30 Years of History! Gundam Super Expo 2010 Report (Part 2)

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30 Years of History! Gundam Super Expo 2010 Report (Part 2)
Hey there everyone, this is Tominon.
We'll be picking up where we left off last time on the Gundam Super Expo 2010.
Let's take a virtual walk through the U, N, and P areas.

The U area, the Universal of GUNPLA, had displays of products, media, and other Gunpla related things from all around the world.

Gunpla promotions, hobby magazines, and even the champion belt of the Bandai international plastic model contest.

These are collaborations with TurboJET, sold only in Hong Kong and Macau. You can get these limited edition Sangokuden kits with Hong Kong-Macau TurboJET tickets.

There's a Sangokuden (Brave Battle Warriors) design TurboJET coming soon too!

The BB Warriors Gundam Sangokuden Gunpla series began in June 2007 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of SD Gundam BB Warriors.
Here are the new Brave Battle Warriors.

* Shin Chouun Gundam, Hieisen (SD)

* Shin Mokoso Sonken Gundam Tengyokugai Doko (SD)

* Shin Joko Serpent (SD)
* Shin Chouryou Gelgoog (SD)

* Shin Taishiji Dom (SD)

* Shin Enshou Bawoo (SD)

* Shin Raiso Chohi Gundam (SD)
* Shin Enjyutsu Zssa (SD)

Area N, New Item of GUNPLA, had new Gunpla from HG to the latest RG on display.

The highly popular P area, the Party of GUNPLA, was an impressive display of custom Gunpla by 30 groups of famous people including musicians and stars.
It really was a party, with all these colorful Gundam models all around.

JOHANN by Daisuke Asakura (Left)
Bapho-bot P.Max by Andrew W.K. (Right)

00 Raiser Produced by UVERworld by UVERworld (Left)
Sazabi Major GACKT Custom by GACKT (Right)

Acguy Frontale Color by Jong Tae-Se(Left)
Zeta Gundam Frontale Color by Hiroyuki Taniguchi (Right)
Kawasaki Frontale colored mobile units from two team members.

Gundam Exia Frontale Color by Junichi Inamoto (Left)
Freedom Gundam Frontale Color by Kengo Nakamura (Right)

Gogg Frontale Color by Eiji Kawashima (Left)
HI-v GUNDAM ver.Nightmare by YoMI (Nightmare) (Right)
Yes, the Nightmare that brought you the Death Note opening song.

MS-06R Zaku Black Tri-Stars HIROSHI Custom by Hiroshi Shinagawa (Left)
Nemo Titans Color by Taku Takahashi (m-flo) (Right)

One in a Hundred Years Gundam by Hiroshi Tanahasahi (New Japan Pro-Wrestling) (Left)
This Gundam is wearing the same ring costume Tanahashi wears, and even has his hair!
I Love the Beach <3 by Haruna Ikezawa (Right)
A Gundam in a polka dot bikini. Cute. And she actually did this herself!
Look her up to see some more of her works; they're all really good.

Kaito Reinya Escape Sinanju by Reina Tanaka (Left)
Knight of Roses by Atsushi Tamura (Right)

DOM THE POWER HALL by Riki Choshu (Left)
Apparently he had only practicality in mind when designing this and did away with everything fancy.
I Want You to Ride This Too! (Gouf Johnny Ridden Custom) by Teruyuki Tsuchida (Right)

Qubeley (If It Were My Custom) by Ayana Tsubaki
Tsubaki says she likes Haman and Qubeley the best. Nice pink colored custom.

Defeat at Jaburo by SEAMO

Gundam Nadleeh Shouko Nakagawa Image Color by Shouko Nakagawa (Left)
A "bishoujo senshi" style arrangement of the feminine Nadleeh.
Red Tank by Shinsuke Nakamura (New Japan Pro-Wrestling) (Right)
The Guntank, the abnormal yet realistic mobile suit, colored in red symbolizing revolution and highlighted by yellow tracks.

Policewoman Nocchi Patrol GN-X by Arisa Noto (Left)
Leopard Zaku by HAKUEI (PENIciLLin) (Right)

E.F.S.F. (Earth Federation Secret Force) by HISASHI (GLAY) (Left)
Wa*Mass Produced Unit by Momoiro Clover (Right)

HIP HOP Tri-Stars by MICHIRO (HOME MADE Kazoku) (Left)
Gogg Tropical Version Test Type by Harutoshi Fukui (Right)
Fruity, summery watermelon Gogg!

Gorgeous Gundam by Takurou Morinaga (Left)
RGM-79QG Rosso Nero Titans Major Gennaro Custom by Shintarou Tokita (Sukima Switch) (Right)

Yuz'gok by Yuzu (Left)
Yuzu is a Japanese band whose name is based on a citrus fruit. This yuzu style Z'Gok looks so tasty.
MS-05 RS-78-02 Style by Osamu Wakai (Right)

And that's it for the U, N, and P sections!
See you next time for more Gundam Super Expo 2010!

- Tominon

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