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Strato Hound (Plastic model)

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Producer:Tetsuya Ikeda , Origin
Release Date : Late Apr., 2024
JAN code : 4934054014545
Item code:KP516
Strato Hound (Plastic model)
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This item is limited to 3 per household.
Height: approx 160mm.

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- Titanomachia Series

- Plastic model original content [Titanomachia] second figure line! Reinforced exoskeleton suit [Exoskeleton] Women's suit [Strathound]!

- Plastic model original content [Titanomachia] by NAOKI, a multi-creator who is a modeler, designer, and producer.
- The second installment of SIDE:ES (Exoskeleton), a 1/12 scale assembly plastic model series of male and female figures wearing reinforced exoskeleton suits [Exoskeleton], is the long-awaited female exoskeleton [Strathound]!

[Product specifications]
- Reproduce the [design that looks great on models] derived by Mr. NAOKI, who is active as a modeler! In order to achieve flexible and dynamic movement that takes advantage of the tall and smart proportions of the head and body, we have included unique gimmicks such as a sliding gimmick on the thigh armor and independent movement of the shoulder armor that does not interfere with the movement of the arms.
- The 3mm diameter hard points (holes) placed in each part of the body allow for free customization by using parts from other Titanomachia series lineups, the MSG series, and other Kotobukiya original content plastic model series. .
- The retractable close-range compound weapon [Doppel Adler] has a beam blade reproduced with a solid blade and clear parts, and is equipped with a movable grip for holding with both hands, so it can be held in various ways. In addition, it can be transformed into a compact storage form and installed on hard points of various parts.
- Two hand blasters [Basilisk] are included. By setting it in the left and right holsters, you can set it on the hard points of each part and carry it.
- Shield [Belladonna] Transparent clear parts are used on the protective surface. The grip position can be finely adjusted, so you can hold it in any position you like.
- A total of 8 types of PVC wrists (grip hand, open hand, weapon handle, gun handle) are included on the left and right sides. The weapon handle is the same standard as the MSG series, so it can be held as is.
- Comes with a bare-faced head and a head wearing a helmet, expanding the range of play.
- The real head comes with a tampo-printed face.
- The detailed color-coded parts division, molding colors, and pre-painted clear parts will give you a finish close to the image even if you just assemble it.
- Comes with an eye decal and an original design decal.

It has been 600 years since a major global disaster called [Season of Judgment], which started with a tectonic movement caused by a meteorite swarm.
The world's power balance has been redrawn centering on the Earth's largest single superpower, the Fayetor Empire, which rose to power after the era of Great Warring States, and the Wise Federation, which was established to counter it. .
At that time, when a new energy [Lauzir] to replace the depleted fossil fuels was discovered from the ruins of the meteorite that had brought the earth to the brink of destruction, each faction began further wars in order to acquire new energy rights. We will continue to produce.
However, strange monsters [Crypted] have appeared around the Rouse ore mining regions around the world, which is the raw material.
In order to exterminate the Crypted and fight against opposing forces, humanity develops universal humanoid mobile weapons [Reaper] and [Grim Reaper] with [Jungfrau Unit] as their core, and strengthened exoskeleton suits [Exoskeleton] for themselves to wear. , becoming the new protagonist of the battle.
Soldiers fight for their country's prestige and pride.
Mercenaries who believe in their own wisdom and strength.
Men shouting bravely.
Women dancing beautifully.
For hope. For ambition. For revenge. For love.
With their own feelings in their hearts, some drive giants, while others wear armor.


Create a wonderful new world with your own hands.

[Strathound Settings]
- One of the Hound series, a representative exoskeleton developed by Grakies, a lightweight suit designed to specialize in close combat that takes advantage of its speed.
- The expansion hardpoint standard is the same as that of Galehound, so all the equipment for Galehound can be equipped on Strathound.
- One of the most popular weapons used by Balmunk (wearer) wearing a Strathound is Vector Hyde's retractable close range composite weapon [Doppel Adler].
- It is lightweight and can be stored compactly, and can use both a solid blade and a beam blade with a single swing, making it extremely compatible with the same suit.
- The other one is the hand blaster [Basilisk] manufactured by Grakies, the same developer and manufacturer as the suit.
- It is lightweight enough to be used without the aid of a suit, but it is extremely powerful, and is used not only as a deterrent to Crypted, but also as a main weapon.
- The protective side of the portable shield [Belladonna] is made of high-strength, lightweight plastic, and it is highly visible when equipped, making it effective for piercing attacks.

- Prototype production: Tetsuya Ikeda (Origin Ltd.)

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 10 cm / 467g
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Strato Hound (Plastic model)
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