Chara Hobby 2010 C3xHOBBY Report (Alter, Griffon, Dengeki Hobby, Atelier Sai)

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Chara Hobby 2010 C3xHOBBY Report (Alter, Griffon, Dengeki Hobby, Atelier Sai)
Hey there everyone, this is Tominon.
I'm back with another Chara Hobby report, with figures from even more makers.


* Tainaka Ritsu Alter Ver.
Ritsu's looking great, but the drumset is so realistic it's scary.

* Hirasawa Yui Alter Ver.
* Nakano Azusa Alter Ver.
They really did a great job of replicating the look of the uniform that's a little too large for the small Azusa.
Alter did a great job with the guitars here too, completely strung.

* Kotobuki Tsumugi Alter Ver.
* Akiyama Mio Alter Ver.
Mugi and Mio's Long flowing hair adds to the liveliness of the scene. All five of them lined up is going to be incredible.

* Yuri Lowell
* Flynn Scifo (Winter)
This is the first sighting of Flynn. Excellent sculpt of face, clothes, sword, everything, like Yuri.

* Gwendolyn
The Odin Sphere figures just keep coming, and they all look fantastic.
This Gwendolyn by Alter has brilliant, shiny wings.

* Akiyama Mio Alter School Festival Ver.
* Ookami Ryoko (Winter)
Another great looking figure from Houjun Otoyama.

* Buddy

* Dizzy (2011)
This is the Dizzy we saw at Wonder Festival, now in color. Beautiful...
There's so much to look at, but without being cluttered or busy.

1/7 Scale Vivio based on this artwork is coming!
It's being sculpted by Hiroyuki Tsumezuka.

* Houmei (2011)

* Fate Testarossa Casual Wear Ver. (January 2011)

Griffon Enterprises

* Figutto! Senjyogahara Hitagi
The Hitagi Figutto comes with a lot of props, including the crab.

* Figutto! Kanu Uncho -Cat Ear Ver.-
* Escalayer (November)

* Choun Shiryu -China Dress Ver.-
Wow... It looks like her breasts might even spill out...
And those thighs peeking - no, bursting out into view!
This figure's not only sexy, but also really cool.
It comes with a face part with her eyes open as well.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine

* Shirai Kuroko Wave Ver.
Kuroko in a barely-there bikini. This comes with a kissy face, for going after her love...

* Mikoto Misaka (Sample)
Mikoto! With frills!

Atelier Sai

* Yaruo
Yaruo, the popular 2ch Ascii Art, as a figure? For only 1000 yen?
It's the latest Nendoroid. (Just kidding)

* Rebuild of Evangelion Ayanami Rei Atelier Sai Ver.
Smiling Rei!

* Nymph (December 2010 or later)

* Zero no Tsukaima -Princesse no Rondo- Nekomimi Louise (December 2010 or later)

* Meer Campbell Swimsuit Ver. (Yellow Ver.)
* Lacus Clyne Captain's Uniform (Navy Ver.)
These are larger 1/6 scale figures. With delicious armpit!

Bonu Section: Look What Else They Had There!

A cosplay corner, where you could try on all these costumes. That's a lot of Gundam related costumes.

Keroro was dancing on stage.

Balloon Keroro, to go in side and play around in. Too bad they were only letting smaller children inside.

And that's it for today.
Tomorrow will be lots of Bandai and a few others.
See you then!

- Tominon
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