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Hi folks! So far, we have done a lots of things this year to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Can't believe that year of 2019 is almost over! How do you like our projects? No matter what, we would like to say thank you to all participants.
Today, we are finally announcing our last 20th anniversary project!
Name of the last project is called...

[IMPORTANT!!!] Please note that this project is starting from PM18:00, 6th.Dec (Fri) in Japan time (GMT+9)!

If you purchase already released items during the period, you will get 20 times the HOBBY SEARCH points. This is our last 20th anniversary project, so make sure to JOIN US!
Applicable items are "in-stock" and "back order items".

If you don't want to miss this opportunity, we definitely recommend you to register as a member in advance and read below regulation.

[Regulation of the project]
1) In order to enjoy this sweet deal, membership registration is required.
To sign up, please use the form here.

2) Please be aware that this offer is limited to "in-stock items" and "back-order items" items. Pre-order items are not applicable. 

3) There are rare cases, where we may be unable to secure ordered items due to concentration of orders.

We will always make utmost effort to fulfill customer's order, but your understanding of such cases will be greatly appreciated.

4) Please also note that there are possibility of slight delays in shipment due to concentration of orders.

[Hobby Search Exclusive Doll, Kano is back!]

Furthermore, our beloved exclusive doll "Kano" is coming back with special offer during the project!
Due to popular demand, we have gotten extra stock with a special 20% discount!
Also you get 20% Hobby Search points!
Only 20 items available!

Now, I will tell you bit more specifically about this sweet deal.

Price: JPY 48,000 ===>JPY 38,400. (JPY 9,600 discount)
Point you get: 7,680 points (points can be used as JPY 7,680)

You can get some doll's outfits with your points!

[New information updated in 3rd.Dec.2019]

After tough negotiation, Pistachio was allowed to reveal one more special offer for friends overseas...
If you purchase our exclusive doll during the project...shipping charge for this item will be free!
In summary, we offer you 20% discount, 20% of the point, and free shipping charge for this item.
Please be aware that there is only 20 items available.

Please check here to purchase the doll.
Please note that this item will be re-stocked when the project start.

Now, check out the photos of Kano taken at Japanese traditional park couple of days ago!

Without hesitating, Pistachio is seriously arranging pose of the doll.

Personally, I like this photo very much!
I shall name this photo as "Autumn breeze in twilight garden."
If you are interested in taking photo of doll, why don't you go outside!
You might realize that doll is showing us different expression in each scenery.

Anyway, next project will be our last 20th anniversary event, but we will continue our project next year as well.

Please follow our twitter/facebook account, so that you can get our campaign & special sale information beforehand!

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Thank you for reading!

P.S. By the way, have you decided what to buy for Christmas present?
If not, you can find toys from here!

Blog Written by:Pistachio

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