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Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure)

SAL Small Packet
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Manufacturer:Orchid Seed
Producer:Satoshi Ishiyama
Original:Nitro Super Sonic
Release Date : Early Dec., 2013
JAN code : 4582292601265
Item code:PVC126
Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure)
User Area(Evaluation:47/Comments:24)
PackageSuper Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure) Package1
Item pictureSuper Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture1Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture2Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture3Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture4Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture5Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture6Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture7See more...
Series title :

This item is limited to 3 per household.
Copyright 2006-2013 Nitroplus
Height: approx 33cm.

* This item is covered in this Hobby Search Blog entry!

- The meeting - of you and I, is treasured♪

- The newest of [The Super Sonico] series is a Package illustrations motif of love communication game [Sonikomi]!
- Charm of [Sonico] that are voluptuous body with sexy hip line, shy expression etc. are reproduced fully by [Ishiyama Satoshi]!

- Please thoroughly enjoy taking voluminous feel and the delicate modeling of Orchid Seed's biggest scale,
in your hand! ! !

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
Item Size/Weight : 37.2 x 16.2 x 16.2 cm / 795g
Explanation in Japanese

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User Area
Super Sonico Sonicomi Package ver. (PVC Figure)
Customer EvaluationCustomer Evaluation
This item scores 4.74.
47 customers have submitted their evaluations.

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List of Postings
24 posts
1:Harman: 2013/04/19 13:19:44
Super sexy Sonico figure! Instant order!
2:TomoTomo: 2013/04/19 14:18:08
Sexxxxy Super Sonico.........INDEED!!

So curvy and voluptuous aswell,
Big figure people take care
3:Fishcaek: 2013/04/20 0:52:13
God she is just PERFECT, UGH!!*A*
4:carl: 2013/04/21 1:55:56
those price..
5:edsierra: 2013/04/21 2:06:37
woooow, slightly voluptuous body makes her look awesome, I love the detail of her pastel blue booties and her guitar-shaped necklace, simply spectacular
6:Chizuru1: 2013/04/21 20:19:43
I'm glad this figure finally has a release date... She looks sexy like no other!
And at 33cm, she'll be a freaking monument of sexiness in-between all those other Sonico figures!
Pre-Ordered without a single doubt!
7:Okami22: 2013/04/22 6:57:29
Great figure, great size, great price, I'm sold. I specially love her face, It's looks really cute.
8:No Name: 2013/04/23 20:01:09
This is not a cast off right...
9:Dmatrix: 2013/04/24 3:08:11
I'd be surprised if you cannot take her top off, Satoshi Ishiyama is one of my favorite sculptors and the last 7 figures he did for orchid seed are cast off if I'm remembering correctly. Though I have yet to see any pics or mentions that it is or not.

Definite buy for me, 1/5 will be the largest figure I own yet.
10:Sgn: 2013/04/24 15:51:30
She is cast off, there's some pics around the net (not directly from front though). Anyway she's easily the best bikini fig, so big (in many ways), those boobs are just awesome~ actually everything in her is awesome.
11:Mickey: 2013/04/25 23:00:39
Am I the only person getting this because it actually looks good and is cute?
Not just to j*rk off to?
12:sebastian: 2013/04/25 23:07:33
No this is mostly just to j*erk off to : D
13:austin powers: 2013/04/26 3:44:21
they finally gave an ASS to Sonico!
14:Skyragi: 2013/04/27 12:57:28
Yep, this is going to my collection.
My first Sonico figure is just so cute. :3
Plus she'll also be the biggest on the shelf~
15:No Name: 2013/05/01 10:00:34
suuuuuuper tempted to preorder this figure! anyone have a rough estimate as to how much shipping/total will come out to?
16:oh my dog: 2013/05/04 6:25:25
Regarding price, I'm living in Ireland & based on my last fig which was at a similar price I'd say EUR75-80, with SAL shipping. Add EUR25-35 for EMS shipping.
Not taking into account Customs charges which may be applied.
SAL takes 2-3weeks more than EMS(an extra 500yen to have it tracked), & there is less chance of Customs flagging for import duties. IMO, we'll be waiting a while for this to be released ...what's an extra couple of weeks?
17:oh+my+dog: 2013/05/04 6:36:22
Also, you won't be charged until the figure is released. Which is another 6+ months away! ^_~ Save up your pocket money, well worth it!
If you're still worried about it, keep looking at that goddess & her ski-slope body. Also, t|ts & ass my friend, t|ts & ass. I'm sure you'll change your mind lol
18:oh%2Bmy%2Bdog: 2013/05/04 6:42:15
85-90EUR ***including SAL shipping.
My bad.
19:Dolan: 2013/05/26 7:20:03
Hope it can be released on time. Simply the best Sonico out there & can't wait to get her.
20:billy: 2013/06/10 14:11:40
does this cast off?
23:Beatle: 2013/08/01 10:09:24
Ordered! My first super sonico figure!
24:No Name: 2013/08/03 18:53:06
WOW ... is it normal for me to be envious of her body, even if i'm a guy ??
25:TheClosetOtaku: 2013/08/19 9:29:14
Wish I didn't have to wait till December!

BTW, this does cast-off. Google her.
Just eh, you know, in case anyone was wondering....
26:No Name: 2013/09/21 0:54:11
"Am I the only person getting this because it actually looks good and is cute?
Not just to j*rk off to?"

"No this is mostly just to j*rk off to : D"

WINNER: Most Humorous Hobby Search Post Award 2013!!!!!!!!!!
24 posts
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