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Digimon Reboot Omegamon (Omnimon) (Plastic model)

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Series:Digimon Reboot
Original:Digital Monster
Release Date : Mid Nov., 2010
List Price : 4,180yenabout38.21USD
Sales Price : 3,420yenabout31.26USD
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JAN code : 4543112655196
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Digimon Reboot Omegamon (Omnimon) (Plastic model)
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©Copyright Akiyoshi Hongo/Toei Animation

- Appeared legend of Digimon [Omegamon] is designed with new plastic model!

- State-of-the-art, which is a modern twist form!
- Left arm, the new interpretation of the design which arranged the panel line in armor. Cloak is composed of a number of blades, each blade is capable of dramatic pose with that can be independently movable.
- You can reproduce the scenes `` play action of!
- Neck, lower back, elbow, knee [double joint]. Also with the pull-out of the joint] to each part, it can be high pose with degree of freedom such as the one knee up.
- Fully reproduced armed!
- Gray Sword of the right arm of Garuru Cannon and left arm as a weapon, reproduced in part replacement.
- Digital characters drawn on the blade is also precisely reproduced in the mold.
- The Digimon reboot ... 2010, the time has come to set successive Digimon achieve further evolution.
- It combines the mechanical stylish and biological uplifting, so to speak, a new brand is born to say, even the ultimate Digimon. Its name is `Digimon reboot`.
- High character of which the mechanical arrangement that has been refined by modern eyes, a wide range of movement produce poses. This is a mechanical surface and biological aspects, it puts out again stand the charm of the Digimon unique that combines both the nature of the brand.

- Accessories: Garuru Cannon (gun barrel parts), gray Sword (sword parts), action base for joining parts

Limited Edition ※ has ended.

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Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20.3 x 9.5 cm / 419g
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Digimon Reboot Omegamon (Omnimon) (Plastic model)
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This item scores 4.66.
44 customers have submitted their evaluations.

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22 posts
1:No Name: 2010/09/08 11:59:38
lol omnimon
2:No Name: 2010/09/08 12:33:03
they should have made the cape clothe not plastic
3:No Name: 2010/09/22 2:44:47
4:keichi74: 2010/09/22 20:08:24
I really don't think cloth on a model kit works well at all (hinting at 1/100 Sandrock EW) but here's a picture which show the actual backside of this model kit. I'd prefer this way but others may disagree.
5:kasmi: 2010/09/27 13:22:29
so Dukemon is next? wow talk about re-evolution among's looks more advanced than the original since digimons from different seasons changes..just like how Agumon from Savers evolved to GeoGraymon instead of the regular graymon..

They've already gone that far...
6:PH3N0M3N0N: 2010/11/12 0:59:38
im preorder this omnimon!!
i hope bandai will make imperialdramon fighter mode too
its cool
7:bryan cabrera: 2010/11/12 1:55:37
i hope that this model would gonna be "made in japan" 'cuz i don't like made in china models and toys and their plastic quality isn't that good for me.
8:zack: 2010/11/18 1:17:09
i have a question, is he painted? Im not sure because im not used to kits. also do you build him?
9:keichi74: 2010/11/18 7:17:03
@zack, the parts are molded in color, and yes you will need to build him. he's a kit that is unassembled.
10:Bree: 2010/11/20 2:29:42
Is this an MG class kit?
11:keichi74: 2010/11/20 7:19:20

Bandai Release Schedule simply says "Digimon Reboot Omegamon" so its a non-scale, non-grade release (at least according to the title they gave it). Obviously it was scaled down, but they didn't bother to tell us what the scale nor the grade is.
12:Shinkirou: 2010/11/30 21:10:01
Ar code for digimon arena ?? what is that that they wrote in the description
13:keichi74: 2010/12/01 22:30:17
@ Shinkirou

I'm assuming its a code for a video game or online game; something to that effect.
14:kuugamighty: 2010/12/06 15:32:22
15:No Name: 2010/12/07 13:43:45
if it doesn't have the MG logo, then its not a MG.. common sense
16:danz: 2010/12/08 22:53:39
im so impressed with this one and im gonna buy it
the good news is its ready stock ^_^ yay
but anyone does know its pack included action base or not??
if does,i dont need extra one,but if doesnt i gonna buy one for this awesome thing
17:keichi74: 2010/12/09 17:44:39

I just received mine today and it does not include a stand. You will need to purchase an Action Base 1. 2015/07/22 13:27:57
Hello , I am from Chile (South America ).
I wonder if they still have stock, whether they will or no longer have more
19:boy: 2016/02/17 22:05:00
I will next too Omega Shoutmon and Arresterdramon
20:wasabi: 2017/01/22 1:14:00
anyone know what date it will be shipped?
21:ky Kun: 2017/03/02 20:51:00
have anyone got this item shipped?
22:Revma: 2018/07/21 20:06:39
I lost 1 pc of them (E8). anyone know how can i find that piece ?
22 posts
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