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BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book)

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Publisher:Good Smile Company
Series:Pictures Collection , Setting Documents Collection
Release Date : Late Jan., 2012
List Price : 7,124yenabout55.47USD
Sales Price : 5,829yenabout45.39USD
Points Acquired : 58pointsOther Currencies
ISBN code : 4582191966670
Item code:966670
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BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book)
User Area(Evaluation:29/Comments:36)
Item pictureBLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book) Item picture1BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book) Item picture2BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book) Item picture3BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book) Item picture4BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book) Item picture5BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book) Item picture6BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book) Item picture7See more...
Other pictureBLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book) Other picture1

See BLK (Art Book) also.

Copyright huke
Copyright huke/B★RS Project 2011
Copyright 2009-2011 5pb, Inc/Nitroplus

huke's first art book, with a figma included!
huke is a popular illustrator who has done the character designs for series such as Steins;Gate and is the creator of Black Rock Shooter. His first art book, 'BLK' is now being released, and to commemorate it's release, the limited edition will come with a figma of the newly illustrated character - Black Rock Shooter BEAST!

The figma comes with multiple expressions, as well as the BRS Blade and Seven Shot that feature in the illustration - all finely detailed to be as close to the original illustration as possible. Enjoy huke's wonderful illustrations and get a great figma of BRSB all at the same time!

Specifications 240 page A4 book
Limited Edition Extra figma BRSB
figma Production Max Factory - Masaki Asai
figma Specifications Painted ABS&PVC non-scale posable figure with stand included - approximately 145mm in height
Planning Black Ore Design
First Release Extra Puchitto Rock Shooter BRSB Avatar Coupon Included (First Release Only)
Item Size/Weight : 31.7 x 23 x 10.9 cm / 2120g
Explanation in Japanese

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BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included) Special Price 20%OFF (Art Book)
Customer EvaluationCustomer Evaluation
This item scores 3.66.
29 customers have submitted their evaluations.

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List of Postings
36 posts
1:cn: 2011/08/25 21:46:25
... why HS. Why do you charge so much for this one :((
2:cn: 2011/08/25 21:49:19
OH MY I posted this, thinking the the price is still regular without noticing the change xD
I preordered :))
3:BLACK: 2011/08/26 0:10:49
what is BLK?
4:Leebie: 2011/08/26 7:14:08
BLK is the title of the art book that this figure comes with. That's why the price is more expensive then regular figmas.
5:DjBombChuu: 2011/08/27 8:31:45
Want this for my birthday this year!
6:Troller: 2011/08/28 14:34:24
dude its that much becuz of the ART BOOK...
7:ilvanime45: 2011/08/29 0:37:08
eh....alll these other versions of her just arent as original or lovable as the ones in the anime
8:Kai: 2011/08/29 16:31:56
I still don't like the crown, the crown makes it look weird. But I still like BRS and overall. :3
9:No Name: 2011/09/02 23:13:04
dear huke:

Please stop milking my wallet.

A poor salaryman
10:Fuko: 2011/09/20 21:36:56
11:dkmage: 2011/10/20 0:50:34
Pre-ordered!!!! I wasnt sure enough if buy it or not but, a promotional figma, the artbook, is grater than me XD it will be a great xmas-new year-birthday present
12:fatbuffalo: 2011/11/01 12:29:14
Why is the points acquired is so little ?
13:dkmage: 2011/11/03 2:49:22

It is the opposite, the art book comes with the figma, is a promotional figure if you take out the price of the art book, the figure's price is normal, for having a promotional figma, I think is ok :D
14:Tokioka: 2012/01/31 14:01:12
The shipping cost for this item is out of this world D:
15:Juno: 2012/02/01 10:58:01
What in the world?! The shipping is just as expensive as the product!!! I can't afford this!
It pains me to say this, but how in the world do I cancel my order now?! ;~;
16:Kai: 2012/02/01 22:42:12

I agree with you, I was shocked too when I looked at the shipping cost, the shipping cost is almost 90% of the item price. Too bad we can't cancel... T_T. Maybe just find other buyers to buy ours. Fainted, hopefully they won't release something like this big again in future, I can buy double this item already. Sigh~
17:Juno: 2012/02/02 3:05:04
They just shipped it. The shipping price for me was more than the product itself. Ridiculous... I got some late birthday money that will cover anything I couldn't cover myself. Still, I have to be far more careful on what to expect from the weight of some products. I will start putting extra money away, in case something like this happens again. At least I'm good with balancing my own finances...

