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Yuzuriha Inori (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Good Smile Company
Material:PVC , ABS
Producer:Iwanaga Sakurako , Shokubutu Shojo-en
Original:Guilty Crown
Release Date : Mid Oct., 2012
JAN code : 4582191965819
Item code:965819
Yuzuriha Inori (PVC Figure)
User Area(Evaluation:62/Comments:31)
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This item is limited to 3 per household.
Copyright Guilty Crown Production Committee
Height: approx 170mm.

"Please, use me."

From the anime series "Guilty Crown" comes a 1/8th scale of the Undertaker's member, EGOIST's vocalist and heroine of the series - Inori Yuzuriha.

The figure is based on an illustration by the original character designer of the series, redjuice. She is posed with an innocent expression on her face and great care has been put into sculpting her beautiful body-line and delicate appearance. The outfit she wore from the series has also been faithfully reproduced in figure form and along with the dynamic posing of the figure, it makes her look like a beautiful goldfish, elegantly swimming through the air.
Item Size/Weight : 26 x 18 x 16 cm / 351g
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Yuzuriha Inori (PVC Figure)
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31 posts
1:Bleu: 2012/04/12 13:19:08
I've been waiting to order her for FOREVER! She is so beautiful that it made it an instant preorder!

The discount makes it so much more worth it ^-^
2:silentxangel: 2012/04/12 13:23:48
FINALLY!!! I got the nendo and figma for her too!!! Oh, how long I've waited for you! You can definitely see redjuice's stamp on her face; makes her a bit different, but that's alright. It's not as faithful to original artwise but the overall figure is beautiful! September can't come any sooner...
3:Anonymous: 2012/04/12 13:26:47
It's faithful to the original artwork, not the anime and that's for the better. Redjuice's style in my eyes is much more superior anyway.
4:Hagan: 2012/04/12 13:30:02
Another pink haired cutie? Hellz yea...gotta love the modest upper assets while her outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination. If I'm gunna lose money, it might as well be for a good cause...
5:Niponsan: 2012/04/12 13:43:45
Bankruptcy Will Happen In September i guess -_-" include me, have to eat grass everyday from now on T_T
6:Bleu: 2012/04/12 13:53:53
You are already bankrupt by September?!?!

Make sure the grass you eat is in a safe area ^-^;
7:@Niponsan: 2012/04/12 14:10:02
What kind of grass are we talking about here? The grass plant or grass grass? If it's the latter, then no wonder you're bankrupt by Sept...take it easy, buddy.
8:Faux: 2012/04/12 16:14:04
September won't be nearly as bad as July for me^^;
9:Tabris: 2012/04/14 3:45:27
Beautiful face ! But why not a 1/6 scale ? She's a bit too small...
10:nimbus: 2012/04/14 4:26:36
This figure is awesome. I get nervous with the one legged stands but that's irrelevant. I really want this one.
11:Figure-Complex: 2012/04/16 23:10:27
@Nipon san: Lucky for you. I am already bankrupt . Hope i can hold on until next month to get my saber motor then i can rest in peace..... ~.~
12:szympus11: 2012/04/17 19:44:36
Rejuice's style statue ! .. And it's Inori ~ ! . Shut up and take my money !
13:Figure-Complex: 2012/04/18 14:58:51
@szympus11 : im pretty sure it's Redjuice, not Rejuice.
14:szympus11: 2012/04/18 18:59:16
You're right , it's Redjuice. My mistake , i forgot to add "d" :p
And i've already pre ordered this beautiful Inori ~ ! . I can't wait for relase :3
15:mmmm: 2012/05/09 6:15:11
I really like redjuice's girls, but Guilty Crown was not...enjoyable. What got me to preorder this is the fact it's sculpted by my favorite sculptor, Iwanaga Sakurako! She's a veteran at sculpting redjuice's illustrations(did racing miku 2010, World is Mine, Lacia, etc), and I'm in love with her personal goru garage kit projects. :)
16:soulcanon: 2012/09/20 22:02:47
17:azure-nyan: 2012/09/26 21:32:52
man i missed this preorder now i'm pissed
18:Hent0i san: 2012/09/28 10:20:18
release date now oct. Great...
19:Jun: 2012/10/14 1:18:15
QC Fail! the final product is a bit ugly compared to the prototype specially her eyes
21:Ash: 2012/10/25 13:24:32
Yeh I must say when I got this. Not only was my box damaged big time. But when I got to her I was shocked at how small she was, and the detail was not as great as what was displayed for me. Now I normally praise Good Smile for their figures because they are great. But this was a let down. And now i'm paranoid about the Miku one coming thats been delayed now to November.. I'm sad because I was looking forward to this figure a lot.
22:Ymi: 2012/10/29 3:55:26
This is my first figure and I am very happy to get it in my October birth month.She is so adorable and cool that I can't stop gazing...but still on the preview she looks more detailed and fascinating.And the size - I thought it would be bigger and the material seems to be very thick to break it.The white item she wears is not fixed and this dissapointing.Still I like this one=3
24:no name: 2012/11/04 0:27:14
oh man this is so dissapointing...on the pictures she looks much more better.i ordered a few pcs and they all look the same.
her face seems lil off,her skin is pale and the clothres is more like faded red instead of the bright red.
seriously this is one of the worst GSC figure i ever own and i have a lot of them!
come on GSC what happen to u guys?
25:none: 2012/11/04 12:53:01
the final product looks like a bootlegged figure...
26:No Name: 2012/11/15 2:36:35
Really? I (and others I'm sure) would love to see pictures. Very curious what she looks
27:No Name: 2012/11/17 18:37:09
I was really scared hearing all the complaints about QC issues, but once I finally got her she is amazing. Sure the prototype is perfect, but the final product is still stunning, easily one of my fav figures. Either I lucked out and got one without so called QC issues or it's just a vocal unlucky few who got a flawed product.
28:Kutsinta: 2012/11/20 6:11:25
@No Name, look at my posted picture. Major defect of this figure -the silver collar. its really disappointing.
29:Discoceris: 2012/11/23 10:07:23
I think #27's post is probably some troll trying to sell off on eBay/ - they need to post some pics or otherwise no one would believe them. To have this many negative feedback here and elsewhere speaks volumes to the lack of QC this figure went through. Some heads are going to roll in China.
30:No Name: 2012/11/26 8:26:51
that picture was from me. i bought 2 of them and both of them had the same defects.
i used my ipad when i took the picture. i bought 2 because 1 for gift and 1 for me.
31:Discoceris: 2012/11/30 18:37:45

I'm talking about the other person, not you. I know you posted those pics ... the other person was sounding a bit snarky with the comment about a vocal "few" when there seems to be a lot of people who have issues with theirs. I looked on the internet and other people also have said they had flaws, too.
32:Mad Sciencetist : 2012/12/17 20:32:05
everything looks awesome but her face (>o<)
33:danscape: 2012/12/18 8:45:47
Just received my figure and I am more than happy with it. Granted it is a bit small but the colour and detail are amazing
31 posts
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