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Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Good Smile Company
Producer:Takahiro Kohata
Original:Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Release Date : Mid Jan., 2012
List Price : 8,171yenabout74.46USD
Sales Price : 7,057yenabout64.31USD
Points Acquired : 70pointsOther Currencies
JAN code : 4582191965659
Item code:965659
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Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure)
User Area(Evaluation:61/Comments:36)
PackageKaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Package1
Item pictureKaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Item picture1Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Item picture2Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Item picture3Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Item picture4Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Item picture5Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Item picture6Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Item picture7See more...
Other pictureKaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Other picture1Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Other picture2Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Other picture3Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Other picture4Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Other picture5Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Other picture6Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver.  (PVC Figure) Other picture7See more...
Series title :

Copyright Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS
Height: approx 190mm.
See Miki Sayaka Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure) also.
See Tomoe Mami Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure) also.
See Akemi Homura Good Smile Company Ver. also.

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The kindhearted Puella Magi, who always puts her friends first!
From the popular anime 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' comes a 1/8th scale figure of the main character from the series - Madoka Kaname!

The pose is based on a famous key visual used for the series, which features Madoka in a vibrant and dynamic pose with a huge smile. The ever cute Kyubey is also included hanging from her arm just as in the illustration - it's a complete figure set that shows off all of Madoka's charms, and is bound to please any fans of the series.
Item Size/Weight : 25 x 22 x 14 cm / 458g
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User Area
Kaname Madoka Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
Customer EvaluationCustomer Evaluation
This item scores 4.64.
61 customers have submitted their evaluations.

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36 posts
1:Homura_Dawg: 2011/08/09 13:27:56
OMG!!!!! this is so amazing!!! I'm glad I P.O. this in a flash coz I know it will sell out today LOL :D
2:Punynari: 2011/08/09 13:33:07
Easily my most anticipated figure of the year. She's just wonderful!
Preordered without hesitation. (:
3:Hoshi: 2011/08/09 13:39:58
I want it so bad. But I must save my money for the Homura one which will probably be as beautiful D:
4:Giovi: 2011/08/09 14:37:05
THIS is what I wanted from the Puella series the Beach Queens were ok but I wanted something more from the anime. But like Hoshi must restrain for Homura X3
5:Homura-Chan: 2011/08/09 14:58:58
I want this figure so I can kiss Madoka-Sama's body

6:ponnie: 2011/08/09 16:35:35
I wish they make a Goddess Madoka version as well
this figure is great? but goddess one is sure to be EPIC.
7:...: 2011/08/09 16:55:27
madoka magica is so overrated, this does not even deserve 5 stars.
8:Derp: 2011/08/09 17:30:44
Oh god... I just wish I could buy this. My wallet is empty QQ
9:No Name: 2011/08/09 17:58:24
Pre-ordered immediately. I will save for the eventual Homura one as well. I must have them all.
10:Nendo01: 2011/08/09 20:14:20
pre-ordered~ she will look good standing next to figma madoka , nendiroid madoka and petite madokas~! my puella magi collection keeps getting bigger
11:Trigger: 2011/08/09 22:28:42
Man, with the USD failing and the constant waves of Madoka-related goods, I just can't keep up.

Buying meguca is suffering...
12:OMG: 2011/08/10 0:00:37
Limiting 3 per household.

Oh, my. 1/8 Scaled figure with limiting quota is so certainly concerning.
13:Gdll: 2011/08/10 0:34:38
myam nyam n___n
14:IrkenEvangelion: 2011/08/10 3:04:04
You have that right, Trigger.. These preorders are killing me... Preorders I mad back in February are now at least $20 more including shipping.
15:IrkenEvangelion: 2011/08/10 3:04:51
*made fail~de geso
16:Monkee: 2011/08/10 4:43:07
NO MOAR...! My wallet, it's at its limit... But must save enough... for Homura...
17:Overrated agreed: 2011/08/10 7:33:35
Just what the hell is this anime that has so much hype??? Why do you guys care so muchabout this character?Shes so annoying im seeing her everywhere now!!!
18:Ryusuke: 2011/08/10 9:01:50
Finally a beautiful rendition of Madoka in figure form and since Good Smile made it you know it going to be high quality. Instant PreOrder!
19:Overrated not agreed: 2011/08/10 11:12:30
@Overrated agreed

Haters gonna hate, remembered. You can comment about this figure what points are good or bad, but blaming the other people who want to buy it whatever points is unacceptable. (And you must absolutely admit that the Madoka series is very infamous in Japan, whatever points you said bad about it.)

20:Nendo01: 2011/08/10 21:09:21
21:U mad bros?: 2011/08/11 6:44:33
Chill you guys its just a need to fight over a figure that is very popular in Japan. True haters gonna hate over a anime that may seem overpublicized but still no need to start a troll here :) So cool it guys!
22:Mahou Shoujo: 2011/08/11 8:53:49
Would have been an insta-pre-order but I'm saving my money up for the Homura preorder instead.
23:But still overrated: 2011/08/19 0:49:54
Im a 40 year old guy and I think she is cool for a little girl anime show.
24:Mami: 2011/08/20 3:45:07
modaka.... is this your ultimate transformation?! oh.. wait.. i'm already dead so how should I know?
25:Ryusuke: 2011/08/25 2:52:10
Instant pre-order! also can not wait for Homura version to come out...homu homu
26:Mimichichi: 2011/08/28 23:38:46
Ahh, why must you come out a month after my birthday? Perhaps if it came out sooner I could be able to buy it as a birthday present for myself...

T v T Ah well, preordered with no regrets or hesitation! She looks wonderful~~
27:Kuro Bob: 2011/09/01 2:40:03
Oh... God... she is so fluffy .....and
28:Fishcaek-Chan: 2011/12/10 9:14:47
Please come back, please come back, please come back...!;~;
29:Fishcaek-Chan: 2012/01/11 15:30:22
30:Overrated show: 2012/01/14 9:06:10
This show is overrated just like the Godfather and Elf Starring Will Pharrel. Shes the next miku! Miku is everywhere and so is Kaname Madoka
31:invincutable: 2012/02/08 23:33:23
pre-ordered while it was still 5943yen w/o shipping during it's 20% discount phase. got it in excellent condition via EMS. madoka herself is splendid, but the paintjob on the rose / bow could have been better. needless to say this is one of the best madoka figures currently
available in the market. i'm betting that GSC can only release madoka in goddess form in
some limited edition event like WonFest. GSC smiles, and we all smile and get poorer.
32:silentxangel: 2012/02/11 11:35:13
Once again GSC, a job well done! The mass produced version looks uncannily like the prototype; amazing! Plus I'm glad that I ordered it when it was on sale. This is a must have for any PMMM fan. The minute details are fantastic, the coloring is superb and the pose is very cute. Can't go wrong with this one. I'm very excited with how the rest of the girls will turn out!
33:KuroBob: 2012/03/08 2:33:02
I love this figure is pure Moe .
If you Like loli, or sweet characters this figure is for you.
The pose & face are just saying "Madoka".
I recommend this figure, is awesome .
34:Roxy: 2012/06/11 1:00:27
Does anyone know if it comes out more of this figure? :'o I want so bad only one to my collection.. )':
35:jermanamona: 2012/06/26 21:47:20
lol, i found bootleg version of this, it cost about $30, hmm, should i buy it despite this is no longer available :(
36:MadFan: 2012/12/21 4:05:52
Maybe she will be rereleased next year, when the 3rd movie comes out? *Hopes*
36 posts
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