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Recollection of Battleship Yamato (Set of 10) (Shokugan) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:F-ToysRelease Date:Late Sep(Jul. 20, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/2000Sales Price:5,700 yen
Series:Navy Kit CollectionPoints Acquired:57 points
Item code:FT60473
JMSDF DD Takanami Class 54 Caliber 127mm Gun (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:FujimiRelease Date:Late Oct(Jul. 15, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/70Sales Price:3,230 yen
Series:Equipment , No.7Points Acquired:32 points
Item code:020464
USS Gato Fleet Submarine (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Atlantis ModelsRelease Date:Aug(Jul. 9, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/240Sales Price:2,720 yen
Series:Points Acquired:27 points
Item code:ATLAMCL743
Reservation Closed
USS Nautilus Submarine (Old Lindberg) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Atlantis ModelsRelease Date:
Scale:1/300Sales Price:2,880 yen
Series:Points Acquired:28 points
Item code:ATLAMCL750
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Japanese Battleship Yamato 3rd Year Type60-Caliber 15.5cm Gun Turret 2 in 1 (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:TakomRelease Date:Aug(Jun. 23, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/35Sales Price:6,715 yen
Series:Points Acquired:67 points
Item code:TKO2144
Reservation Closed
Combatant Craft Heavy SeaLion (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Mikro MirRelease Date:Aug(Jun. 22, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/144Sales Price:3,485 yen
Series:Points Acquired:34 points
Item code:MKR144-031
Thales Nederland Goalkeeper Close-in Weapon System (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:RPG ScaleModelRelease Date:Aug(Jun. 18, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/35Sales Price:5,015 yen
Series:Points Acquired:50 points
Item code:35016
Reservation Closed
Search & Rescue Vessel Hermann Marwede (Premium Edition) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Revell (Germany)Release Date:After Oct(Jun. 14, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/72Sales Price:15,130 yen
Series:Points Acquired:151 points
Item code:05198
JMSDF Aegis Destroyer DDG-177 Atago `2017` (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:HasegawaRelease Date:Late Aug(Jun. 7, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/450Sales Price:4,080 yen
Series:Points Acquired:40 points
Item code:40104
Imperial Russian Navy Submarine Krupp `Forel` (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Mikro MirRelease Date:
Scale:1/72Sales Price:4,050 yen
Series:Points Acquired:40 points
Item code:MKR72-018
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Titanic w/Ink Brush Painting Diorama (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:SuyataRelease Date:Not fixed(Jun. 3, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:NonSales Price:4,505 yen
Series:Points Acquired:45 points
Item code:SYTSL-003
Reservation Closed
SSN-637 `Sturgeon` (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Mikro MirRelease Date:Mid Jul., 2021
Scale:1/144Sales Price:14,940 yen
Series:Points Acquired:149 points
Item code:MKR144-030
Usually stocked within 30 days.
Chibimaru Ship Soryu (Battle of Midway) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:FujimiRelease Date:Mid Aug(May 24, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:NonSales Price:2,380 yen
Series:Chibimaru Ship , No.29 EX-2Points Acquired:23 points
Item code:423074
US Navy Swift Boat Mk.I (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Revell (Germany)Release Date:After Sep(May 17, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/72Sales Price:3,145 yen
Series:Points Acquired:31 points
Item code:05176
Chibimaru Ship Hiryu Special Version (Battle of Midway) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:FujimiRelease Date:Mid Jul., 2021
Scale:NonSales Price:2,520 yen
Series:Chibimaru Ship , No.27 EX-2Points Acquired:25 points
Item code:423067
The Renaissance of Titanic (Set of 10) (Shokugan)
Manufacturer:F-ToysRelease Date:Late Jun., 2021
Scale:1/2000Sales Price:6,500 yen
Series:Navy Kit CollectionPoints Acquired:65 points
Item code:FT60461
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Hansa Kogge (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:ZvezdaRelease Date:Not fixed re-release(Apr. 19, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/72Sales Price:5,525 yen
Series:Points Acquired:55 points
Item code:ZV9018
The Imperial Chinese Navy Peiyang Squadron Ping Yuen 1890 (KB14005) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Bronco ModelRelease Date:Early Jul., 2021
Scale:1/144Sales Price:3,780 yen
Series:Points Acquired:37 points
Item code:CBS14005
Kaiten-10 (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Mikro MirRelease Date:Late Jun., 2021
Scale:1/35Sales Price:4,680 yen
Series:Points Acquired:46 points
Item code:MKR35-025
Manned Research Submersible Shinkai 6500 w/30th Anniversary Wappen (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:HasegawaRelease Date:Late Jun., 2021
Scale:1/72Sales Price:3,240 yen
Series:Science WorldPoints Acquired:32 points
Item code:SP492
PLAN Type 092 Xia Class Submarine (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:TrumpeterRelease Date:Late Jul., 2021
Scale:1/144Sales Price:7,020 yen
Series:Points Acquired:70 points
Item code:05910
Soviet WWII Submarine Shchuka (SHCH) Class (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:ZvezdaRelease Date:Mid Jul., 2021
Scale:1/144Sales Price:3,240 yen
Series:Points Acquired:32 points
Item code:ZV9041
Usually stocked within 30 days.
