It's spring, and it's HOT!

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It's spring, and it's HOT!
tobu100 jr485

I am happy to tell you that Series 485 `Nikko/Kinugawa` Type of KATO and Tobu Series 100 Spacia Set of TOMIX have made a comeback for the first time in several years.
Please see above! I have lined them up side by side. This I believe is a pretty unusual combination.

If I may give you some crash course on what service those trains are engaged in, they are both operating between Shinjuku and Kinugawa, carrying people who love "Onsen," or hot springs, from Tokyo Metropolis to the world famous spa resort in Tochigi prefecture.

Kinugawa always being the hottest place among Japanese Onsen-lovers, young and old alike, the now-defunct Japan National Railways and Tobu Railway Co., Ltd were having a serious competition, scrambling for tourists in the worst way.
Each of the Railway companies continued to build and introduce new types of trains, one after the other, that should attract more passengers than did the other.

The cut-throat competition was concluded when Tobu lines delivered a heavy blow with the introduction of Series 1720 DRC, which was not only faster but a lot more comfortable as well compared with its JNR counterpart.
This forced JNR to decide to back off from the production of luxury cars for the onsen resort in Nikko, putting an end to the battle between the 2 Railway giants.

The privatization JNR, however, spelled a tremendous turnaround in this regard.
JR, the privatized version of the former JNR, and Tobu Railway surprised us all when they announced that they planned to join hands to create express trains "Nikko" and "Kinugawa" in 2006.
A train leaving Shinjuku station of the Shonan-Shinjuku line, passing through Utsunomiya station of JR Utsunomiya line and being connected to Tobu Nikko Line at the Kurihashi station.... The kind of joint venture that had been just unthinkable half a century ago came into being!!

Tobu Series 100 Spacia SetTobu Series 100 Spacia

Since its debut in 1991, this special train has enjoyed a high reputation as a special luxury for those who are keen on visiting the hot spring resort and savoring every minute of the travelling process in-between.
The 6th car has 6 luxurious private rooms, each with good enough space for 4 passengers, and the 3rd in the train is a buffet car.
TOMIX has re-created this model incredibly well, both its exterior and interior.

Series 485 `Nikko/Kinugawa` Type
JR485Nikko Kinugawa

Pre-existing Series 485 was revampted into this Nikko/Kinugawa model. Not just its color scheme and its face were modified, also the restroom windows are newly designed so that they remain closed shut, and multipurpose room are set up, and and and,,,.
The impressive coloring of the body, the unique face on the 1st car, antennas on the roof..., every detail about this model is sure to pleasantly surprise you!

Utsunomiya Scene

Shown above is how they look when you place them in alignment with Series 211 and Series E231, both released from KATO.
The railways I used here by the way are Fine Tracks of TOMIX.

Why don't you go get your own model trains and build your own diorama?
After all, that's the real thrill of playing with them, right?

Lastly, in case you are interested, you might as well hurry since Spacia and Nikko/Kinugawa are both low on stock at HOBBY SEARCH.

Thanks so much for reading.
I appreciate your time.

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