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figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Max Factory
Material:PVC , ABS
Producer:Masaki Asai , Max Factory
Original:Black Rock Shooter
Release Date : Late Aug., 2010
JAN code : 4545784061305
Item code:061305
figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure)
User Area(Evaluation:110/Comments:105)
Packagefigma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Package1
Item picturefigma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Item picture1figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Item picture2figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Item picture3figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Item picture4figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Item picture5figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Item picture6figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Item picture7See more...
Other picturefigma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Other picture1figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Other picture2figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Other picture3figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Other picture4figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Other picture5figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Other picture6figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) Other picture7
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This item is limited to 1 per household.
See Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure) also.
See figma Dead Master (PVC Figure) also.
See BLACK ROCK SHOOTER: Black Blade ver. 20% OFF (PVC Figure) also.

Height: approx. 140mm.
Copyright huke/Black Rock Shooter Project

* This item is covered in this Hobby Search Blog entry!

The blue comet that shoots through the night skies.

with the upcoming anime project going strong, the long awaited figma of Black Rock Shooter is finally here!
Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out various scenes.
Three expressions are included: a standard face, a shouting face and a face with closed eyes.
By removing the front hair parts, the blue flame that covers her left eye can be attached and removed.
Her "Rock Cannon" weapon, which is even bigger than her entire body is included and can be held for a truly formidable pose.
The "Black Blade" is also included allowing for even more poses filled with action.
A poseable figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Item Size/Weight : 22 x 21 x 7.5 cm / 338g
Explanation in Japanese

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User Area
figma Black Rock Shooter (PVC Figure)
Customer EvaluationCustomer Evaluation
This item scores 4.71.
110 customers have submitted their evaluations.

Customer's comments and images

List of Postings
105 posts
1:zack: 2010/05/11 11:20:33
why no comments? This figure looks unbelievable. i cant wait for the anime but i have to say, this figure blew me away, so good i bought two!
2:katy: 2010/05/17 6:47:36
ya know, i dont see a buy button BUT I WANT HER SO MUCH
3:eric: 2010/05/25 7:08:48
She isn't out yet, that's why there isn't a buy button. She's released in July.
4:brunorules: 2010/05/28 22:09:10
when this comes out, i am so buying it
5:Kabloom: 2010/05/31 5:40:03
I finally managed to get my dad to buy it with his Paypal :D (Well, we don't pay until it ships but he's already taken my money!)

My first figma and it's pretty cheap and looks super-awesome too! :D Can't wait <3
6:tnguye3: 2010/06/03 8:02:48
Pre-ordered 3, can't wait! xD
July seems like a looooong time. x)
7:anon0346: 2010/06/04 0:30:23
Any idea how much it would cost to ship to NA? i went through the order but it said it would be added on later (when its released?).
8:zack: 2010/06/07 6:03:08
imagine all the poses we can do with her! she is going to be the best figma yet
9:BRS luver: 2010/06/10 14:34:06
FINALLY!!!! I will be buying the figma tomorrow. can't wait for the DELAYED anime
10:Svr_Sakura: 2010/06/16 17:24:19
This or GSC's movie ver... mmhm... can't decide...
11:onionholic: 2010/06/20 8:47:31
oh geez, im gonna regret if i dont get one of those!
12:AngelsHalo: 2010/06/22 11:53:14
GAH! I want it sooo badly, but I already bought the Black Rock Shooter Charm! It was more expensive than the figma! Hey guys, do you think I should save up more money to buy this?
13:zack: 2010/06/23 3:03:27
you should get it this figma is a steal!
14:eric: 2010/06/26 16:17:00
yeah, definitely buy the figma. she comes with the BRS cannon anyway, so that's pretty cool. if you want, you can put your BRS cannon charm on her instead of her original cannon. P:
15:zack: 2010/07/03 7:38:42
not long now
16:Kabloom: 2010/07/05 23:15:08
Why did it start the reserving again?! D:
17:EnYuu: 2010/07/08 16:17:24
bet she'll be my fav figma.. cant wait~ XDD
18:No Name: 2010/07/09 22:06:02
aaah!! this figma really is have to have!!
19:cn: 2010/07/10 10:51:53
I bet this Figma will only be available when the (delayed x2!) OVA released to increase sales rate :/
20:Takeru: 2010/07/12 22:17:56
Aaaahhhh still not released yet, I want it now!
21:Miku-san: 2010/07/13 1:51:03
WOW! It looks so awsome X3 It says it will be out in July but I wish they will say the day! I hate waiting....
22:cn: 2010/07/14 11:48:20
This thing goes up for reservation so many times I'm starting to get worried.
23:Anonymous: 2010/07/14 12:30:47
Looks epic. I wish they'd release the bloody thing already. :L
24:zack: 2010/07/15 0:41:03
it seems weird how they have so much stock for this...
25:Miku-san: 2010/07/16 2:30:03
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I cant wait any longer ! When is this thing coming out already.......first it takes forever for the anime to come the figure........just give us the date and I'll calm down...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
26:cn: 2010/07/17 11:20:16
^ Such question should be sent to GoodSmile Company, not here.
27:cn: 2010/07/18 11:53:35
late.. August....

