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Ultimate Madoka(PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Good Smile Company
Producer:Hiroshi , Sakura Zensen
Original:Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Release Date : Late Dec., 2012
JAN code : 4582191965857
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Ultimate Madoka(PVC Figure)
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This item is limited to 4 per household.
Copyright Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS
Height: approx 330mm.

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"I wish that all witches were erased from existence…"

From the last episode of the hit anime series 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica', comes a 1/8th scale figure of Ultimate Madoka - the form Madoka took once her wish was granted and she became a Puella Magi.

Her long flowing hair, the deep space confined within her dress, her transparent wings and even her bow that looks like a budding flower - every part of Ultimate Madoka has been carefully sculpted to faithfully reproduce the original. The included pedestal is made to look like the magical symbols in space that formed each time she fired an arrow.
Item Size/Weight : 37.3 x 36 x 33.5 cm / 2140g
Explanation in Japanese

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18,000 yen
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Ultimate Madoka(PVC Figure)
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116 posts
1:Hoshi: 2012/06/08 13:04:58
2:Sam: 2012/06/08 13:05:14
Yeah, I'm the first...
4:OtakuDao: 2012/06/08 13:12:26
Holy... mother of-
5:nyanyanyan: 2012/06/08 13:22:50
I don't like Madoka herself that much but this is way too good to pass up. Such a magnificent work of art <3
6:qwert: 2012/06/08 13:33:38
Why does it have to look so beautiful and dear god they better announce a figma version eventually.
7:No Name: 2012/06/08 13:39:52
8:No Name: 2012/06/08 13:44:09
I never liked madoka either. But DAMN this figure is so awesome, I didn't even think twice about pre-ordering it. The price will only rise over time with this madoka figure. I'll pre-order now and kick myself later.
9:Nega3: 2012/06/08 15:56:22
That price is waaaaaaay over my budget lol. This is too good to pass up, but I will. :(
10:hmm: 2012/06/08 15:57:55
Is this include the bonus poster?
11:Kanra: 2012/06/08 16:06:52
Ore no Kami no Figurine
12:Reina: 2012/06/08 16:14:50
Good Smile Company has done it once again. After watching the anime, I rather hated the character but getting just a glimpse of this figure made me want it.
13:Archer24: 2012/06/08 16:16:29
Amazing figure! Pre-ordered at the speed of light. Nice that it's going into half-shipping.
14:demonlordghirahim: 2012/06/08 18:13:26
15:apanst: 2012/06/08 18:50:19
This will look great next to my Alter Dizzy figure.
I don't understand what's holding her up though.
16:Beerftw: 2012/06/08 19:01:20
There is nothing to say but TAKE ALL MY MONEH!
17:Ryukaze: 2012/06/08 20:03:42
Steal... XD or Win Lottery or Ask Parents XD
The church of Meguka/Madoka has been created!
18:mihoto: 2012/06/09 1:23:00
This is ... SO AWESOME ! my moneys ... sniff
19:gao gao stego~: 2012/06/09 1:55:11
Oh My Gah. Witch-Killer Madoka exceeds all expectations. This is the greatest thing ever.
Is this the most spectacular (and expensive) Good Smile figure?
Only question is, do I take it out of the box or leave it inside?
20:nimbus: 2012/06/09 2:37:12
Take it out of the box!!! No way you can keep that thing covered up. I'm giving myself a couple days to figure out if I want to throw more money down, considering how much Madoka stuff I've bought. This looks way too good, though. Ugh, I know I'll end up buying it.
21:Yuriko-chan: 2012/06/09 6:12:20
this Godoka is amazing!! instant pre-order X3
22:Kohii: 2012/06/09 8:01:16
*throws money at Searcha but nothing happens