Chibimaru Ship Fuso (w/Photo-Etched Parts & Wood Deck Seal) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:FujimiRelease Date:Late May, 2021
Scale:NonSales Price:3,600 yen
Series:Chibimaru Ship , No.30 EX-3Points Acquired:36 points
Item code:423050
RMS Titanic (Technik) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Revell (Germany)Release Date:
Scale:1/400Sales Price:31,410 yen
Series:Points Acquired:314 points
Item code:00458
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Das Boot (U-Boot) Movie 40th Anniversary (Gift Set) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Revell (Germany)Release Date:Early Jun., 2021
Scale:1/144Sales Price:3,510 yen
Series:Points Acquired:35 points
Item code:05675
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JMSDF Escort Flotilla 1 (1998) Special Version (w/Shipboard Helicopter) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:FujimiRelease Date:Mid Apr., 2021
Scale:1/3000Sales Price:3,060 yen
Series:New Warship Collection , No.34 EX-1Points Acquired:30 points
Item code:401690
SA-N-7 & SA-N-12 Russian Navy Anti Aircraft Missile 2 in 1 (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:TakomRelease Date:Late Feb., 2021
Scale:1/35Sales Price:3,960 yen
Series:Points Acquired:39 points
Item code:TKO2136
Usually stocked within 30 days.
German Scharnhorst Battleship (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:TrumpeterRelease Date:Late Jan., 2021
Scale:1/200Sales Price:34,200 yen
Series:Points Acquired:342 points
Item code:03715
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Chibimaru Ship Mutsu Special Version (w/Photo-Etched Parts) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:FujimiRelease Date:Early Feb., 2021
Scale:NonSales Price:3,240 yen
Series:Chibimaru Ship , No.34 EX-1Points Acquired:32 points
Item code:423043
Japan Type 97 Torpedo (Set of 2) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Mikro MirRelease Date:Early Jan., 2021
Scale:1/35Sales Price:2,700 yen
Series:Points Acquired:27 points
Item code:MKR35-024
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IJN Aircraft Carrier Shinano `Lay Down 80th Anniversary` (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:HasegawaRelease Date:Early Feb., 2021
Scale:1/450Sales Price:6,210 yen
Series:Points Acquired:62 points
Item code:SP478
German Battleship Bismarck Gun Turret `Bruno` (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:TakomRelease Date:Mid Jan., 2021
Scale:1/72Sales Price:5,850 yen
Series:Points Acquired:58 points
Item code:TKO5012
Usually stocked within 30 days.
PLA.Navy Shandong (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Meng ModelRelease Date:Late Jan., 2021
Scale:NonSales Price:3,240 yen
Series:Warship BuilderPoints Acquired:32 points
Item code:MENWB-008
Usually stocked within 30 days.
U-Boat SM U-9 German WWI Petroleum-Electric U-Boat (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Das WerkRelease Date:Early Feb., 2021
Scale:1/72Sales Price:14,310 yen
Series:Points Acquired:143 points
Item code:USCDW72001
Usually stocked within 30 days.
Tupolev G-5 AKA (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:BrengunRelease Date:Mid Jan., 2021
Scale:1/144Sales Price:4,400 yen
Series:Points Acquired:44 points
Item code:HAUBRS144051
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JMSDF Aegis Destroyer Kongo Class 54 Caliber 127mm Gun (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:FujimiRelease Date:Late Jan., 2021
Scale:1/70Sales Price:3,420 yen
Series:Equipment , No.6Points Acquired:34 points
Item code:020457
Chibimaru Ship Kaga Special Version (w/Photo-Etched Parts) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:FujimiRelease Date:Mid Jan., 2021
Scale:NonSales Price:3,060 yen
Series:Chibimaru Ship , No.10 EX-1Points Acquired:30 points
Item code:423036
Warship of the Ukrainian Cossacks `Seagull` (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Garbuz models , Mikro MirRelease Date:Early Dec., 2020
Scale:1/72Sales Price:3,420 yen
Series:Points Acquired:34 points
Item code:MKRGM72-02
Sold Out...
Modern Navy Kit Collection High Spec JMSDF DDH Izumo Class (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:F-ToysRelease Date:Late Nov., 2020
Scale:1/1250Sales Price:5,400 yen
Series:Navy Kit CollectionPoints Acquired:54 points
Item code:FT60605
United States Navy Mark 15 Torpedo (2 Pieces) (Plastic model)
Manufacturer:Mikro MirRelease Date:Early Nov., 2020
Scale:1/35Sales Price:2,700 yen
Series:Points Acquired:27 points
Item code:MKR35-023
Usually stocked within 30 days.
1080 Items
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