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F-117A Nighthawk the 37th tactical combat aircraft wing USAF 11/1988 (Pre-built Aircraft)
Manufacturer:DragonRelease Date:Early Apr., 2013
Scale:1/144Sales Price:3,825 yen
Series:Dragon Wings , WarbirdsPoints Acquired:38 points
Item code:DRB51051
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X-Plane Series North American X-15 Prototype No.1 (Pre-built Aircraft)
Manufacturer:DragonRelease Date:Early Aug., 2012
Scale:1/144Sales Price:2,210 yen
Series:Dragon Wings , WarbirdsPoints Acquired:22 points
Item code:DRB51022
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Bell  X-1E Test Flight (Pre-built Aircraft)
Manufacturer:DragonRelease Date:
Scale:1/144Sales Price:2,550 yen
Series:Dragon Wings , WarbirdsPoints Acquired:25 points
Item code:DRB51029
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PLAAF Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fighter (Pre-built Aircraft)
Manufacturer:DragonRelease Date:Early Jan., 2012
Scale:1/144Sales Price:2,805 yen
Series:Dragon Wings , WarbirdsPoints Acquired:28 points
Item code:DRW51030
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Douglas X-3 Stiletto Edwards AFB (Pre-built Aircraft)
Manufacturer:DragonRelease Date:Mid Jan., 2012
Scale:1/144Sales Price:2,465 yen
Series:Dragon Wings , WarbirdsPoints Acquired:24 points
Item code:DRW51028
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Air Force One (Pre-Painted Semifinished product Kit)
Manufacturer:DragonRelease Date:Not fixed re-release(May 27, 2020 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/144Sales Price:11,840 yen
Series:Points Acquired:118 points
Item code:DR47010
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6 Items
(show 1 - 6 )
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