Preordered faster than you can say "I will not let those girl's wishes turn into despair!"
23:No Name: 2012/06/09 10:55:23
does anybody have any idea how much roughly shipping will cost with this? (including 50% shipping)
24:No Name: 2012/06/09 13:04:31
err.......mah.......gerd.........all of my want, ALL OF MY WANT HNNNNNNRAAAAAAAGHHHH!
25:No Name: 2012/06/09 20:19:03
In answer to the shipping cost question, if to the USA you are looking at about $40-$50 depending on the size of the box as bigger box means more packing and thus higher weight and hobby search uses an annoying heavy paper to pack with that they often stuff too much of into the shipping box and then charge you the extra shipping cost they incur from the un-needed weight...
26:karakoneko: 2012/06/10 12:45:33
Ow god, this is IMBA..

look at the price lulz, what the heck, for 1/8 figure

27:nya: 2012/06/10 16:30:07
See this is why on figure forums when we see something we like we should t say things like "omg godoka and I am going to pray in front of a PVC" this really doesn't help to keep the prices low
28:No Name: 2012/06/10 17:20:38
@NoName does that include the 50% off?
29:Tabris: 2012/06/10 22:01:46
Beautiful ! But too expensive for me, I must eat and pay the bills :'(
30:niceee: 2012/06/11 1:13:42
"I wish that all witches were erased from existence"
yea more like all my money were erased from existence..
31:Weee: 2012/06/11 11:16:44
Hard to say.

50 dollars is 2kg, which is about 1 pound.
100 dollars is 5kg, so 2.3 pounds.

so yeah, probably 50 including the half off. I dunno how much these things normally weigh though. It is definitely over 1 pound though, I can easily estimate that much.
32:@Weeeee: 2012/06/11 13:23:39
You got it backwards, its 1 kg equals 2.2 pounds.and this thing will definitely not go over 5 kg, or else ill eat that much paper.
33:lolz: 2012/06/12 2:59:49
lol.. I fail =P

then yeah, probably 25-30 in shipping.
34:Kohii: 2012/06/12 9:41:06
That's what I was estimating. Roughly between 20~25. But hey it's EMS. This Godoka figure is worth it (besides SAL is not available).
35:Figure-Complex: 2012/06/12 13:03:02
Awesome!! But i dont like Madoka that much to get her with this price. May i will pass this one and wait for my favorite character.
36:No Name: 2012/06/14 3:25:33
I don't even like the the show, but damn this is a nice figure!
37:Calle: 2012/06/14 6:19:39
All my want!
38:DemonLordFan: 2012/06/15 9:55:32
too bad i have no moneys><
39:invincuta: 2012/06/17 2:02:54
Ultimate Madoka, Best Seller #1. not surprising ^^ i was super excited when i saw the unpainted ver. and a tad bit disappointed when i saw the painted ver. probably expected something that sparkles and shines. but i guess this is fine too. sculpting-wise it's GSC so it's GSC quality you're buying. very worth the money.
40:troll: 2012/06/18 22:34:40
damn sexy loli XD should have a perfect score in evaluation pity the gays still rated low scores
41:zitrio: 2012/06/20 5:24:03
Awsome if only they would make he into A figma now I would buy that!
44:Corventus: 2012/06/25 10:37:14
The price it steep, but the figure is 13 inches tall and a true work of art. Good thing I pre-ordered with 50% off shipping ;D
45:DemonLordFan: 2012/06/25 18:12:14
46:LoliKami: 2012/06/29 8:39:20
what the hell for fukk sake, please i can only afford secondhand pvc below $50 duh, this is beyond comprehension.for 1/8 pvc. Beside that if you buy the limited ed. with poster the poster price itself is $70, dafuq dafuq dafuq???
47:demonlordghirahim: 2012/06/29 16:28:35
so glad i pre ordered this with 50% off shipping. Imagine those shipping costs. Ouch
48:Miku Saber Madoka: 2012/07/02 15:04:30
Most. overrated. figure. ever...Meh, she looks okay but I dont understand all the hype for Madoka (GASP!! bring on the haters and fanboys lecture)
49:@miku saber: 2012/07/05 14:32:34
Obviously its subjective, so just like you don't understand the hype, people like me can't understand how some people don't really care for the anime of figure for that matter. I would have to say though that the sculpt is pretty darn accurate and the paint job is more than decent, just from an artistic perspective.
50:yeah: 2012/07/31 16:37:49
yay... there will be figma version coming...
51:Tokioka: 2012/08/04 5:37:03
I watched the show a year ago and i believe it's one of the best animes i've ever seen :D, and i'm a 30 years old dude with an extreme fascination for figures XD
I've preordered 3 of them: one to get out of the box and enjoy its beauty and take off the dust over and over again, the other to keep it on the box until the end of time :3 and the last one for the infamous "jealous effect" on my friends :P
52:@Tokioka: 2012/08/07 10:45:57
Good plan. I wish I can do that too, except I don't have the funds...
53:@Tokioka: 2012/08/08 1:20:48
Hey dude just preorder one more for me will ya? :D
54:@Torika: 2012/08/12 8:42:04
Spoiled show off brat, why do you order 3 when others like us don't have the luxury to even order not even one? Huh? Huhh!!?!
55:Aurora: 2012/08/14 5:48:29
How is he a spoiled brat? He obviously is smart enough with his money to, gasp, not waste it and buy stuff he wants.

