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figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Max Factory
Material:PVC , ABS
Producer:Masaki Asai , Max Factory
Release Date : Early Sep., 2011
List Price : 3,143yenabout27.89USD
Sales Price : 2,572yenabout22.82USD
Points Acquired : 25pointsOther Currencies
JAN code : 4545784061817
Item code:061817
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figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure)
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Packagefigma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure) Package1
Item picturefigma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture1figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture2figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture3figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture4figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture5figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture6figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure) Item picture7See more...
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Copyright Crypton Future Media,Inc. All Right Reserved.
Height: approx 135mm.
*Please note that the release date for this product has been postponed by the manufacturer. We appreciate your understanding.

The 100th figma is here! figma Miku Hatsune: Append ver!
Miku Hatsune: Append is an updated set of voices for Miku, which also features a brand new design for Miku... and that design is also set to be the 100th figma sculpted by Masaki Asai!

Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.

A beautiful gradient effect has been applied to her hair, arms and legs to recreate the unique transparent feeling of Append Miku.

She comes with three expressions: a standard smiling face, a face with closed eyes for her 'awakening' pose as well as a more mature expression.

The extra parts on her hips, upper arms and breast area can all be removed and reattached whenever you want.

A poseable figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Item Size/Weight : 22 x 21 x 7.5 cm / 245g
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figma Hatsune Miku Append ver. (PVC Figure)
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36 posts
1:Mika: 2011/03/09 13:36:43
Ordered as fast as I could. Could't sleep last nigth - had a dream that I already ordered her. LOL
A very new look to miku, the second ordered miku for my starting figure collection. Too bad I could only order the August re-released one, but not the lat-type((
Oh well.
Miku fans must get this figma fast! I have a feeling she will be closed for reservation fast))
2:dkmage: 2011/03/09 14:51:12
I ordered it as soon as I got the news, I just cannot wait until august to get her and ad her in my collection. I am like you I just could reserve the re-released version, not the lat-version.
3:No Name: 2011/03/09 16:09:41
4:Tokioka: 2011/03/09 16:24:49
Preordered for me and my friends :D This figure is awesome!!!
5:haitechan: 2011/03/09 20:26:27
I was thinking of passing on her because I have Lat-Miku on order but I couldn't resist that cute face. August will be a hard month on my wallet but both of them deserve it. She'll be my second figma, next to Metis. Now I need to get my hands on Aegis...
6:Rin & Len: 2011/03/10 3:42:13
Why are people giving reviews of this figurine when they didn't even have it in their hands yet? The whole reason for reviews is to get the first impression of the product while handling it. Informing us how well it is built, are any joint loose, and how well the quality of this figurine is from breaking certain areas.

Save your lust at your favorite anime forums. This is a product review satisfaction after purchasing survey
7:@rin & len: 2011/03/10 7:34:55
Because we have it on our minds...we use our imagination... let the imagination have the powers :D This figure is Gorgeous!!! and if you don't like to read the comments, let me tell you that there's no law against commenting about our likes or dislikes in this certain area, don't be so linear! relaaaaax my friend :D
9:haitechan: 2011/03/10 20:33:17
@rin & len: Think about this like seeing the first expectations and then how they change when the figurine arrives. It's really interesting to see if it fullfilled the expectations. I agree with you partially on the pentagon-like chart but the comments are all right with me.
10:coolstorybro: 2011/03/11 9:43:02
I've been so excited about this. I got the racing miku fig. coming, but since I only have two figmuas, I think I should get this. Miku just has great figures.
11:MonkeydanceGuy: 2011/03/11 13:49:04
Even if you're not a fan of vocaloids, the details on this one is impressive even for Figma. And if you are a vocaloid, it's a "must have".
12:TomoTomo: 2011/03/11 15:27:28
Agreed, i'm not a huge fan of the vocaloids but i'm a
huge fan of Figma's so this is a must buy for me.