28:why?!: 2010/07/18 14:36:16
they postponed its release date by one month!! cant wait any longer.,, i want this so badly!!
29:Azndude: 2010/07/19 4:02:44
they delayed the figure is because a lot of people are pre-ordering them, so they pushed back a month so they can make more.
30:Yuriko-chan: 2010/07/19 7:38:57
August, please come soon!
with the desire I have to put the sleeping face
sigh sigh.... u.u
31:eric: 2010/07/20 7:56:09
August 25th, 2010. That is the confirmed release date.
32:cn: 2010/07/20 14:53:23
GSC be trolling us! >:U
33:WANTBLACKROCKSHOOTER: 2010/07/21 3:27:05
WTH!!!!!!!??11?!?! THEY SAID IT WAS COMING!!!!!!!!!! IM FIXING TO CANCEL THIS DAMN ORDER! now i have to wait until august?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
34:WANTBLACKROCKSHOOTER: 2010/07/21 3:27:44
*coming out in july
35:Shawn: 2010/07/21 19:01:25
err... is it just me or did the release date of this figurine got brought back by 1 month..
36:zack: 2010/07/25 8:22:27
well kids, another month to wait...
37:Miku-san: 2010/07/27 1:13:38
Geez, making us wait.....well then how long does it take for the package to ship home? At least to America? One week, two?
38:eric: 2010/07/27 13:13:43
At least now, she's closer to Dead Master's release date... ^^;
39:cn: 2010/07/28 10:31:08
But I don't even want Dead Master Dx
40:IBRS: 2010/07/29 22:10:11
Just wait until the price for her skyrockets! So glad I ordered her! :D
41:Kabloom: 2010/08/02 0:50:25
Thing is, what if 'cuz there's so many, the price won't get too high :S

Plus, the movie was disappointing and that's not gonna make things any better.
42:zack: 2010/08/09 1:44:28
now that people have seen the anime they will start cancelling orders...

43:kasmi: 2010/08/10 8:43:55
I've seen the anime and I'm not really impressed with the story-line..I'm double thinking if I'll get this and dead master...the fig pleased me but the anime didn't..
44:Yuriko-chan: 2010/08/11 9:05:05
I have not seen the anime. But I will buy the figure, it is a very nice figure and with many action.

Already soon it goes out to the sale<3
45:tnguye3: 2010/08/11 21:01:59
The anime wasn't that bad imo. Maybe cause I wasn't really hyped, I was just going for the figures... xD
Can't wait hrrrrrrr.........
46:No Name: 2010/08/16 2:17:38
The anime was ok, but they jus didnt focuse on the MC BLACK ROCK SHOOTER, wich didnt make much sense to me - ~ -
47:No Name: 2010/08/17 0:16:32
Do you think I could talk my dad into buying me this before its too late? He never got me my b-day present so I guess its my only try at this figure.
48:Kabloom: 2010/08/18 4:29:44
Oh boy, watched the movie a couple weeks ago... I like the character designs and stuff, but overall the story was disappointing... 2/5 Stars (2 for the beautiful artwork :))
49:Darkness: 2010/08/22 11:39:49
I'm not sure what to do I really want this figure but every chance to get money for it has been canceled. Now I know I have no chance at this unless I can seriously get through to my dad, which will be no luck at all.
50:zack: 2010/08/24 5:22:44
she will be sent out very soon. she possibly comes with a dvd too!
51:Bernkastel: 2010/08/24 5:48:23
Mines being prepared to ship :D
52:zack: 2010/08/24 23:00:55
mines been shipped it will take 3 weeks to get here. i am excited!
53:Darkness: 2010/08/25 5:04:47
I'm not sure how figma works. Will this figure have limited stocks or do the just keep making the figures.
54:Sethy: 2010/08/25 8:29:58
YAY it's being shipped!
55:cn: 2010/08/25 11:16:49
If the delay is for the addition of DVD, maybe(!) it's quite worth the wait :)