Let this be a warning to everyone else out there who shop on sites like this blindly.
18:Kai: 2012/02/02 10:20:30

Well said :) Too bad I love this figure too and the art book. =__= ;
19:Tokioka: 2012/02/02 13:35:48
Unfortunately i bought two of these Artbooks D: i'm broke... the shipping cost itself via EMS (there's no other method) is like buying another 2 artbooks too... as i said before the shipping cost is out of this world... i'm afraid i'll never buy an artbook 'cause it's too much expensive to afford, i'll better buy figures alone, wothout any book or anything... this was a terrible mistake u__u
20:fatbuffalo: 2012/02/06 22:14:44
just got it today. The art book was totally worth it XD
21:Souless: 2012/02/07 14:05:38
I purchased two of these artbooks/Figmas... Like everyone else here said, the shipping cost was ridiculously expensive. But if you look at the item weight description above and compare it with the shipping cost chart (link provided elsewhere on this site), it's pretty accurate on how much they'll charge for shipping. I'll be sure to take a closer look at the item weight the next time I order something so that I won't be too shocked when the total price appears...
22:Souless: 2012/02/07 14:06:22
(continued from above).

But overall, I'm satisfied with the artbook, and the Figma is pretty nice. The only complaint I have about the Figma (so far) is that the joints feel more "loose" than the other Figmas I own. Anyone else here notice the same thing?
23:ricenz: 2012/02/09 20:35:46
arrghh shipping price....... =__= but i still bought it though...... i've wanted it since i saw it on Dannychoo's page. Only reason why i use AMIAMI sometimes on heavy items is because they offer SAL shipping. If hobby search offered SAL they'd have my money all the time!!

but yer $168 New Zealand Dollars!!!! Half of that is for shipping!! guess i wont be buying something for a while hahahaha
24:Kai: 2012/02/11 2:08:55
Already received the item, the book is quite heavy with a thick hard cover and has a nic design. Love the box, and the figure, already checked all the figure parts, the paint looks good. But not unlucky like someone that I saw him posted on his blog site with minor paint defect on her back part of her clothes.
25:Kai: 2012/02/11 2:09:20
continue above: The packaging is well packed. They also inserted extra corrugated board inside the box to protect the figure. I also never thought that they also printed some designs on the small corrugated board and the outer corrugated box.
26:long time buyer: 2012/02/11 8:41:29
the shipping cost was more than the item for me... 5181 yen for the artbook/figma and 5400 yen to ship it..... amiami it is from now on..
27:No Name: 2012/02/17 10:25:01
I want this soooo bad! I hope they don't sell out too soon.
28:dkmage: 2012/02/27 12:02:57
Even if the prie was very high, I love the artbook and the figure, both are amazing
29:Alzra: 2012/03/18 7:58:11
The shipping on this thing is brutal. I thought that I'd finally found an insane deal on this thing, but when I went to check the cost on a currency converter, it came out at like 126 bucks! I could've gotten it for 120 + free shipping from the place I originally found it, maybe even cheaper somewhere else if I knew how much they charged for shipping.

Whatever, I'm going to a con in a few weeks, and it's not like I'd be spending money after something like that anyway.
30:drakke125: 2012/03/26 23:50:02
guys this is freaking Limited Edition, of course it's more expensive. If you buy the art book separately thats 29-30 USD on this site. The book is ALL-Color with 240 pages. That's a pretty decent (cheap) price for a 240 ALL color showing nice quality art/printing for the BRS series. You guys don't know about quality. shakes head*
31:CH: 2012/04/08 3:42:57
its awsome i want
32:CH: 2012/04/08 3:44:51
i agre eith drakkei125
33:CH: 2012/04/08 3:45:22
sorry agree with
34:Veladarius: 2012/04/12 4:30:42
This is a beautiful figure and the book is great as well. While the shipping is somewhat expensive the price for the set is far less than anywhere else I have seen. The figma's from the BRS series are a step above other figma's.
35:blss: 2012/05/01 8:03:42
Chance of restock?
36:allanh: 2012/06/26 19:12:18
Limited Edition? And you restock it? WTF?
36 posts
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