Looks like a incredibly detailed figma at that, the
mature face is gooood........ 0_0
13:sille: 2011/03/12 7:21:28
Preordered at the speed of light, for once a figma that I really like.
She looks great !
14:Rin & Len: 2011/03/13 6:59:50
I think that it only make sense to review something that you had experience over. Take Amazon for example, if you are looking for a certain computer speakers set, you would most likely check out the stars and read the product reviews by experience users. Anyway, do what you all will. I'm only trying to make rights of what this section is all about. Alright, have fun dreaming about this at night for the next six - seven months. :)
15:Niwa: 2011/03/14 5:39:15
I agree. it is the final product that matters, not the production shots. From my experience, some figures don't look anywhere near as nice as the production shots, and that is a deal killer for me. In that case, as much as I like the production shots, it's still better to make a review for what the product is actually like.
16:the nothingness: 2011/03/15 23:05:31
she is just simply beautiful who could resist her cute face , her cold face is enchanting...
and i love that her hair is a transluset plastic

i am a girl
17:No Name: 2011/03/15 23:46:37
Yeah this one is great, the translucent hair definitely is appealing;
now, if the half-open eyes are for the half-awaken mode, then is there
a third, full mode coming up in the next 2 yrs or so....?!!
18:piroo: 2011/03/16 13:18:50
Everything about this looks fantastic, can't wait until it's released.
19:jun: 2011/03/21 6:41:50
super hot o.o... 10x more than Aegis but I still love her!
20:Matryoshka: 2011/03/26 8:35:09
i wish i could pre-order, it's so awesome! (can't because i'm currently poor-ish)
21:moon-kun: 2011/04/04 8:44:39
i love it! is it wrong to like the figure better than the video/digital version? cause i do, i
wish that there was a singing face included to make this perfect, she seems so
serious and smooth, the happy face seems not to fit atfirst but it grew on me, i love the coloring on her to, its amazing
23:kasmi: 2011/05/14 22:27:01
since sega revealed rin and len append for PD2.5, I wish they'll come out in the figma as well as Luka append...

but seriously..I want Meiko and Kaito first to complete the vocaloid line-up..
24:HFQuanta: 2011/05/16 22:05:21
Argghhh... anyone still reading here? Gotta wait till Sept..... so long of a waaaaaait.....
25:BRS: 2011/06/27 6:23:20
No way! It already went up for pre-order?!?!? I wanted her so bad! I spend all my money on Strength! GAH! This figma is so awesome! I can't believe it sold out that fast!
26:pre school: 2011/07/28 14:30:16
Thomas and his friennnnnddddd.~
27:No Name: 2011/07/31 21:13:57
I pre-ordered this figma at my local store because it is already sold out here so no discount for me. Yay! :/

btw, I hope she come with more and more accessories! And I hope for singing face too..

AND!! xD I hope she won't get delay! Oh please don't! I want it to ship together with my nendoroid to save shipping..
28:Poisson: 2011/08/24 1:35:36
Is this going to come with the headphones as part of the new figma campaign?
29:BLAHK: 2011/08/26 4:42:36
she is so cute
30:Damn: 2011/08/31 11:19:30
Couldn't order her on time :(
Does hobby search re-stock things quickly?
31:Aska: 2011/09/02 11:46:11
Just got my Lat Type... and now this...

Too cute... T-T
32:Azuki: 2011/09/10 21:53:24
@Poisson - Yup!
33:Jennabug25: 2011/09/12 18:27:57
I love her, although her hair piece was loose and fell out the other day, like the day after I got her, which I have no clue how. I was just concerned about that part cause I want to know that I got my moneys worth out of this figma. Since my b/f doesn't get why I would spend so much on something like this, all calling it a kids toy...its a collectable not a toy...I hope none of you guys have to deal with your b/f or g/f getting mad at you for buying stuff you like collecting......
34:BLAHK: 2011/09/19 22:30:18
35:Niwa: 2011/09/24 13:14:40
Just got her. She is everything like the previews. Not disappointed at all, except for her tail wire that kind of restricts her movement. I just choose not to use it. Awesome awesome figma.
36:dkmage: 2011/10/02 11:29:48
After received the figure i was like crazy, I was very happyto get my first Miku figma figure :)
37:loripod: 2011/10/10 0:29:05
she waited for three weeks ... when she arrived
my eyes were shining only for her
the append the version is unique, has the appearance of an angel, no! she is an angel
miku I love you *___*
38:emankcin: 2012/02/23 17:35:33
@Jenna. Try being a guy. Every figurine you buy halves the chance of your girlfriend (and/or future girlfriend) staying/being with you. ;_;
36 posts
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