Also Darkness, unless a re-run was made by popular demands, they're limited to just that amount.
56:tnguye3: 2010/08/25 19:46:30
Woot, being shipped! xD
Can't wait!
57:Darkness: 2010/08/26 10:43:15
i figured *sigh* 200 dollar one somebody will eventually sell on ebay here i come -_-
58:Darkness: 2010/08/26 10:45:26
really wanted it too
59:cn: 2010/08/26 11:38:24
Wait what.

Sold out? :|
60:eric: 2010/08/28 9:17:14
My BRS figma arrived after 3 days (EMS ftw) but she didn't come with the DVD.... I ordered her from this website too.
61:TwT: 2010/08/28 19:29:48
Please try to restock Q.Q

62:Sv: 2010/08/29 0:06:00
Cant wait till it comes in the mail XDD
63:EnYuu: 2010/08/29 2:13:01
i think the quality is not that satisfy me as in the pic earlier...that was so dissapointing..
64:BRS: 2010/08/29 3:30:46
Ah crud. It's already sold out! i hope there will be more~! i really want her, but i was too late!
65:New Collector: 2010/08/29 3:56:43
The figure itself is beautiful, I only had one problem and that was the hand that you need to equip the figure with her cannon had a small hairline crack and the palm didnt look like it had been painted. This being my first figure Im pretty upset since I've read that getting replacement parts due to manufacturer defects are next to impossible. So I might end up having to buy another...
68:tnguye3: 2010/08/29 21:18:28
@New Collector
That's why I pre-ordered 3 (Actually one is for my friend)! xD
Anyways, fudge! The figure arrived in Poland, but it just HAD to arrive on a non business day... >_>
Gotta wait till Monday for the postman. D:
69:tnguye3: 2010/08/30 20:49:44
Wippeeee it came! xD
And it comes with the DVD too! ^.^
So far my favourite figma!
70:Ghostychan: 2010/08/31 4:57:44
My first figma and definitively not my last.
2 stands (one for BRS, one for the cannon), 2 chains, lot of hands, excellent design. If all Figmas are like this, I regret not getting my first Figma earlier.
And for the folks who havn't watched the Anime yet, like tnguye3 said, it is included aswell.
71:Yuriko-chan: 2010/08/31 20:56:12
great pic Ghostychan!!!
my BRS come to my house today and come with a dvd too!! =3

