 2010/02/12 0:02:49
Hello everyone!, My name is Alex and I come from Italy, I wanted to add this color photo of this beautiful model .... I hope you like!
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