[Arriving] Return of Jack [Before Christmas]

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[Arriving] Return of Jack [Before Christmas]
The season of Christmas is nearing.
So Tomeko is randomly here. How do you do?

Well actually, a sample product that is very much suitable for such an over-commercialized festive season has arrived, so I will be introducing that along with the photos.

SCI-FI Revoltech Series No.017 Jack Skellington Santa Ver.
This is the Christmas version of Jack that was released before

Revoltech Santa Jack, almost creepily scarily cuteish

Jack, So cute. Jack.

Moves well, creepily scarily cuteish.

The title of Revoltech really isn’t just a decoration.
Those slim long arms and legs really do move well.
Also comes with 3 face parts, so you can change it to the expression you like.

It is compatible with the previous Jack,
so if you already have that one, It’s sure to increase the fun.

because its not interesting just standing straight

There is the support stick made of clear material,
so the range of poses will be increased greatly.

I wouldn't mind having a dog like this

Zero, You are so Cute. Zero.

Zero is this ghostly dog that likes to hover around.
There was a mysterious bone parts included, so I had it nibbling on it,
but I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be used.
Apologies if I got that wrong.

The mouth might be opened too wide...

Zero isn’t just a decoration, both ears, neck, and the jaws moves too.
This is enough to make you happy, isn’t it?

Triple-stacked Snowman

There is also a snowman included.
I feel like eating ice-cream, for no apparent reasons.

The hat is so pretty

So anyway, Merry Christmas, one step ahead.
See you next time!

By Tomeko (Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell~)

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