I used to call the holographic cards as "foil" cards.

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I used to call the holographic cards as "foil" cards.
Rainbow Cyclone!!
The beautiful Deamonic Fighter "Yon" is here!
(go watch YuYu Hakusho for details thanks lol)

...wait, what was the move Rainbow Cyclone like again?
I am unable to recall.

The nice item to be introduced today is this here.
Hologram Finish

One of the Hasegawa Try Tools, here is the Hologram Finish.
It comes in a form of a super thin sticker, able to stretch! And sticks!

It will be great to use as a replacement of paint for plastic model parts.

An example of the suggested method of use:

Hologram Finish Example 1

The wing looking parts at the back.

That's right, this part here.

Hologram Finish Example 2

Holograms are extremely hard to paint, but look at this!

There is also a transparent version too, could be great to use for the Aura Battlers!

Aura Battler

Huh? darn it, its sold out... orz

My bad, let's wait for them to be restocked with me.
Oh and don't forget to get a Hologram Finish beforehand, too.

Hmmm... I think it would be worth practicing on another plastic model kit, in preparation for the actual thing.

For robot type plastic kits, click here.
For car model type kits, check this here.
For aircrafts, tanks and warships, try this link.

Aaand, I will try it on the FSS!

By Yon, who had trouble writing the article due to the meaninglessly unplanned intro... and it was Hologram too, not even a rainbow...

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