250,000 Points Giveaway Campaign!

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250,000 Points Giveaway Campaign!

Hi, hobby folks! Today, we are happy to announce 2 special campaigns!!
Hope you will enjoy both of these!

Join 250,000 points giveaway Twitter Campaign

Join preorder lottery for Done Kanda Premium Giclee

Our new twitter account @hobbysearch_bsj is released on January 31st!
Follow us and retweet our Campaign tweet and be in to win Hobby Search points!

Before you join the campaign, please make sure to read the below detail.

1st place 25,000 points (2 winners)
2nd place 10,000 points (10 winners)
3rd place 5,000 points (20 winners)

[How to join]
1. Follow our official twitter account (@hobbysearch_bsj
2. Retweet our campaign tweet
3. Make sure that you have Hobby Search account by end of the Campaign!

Until February 14th, 2023, 10:00am (JP time, GMT+9)

[Announcement of winner]
Winners will receive a direct message from us by 20th, February.
So, please reply to our message with your email address registered for Hobby Search account by 27th, February (JP time GMT+9) .
We will give you the points as soon as your registry is confirmed.
Please note that notification will ONLY be sent to the winners.

    1. Points obtained in this campaign can only be used for orders placed with PayPal payment options.
    2. If your Twitter account privacy setting is not set to "public tweet", we will not be able to confirm your retweet, so any application will be invalid.
    3. If your direct message setting on your Twitter account prevents us from messaging you, we will be unable to send the winner's notification to you, so any application will be invalid.
    4. Even if you receive the winner's notification, we will cancel your entry if you fail to inform us of your shipping address by the deadline.
    5. You cannot offer your rights as winner to a third party, or exchange this for cash.
    6. We cannot answer to any question related to the result of the campaign.
    7. We will not be responsible for the unexpected termination of the campaign caused by Twitter.

Now, click below to join our campaign!

If you are not registered as Hobby Search member yet, click here!

Our 2nd Exclusive Giclee is desgined by the popular illustrator, Done Kanda.
This time, only the customers who are chosen from our randomized lottery will have privilage to place an order.
So, if you wish to place an order, please join our lottery first.

Edition: 50 copies only
*Approximately 25 copies will be allotted for sales within Japan.

If you wish to place an order, please join the lottery from here.
We will be sending the notification to winners by email by Feb.,24th.
If you received the email, please make sure to place an order before the deadline described in the email.

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