this is my favorite figma!!
72:Himie: 2010/08/31 23:04:31
Mine should be arriving today I can't wait! It's going to be my first figma I'm so excited I hope I don't miss the guy today! :3
73:KeyDark: 2010/09/01 6:52:51
haha good thing i reserved it a week earlier before it was too late, got it today gotta say i love it it looks amazing also can't wait for the Dead Master Figma release
74:Yuriko-chan: 2010/09/01 8:12:34
I love this face!!! X3
75:BRS~ :D: 2010/09/04 7:49:14
I haven't gotten it yet but I don't know how long it'll take either and I don't plan on looking at any of the pictures cuz that'll ruin EVERYTHING for me I'd liketo look around at the figure, find everything myself and figure everthing out because then it's a special surprise! :D
76:Miku-san: 2010/09/10 6:32:42
*sigh* it has been about three weeks and I still havent recived it yet. I don't even know
when its better hurry up!
77:Miku-san: 2010/09/10 6:37:10
This website sells the best figures in the world I believe, yet what I really dislike about it is that you can preorder something, then they move the dates back two or three
months. After that it takes another three to four weeks to recieve the figure. After all that waiting you don't even wan't the figure anymore :(
78:No Name: 2010/09/10 10:40:08
The release date delays are because the makers push the release back, not because of this site.
And if you must have your figures quickly, there's always the nice EMS shipping option.
79:Ginji989: 2010/09/11 0:18:28
totaly detail skiped. the RS cannon is Great..
80:Darkness: 2010/09/11 8:19:13
Oh sweet a restock!
Gonna get as soon as my dad gets the rest of the money for it.
81:No Name: 2010/09/13 10:49:44
This figure is amazing, i was waiting for it so much that i was desperate, jajajaja
82:Darkness: 2010/09/13 11:28:49
LOL " Hide Miku from camera canon, I can't afford to lose this to her." Anyways, I'm going to get BRS very soon. Can't wait
83:MonkeydanceGuy: 2010/09/15 9:19:48
Just got the delivery for her, and the figure is, in one word, amazing! The detail on her cannon is jaw-dropping
84:Waka: 2010/09/26 0:34:24
it came with the OVA!
85:SerraSeewolf: 2010/10/01 18:52:46
i bought it two weeks ago, yesterday it was here . it is my first pvc figure, for only 30bugs (Euro incl.shipping) it is really cheap i think. it is really well painted what can i write more? love it. :-)
shop is great, easy payment, fast shipping

Figur vor 2 Wochen gekauft, gestern ist sie gekommen.meine erste PVC Figur ueberhaupt und fuer 30Euro+ Versand wirklich billig, die Verarbeitung ist 1A, OVA in japanisch ist auch dabei ^.^
Ich werd wieder hier kaufen, Versand war uebrigens SAL
86:MikuHatsuneNeko: 2010/10/02 9:23:11
I just got her in!!!! But when I took the tail ends of the cape off to get the coverings off one of the joints broke in half.......
87:emi: 2010/10/03 9:56:32
Oh. My. God. Yesterday I added this to my cart. I come to order today, and it's sold out. T T
88:Darkness: 2010/10/06 7:24:36
My dad still has done nothing and now its sold out again. DAMN YOU FATHER!!!!!
89:CG22: 2010/11/24 1:45:45
Oh no!!! It sold out... WHYYYY???? **Crying** ... When, when will be available again ... I can't wait!!! I want this, I really want...
90:Marjorie: 2010/11/30 3:12:28
She's is indeed a great figure, but not the best figma, in my opinion. Actually, I think the Dead Master figma looks much better. Still glad I bought it, though! (I cannot allow myself to skip a Black Rock Shooter figure after all)
91:newnar: 2011/01/29 17:20:03
Damn how can you get notified when the reservation comes up again?
92:PLEASE: 2011/03/22 21:36:51
93:HatsuneXMiku: 2011/04/17 2:49:33
Please Restock her! I want her so badly. (>x<)
94:duo: 2011/05/12 12:00:16
nid to restock!
95:No Name: 2011/05/24 21:56:53
Restock, pleaseeeee!!!!!!
96:CG22: 2011/06/02 23:38:17
Try restock, pleaseee!!!! I want her!!! I really want...=/
97:Anon1: 2011/08/18 16:38:42
I don't want this figma...I NEED this figma...
98:Sliuuu: 2011/08/25 0:34:12
Any chances to restock this item, as I saw it in the Restock list
99:Mew: 2011/09/03 13:13:08
more restock of this figma please
100:mi: 2011/09/03 22:09:47
restock it more now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
101:No Name: 2011/09/05 13:29:40
please restock this PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
102:No Name: 2011/09/18 20:31:58
restock please
103:No Name: 2011/09/21 15:07:34
please restock it
104:lGlray: 2012/03/20 9:41:13
will they get some more? I really wanted this one and a strength * - *
105:Burakku: 2012/09/29 20:45:06
Today is 29th September, 2012.
Will we take it or not?
106:Corvo: 2013/05/17 6:06:05
do you deliver in Brazil?
107: james: 2013/06/21 2:33:34
Hey everyone I found the purchase button at the top right corner. If you want it you can have it now. I might get 1 . It looks really cool

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