The 31st Japan Model Railroad Show Report [News Flash]

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The 31st Japan Model Railroad Show Report [News Flash]
Hello, Kapinozuka here.
I visited the 31st Japan Model Railroad Show held at PiO (Plaza Industry Ota) in Tokyo, during the weekend of 30th~31st October.

There were many displays of samples and special products being sold at each booth, and I’ve selected a few of them to deliver as a flash report.


- Type EF510 Electric Locomotive (Brass – HG Model) Slated for 2011 Summer Release
Tenshodo Type EF510 Electric Locomotive
HO-Scale (Rail Width:16.5mm, Gauge 1/80)

The Nos.500 Hokutosei Color of JR East, and similarly, the Nos.500 Cassiopeia Color, and the Nos.0 Red Thunder of JR Freight, all scheduled for release as completed models with brass.

Aclass / D-Craft

The booth of Aclass was creating excitement with their old model passenger cars and the series 205 kit etc.

- JNR Freight Car Type Wamu80000 (Plastic Pre-Colored Completed item)
JNR Freight Car Type Wamu80000
HO-Scale (Rail Width:16.5mm, Gauge 1/80)

The popular Wamu 80000 has been decided for re-release, it seems.
Currently, some of the products are sold out, and having customers waiting for them to be restocked.
It says it’s slated for release in December, so I believe there we will be given details soon, so that we can begin taking reservations.

Now, the EF64 and the Wara1 that is being advertised on their website hadn’t particularly been on display.


Tramway, that has been mainly releasing locomotives such as DD13 and EF60 etc.

- Series Oha35 Post-War model (Plastic Pre-Colored Completed product)
- Taki35000 (Plastic Pre-Colored Completed Product)
Tramway Booth News
HO-Scale (Rail Width:16.5mm, Gauge 1/80)

The old model passenger cars and the tank car are new here.
And regarding the Taki35000, there was even a sample displayed.
A work that you could feel is very carefully made was displayed, I’m sure those of you that managed to see it at the event would agree.

- Tamaden Type Deha60 (Plastic Assembling Kit)
Tramway Booth News 2
HO-Scale (Rail Width:16.5mm, Gauge 1/80)

Sorry for the photo being cut off.
Following the Tamaden Deha 80, the Deha 60 will also be turned into a kit.
There are two types, pre-colored and un-colored versions to be released, and by attaching the power unit sold separately, you will be able to motorize them too.
There were samples running at the event, if you managed to see it.


A new company in the industry, Rokuhan.
They are scheduling a release for Z-Scale tracks and control units slated for late Nov.

- Series 113 Nos.2000 Shonan Color
Rokuhan Series 113 Nos.2000 Shonan Color
Z-Scale (1/220, Rail width:6.5mm)

The first of their trains will be the Series 113-2000.
The plastic cut-out prototype was running on their booth as a demo.
Apparently they plan to make adjustments later as well.

- Classic Tracks assorted.
Rokuhan Classic Tracks
Z-Scale (1/220, Rail width:6.5mm)

Here are the tracks that are scheduled for release.
They had connected the curve rails to display it in oval shape.
If you combine the tracks that are we are already taking reservation for, with these new tracks that is scheduled for release, you can create up to 6 lines!

Imagine having 6 tracks lined up side by side.
With this, you will be able to create dynamic scenes like the Keihin Tohoku Line/Utsunomiya Line (Tohoku Main Line)/ Shonan-Shinjuku Line (Tohoku Freight Line) etc. or the Umeda station ~Juso station area of the Hankyu Corporation. How exciting!

And with that, I conclude the flash report.
The report for others will come another day.

By Kapinozuka, that was surprised by the change in Keikyu Kamata!

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