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Saber Extra (PVC Figure)

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Producer:Akira Toda (Principality of Kaguisuchino)
Release Date : Late Apr., 2012
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Sales Price : 8,400yenabout75.84USD
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Saber Extra (PVC Figure)
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Copyright TYPE-MOON
Copyright Marvelous Entertainment Inc.
Height: approx 180mm.

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"Answer me. Are you my master?"

The 4th figure to join the Saber series sculpted by Akira Toda (Principality of Kaguisuchino)! This 1/8th scale Saber comes from the RPG game Fate/EXTRA, and features Saber in a beautiful red outfit!

Toda's unique sculpting is really shown off on this figure, with the finest of details visible all over the outfit. It's a product that is bound to impress any who set their eyes upon it!
Item Size/Weight : 24.2 x 21 x 15 cm / 464g
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Saber Extra (PVC Figure)
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This item scores 4.36.
25 customers have submitted their evaluations.

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24 posts
1:No Name: 2011/11/29 13:50:05
absolutely stunning, there are no words to explain how beautiful this figure is. the coloration is amazing!!!
3:Pyridoxal: 2011/11/29 20:30:02
I love the different reactions to the face. Myself, I love it! I think Gift did an amazing job with Extra and Lily.
4:No Name: 2011/11/29 22:55:00
i like this pvc
5:No Name: 2011/11/30 0:34:56
Definitely one of GIFT's finest. Love the coloration.
6:Jason: 2011/11/30 5:55:00
The face isn't quite her, to tell you the truth. Other than that, the figure looks quite nice.
7:no name: 2011/11/30 13:14:46
8:Mr. Right: 2011/11/30 21:36:37
Honestly, this is another great Saber.

She's just not done in the typical anime art style, which is why so many people cannot appreciate her.
9:morehandsome: 2011/12/01 3:05:19
sad to say, i cannot appreciate her face...but overall is great!! still thinking whether to get her...
10:Sam: 2011/12/01 4:03:42
This figure is so messy. I don't like how chaotic her dress is and how expressionless her face looks.
I wish Gift would make a more normal-looking Saber.
11:LaFisk: 2011/12/01 9:13:29
What is wrong with you people! This thing looks nothing like Saber Extra! The Clayz version is far more faithful!
12:No Name: 2011/12/01 9:27:16
i think nothing wrong with this one, this one is awesome....maybe like miku, there're so many version of miku PVCs.
13:No Name: 2011/12/01 9:30:44
I prefer this...semi-realism face over the anime face. I'm not sure why people would rate her low, in my opinion this is the best
14:silentxangel: 2011/12/01 12:44:55
I agree, I favor this Saber very much. There's a certain maturity and delicacy in her face that can't really be captured anime wise. Plus her pose is very dynamic. I love how her dress billows around her like flames. I'm not a fan, but I really like this figure.
15:Liaong: 2011/12/01 16:58:07
I prefer the more realistic version of Saber's face than the anime version, any day. The 1/6 Clayz ver. is bigger but I hate her face. It may be more faithful to the anime but she looks like a moe girl... which is I feel isn't Saber.

I like Gift's ver. of the dress with the semi-transparent part but Clayz's is almost crystal clear. How is that considered a dress? That, and the only thing looking great was the sword. Otherwise, I have one word for the Clayz ver.: Ugly.
16:Liaong: 2011/12/01 17:01:39
Also, I love the coloring on the Gift ver. It's bright, vibrant and I think it brings this PVC some life. I feel the Clayz's ver. is dull and lacking in detail. I find more detail in this case to be better, even if it's a smaller figure.

I am just stating my opinion, btw. There are those who will agree and those who will disagree with my points. Just wanted to get it out there.
17:skyounkin : 2011/12/02 7:52:32
dunno about this one- the actual face for Saber Lily was different from the production pics. I wouldn;t want the same to happen to this one.
18:Faux: 2011/12/02 13:23:43
I'm not even sure why there's debate on this. This figure is a complete masterpiece from top to bottom. I would love to add this to my collection.
19:Niwa: 2011/12/03 9:47:32
Either the dress looks too chaotic or her legs are too short... something just looks off in the lower half of the figure.

Otherwise, this figure looks very good. Yes, the style on the face is different, but it's still a good one. I like Gift's different style to Saber.
20:no pants: 2011/12/03 14:08:47
feel like part of her legs are missing...
21:LaFisk: 2011/12/13 13:34:16
@ Mr. Right
The 'typical anime artwork' is subjective jargon and complete hogwash. Being far from 'typical', it's 'stylized' anyway. I commented only on the fact it differs from the original, placing great value on this. The figure is well done, but veryone knows that in order for something to be faithful it MUST cater to the original art style.
22:cumbo: 2012/04/03 18:52:55
Nice, but think I will hold out - hoping GSM will release a Saber Extra figure - will sit so nicely with my other GSC Sabers!
23:silentxangel: 2012/05/23 0:37:14
I'm blown away by this...very nice. Smaller than expected but the attention and care put in the details more than make up for that. The final product is uncannily like the prototype; definitely one of the best Saber figures made.
24:Haladoon: 2012/06/27 2:13:08
Sorry, I understand originality, but I feel in love with Saber's face not this. Plus the eye color is wrong. Though it's made well.
25:Rui Li: 2012/09/30 0:03:05
I love her, she's simply perfect! The paint job and the sculpt are both stunning, and I'm sorry that my picture doesn't do this gorgeous figure any justice... As silentxangel said, however, the final product is uncanny like the prototype, and she's definitely one of the best Saber figures ever made.
24 posts
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