Rocket Punch( ゚Д゚)======○))))

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Rocket Punch( ゚Д゚)======○))))

Hi everyone! It’s Taramo.

Recently I found Yo-Kai Watch accessories on my desk for several times. They are not something I left … what’s going on? Is it anything wrong in our office? Burglars? Poltergeist? No, no, it must be….


I finally cleared Yo-Kai watch game couple of days ago! That’s awesome! Besides, there was an announcement that Yo-Kai watch 3 is on developing now! I can’t wait for that!

So as you can see I’ve been totally knocked out by Yo-Kai watch. The item I’m going to show you is also from Yo-Kai universe!

I’m so pleased to introduce you, from Bandai, the new Chogokin …

\It’s my turn!/


ΩΩΩ< Wha, what the … really?!

Yes! That’s more like it! Finally Bandai will release new Robonyan!

Chogokin Robonyan

Look at that! He’s so gorgeous!
We have been waiting for you, Robonyan!

~Robonyan 101~

Step 1: Who is Robonyan?
He is the cat-type robot coming from the future. And actually…
once he was a Jibanyan, the main protagonist of this series. Yes, Robonyan is robotized Jibanyan.

Step2: Getting over the deep sorrow
After long depressed days by losing his best friend, Jibanyan decided to have a surgery to become a robot. With a certain determination in his heart.


Oh… tears on my eyes…

But Robonyan finally could meet with Keta-kun thanks to being a robot. It’s so touching…

I can’t stop crying watching this episode for the first time. No one can deny this adorable and kind robo cat!

Now let’s take a closer look on Chogokin Robonyan!

Rocket Punch( ゚Д゚)======○)))) His hands are detachable!

A plug is hidden in his tail!
※Energy charging is not available!

Along with a normal expression,

He also comes with charging mode,

And ☆mode expression!



No, it’s not! It’s not a fart!

This is an explosive effect flame parts!

Yes, two base parts included!

The moment Robonyan lunching has been perfectly reproduced!(*^∀^)b

And … this is the moment!

This is the internal organs of Robonyan! See? He is hiding Chocobo manufacturing function in his body!

This is so precise!

I see, you can see how Chocobo has been made in Robonyan’s body! I’ve never such a cat nor robot like him!

Here are Chocobo!
Packed and unpacked, one for each included.

Is it tasty, Robonyan?
You may make some other stuff and put it on his hand! Kitkat and Snickers bar would be good!

So Chogokin Robonyan will be released on July from Bandai! We are still accepting preorders!

※Yo-Kai watch base and Chogokin Yo-Kai medal is not included

Besides! nanoblock series Jibanyan and Koma-san will be released from Platz on June!

Lots of Yo-Kai watch items are coming one after another! It’s so exciting! (*´ω`*)
Ok, that’s all for today! See you!


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