A review on Takeba Yukari Vertex ver.

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A review on Takeba Yukari Vertex ver.

Tominon: ….ramo, Taramo, Can you hear me?

Taramo: This nasal voice must be…. Tominon senpai?

Tominon: Write. Do write a blog. Right away….

Taramo: ….but I have…. No…. Yes, I will, master Tominon….


Long time no see everyone! Taramo is back.
I don’t know why but I’m so excited to write a blog! It might sound odd but I had a kind of revelation when I was sleeping last night. The nasal voice told me to do this.

Anyway, today I’m going to look at the new item which will be released from Vertex san!
This is my very first time to have a proto type shooting so I was extremely nerves actually…

From popular game “Persona 3” comes a Tsun-Dere Bishojo, Takeba Yukari!

Takeba Yukari

The third adapted movie will be released soon! From popular game “Persona 3” comes one of a main protagonists, Takeba Yukari! This “Yukaricchi” comes with a school uniform and summon gadget just same as a movie! Her determined but adorable expression is proving she is a skillful persona master!

Determined but adorable expression! Yes, Yukaricchi finally comes to you!

Let’s take a closer look!


Now my heart beat is getting faster and faster!

She is sooooooo adorable!

Ivory white legs, beautifully sculpted body and outfits… it’s amazing!


(No, but…. I can’t deny this feeling!)


(I’m falling in love with her!)

I have to admit. I’m in love with her! Totally fascinated.
You would understand how I feel if you are a “Persona” fan like me!

Closer look on her legs. All parts has been perfectly reproduced even a summon gadget case!

There is an “S.E.E.S” arm band using for shadow subjugation.

Talking about Yukaricch, you can’t forget a big cute ribbon on her chest. Look at that!
Even wrinkles on a sweater has been precisely reproduced!

There are characters on the gadget!

Oh, I can’t take my eyes of from her sigh! Especially the part tighten with a strap of a case… Please! Please let me touch Yukaricch!

I can’t live without this even one single day! Hurry! Hurry up! Vertex san!

…..Oh, sorry! I was absent-minded!

So! This Takeba Yukari from Vertex will be released on May! It has been up for preorder now!

See you next time!

Writer: Taramo
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