Heck, I'm in college, and I could technically buy like 90 of these. If you buy 4 dollar coffees all the time, you only need to not buy them for like 3 months. Easy.
56:Haji: 2012/09/18 15:15:46
Kami-sama... she is perfect OoO The most beautiful goddess I've ever heard of.
57:Anston : 2012/10/08 8:01:19
Watch out people we have a badass rich college boy over here! If this guy can order "90" of these madoka figures, then he fails to see that some people are of a low-income status just like me, also coffee is a drug like smoking, who the heck spends about 8 bucks for a pack/drink a day? I sure as hell save my money for things like this if I can.
58:OmegaZORPrime: 2012/10/11 12:30:27
When dust apears on this piece, cleaning it off of this one is going to be very time consuming and delicate... Still well worth getting(shipping cost is going to kill ya...) ;)
59:lolikami: 2012/10/11 18:05:30
best loli ever
60:Okami22: 2012/10/17 6:33:30
WOW! That is freakin' expensive, damn you! Guess I'll have to settle for her Figma which I might add looks pretty good yet not as good as this masterpiece.
61:none: 2012/11/04 12:55:41
look, i'm not sure about this, but i'm afraid that this figure will have the same fate as
inori. QC from GSC has dropped dramatically. Now, quality-wise, GSC is in the same level as kotobukiya. now that is SAD.
62:lolikami: 2012/11/07 17:18:21


63:Mitmit: 2012/11/15 0:19:42

Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss..... see Inori PVC page, still got sales going on means that there will be hardly anyone to buy her now. =-= And I'm one of the victims. I fear Good Smile Racing Miku may be as same lvl as Inori. zzzzzzzzzzz
64:animegirl: 2012/11/17 14:35:52
work of art
65:MadokaFan: 2012/11/26 8:41:46
Been a while since I've seen anime this good...let alone this beautiful figure. I am so glad I didn't miss it
66:K: 2012/11/30 12:57:34
this figure is a piece of artwork :) I really love how it was sculpted. I was debating on whether or not to pre-order it because of the price... but I've finally decided to order it and I think it will be worth it :D my first full-scale pvc figure!
67:astral being: 2012/12/02 10:45:25
This is an incredible figure. The details and proportions are just amazing. Definite pre-order even with the inevitable $50-100 shipping.
68:lolikami: 2012/12/07 12:05:02
Figure of the year maybe?
69:iTheShirt: 2012/12/10 19:00:37

70:M+Saber: 2012/12/11 10:22:26
Amazing figure, I just hope gsc won't let me down. Their quality seems to have fallen lately.
71:Anon: 2012/12/12 14:12:07
Considering the price compared to most others.. I think a lot of it will hopefully go into QC
72:Kohii: 2012/12/18 10:58:31
Can't wait until Dec. 26. With this, my collection will be complete. All 6 GSC scale figures and five nendoroids. Sadly, I'm broke now so I can't afford the final Goddoka nendoroid.
73:Xarlinck: 2012/12/25 0:26:06
does anyone know if we also get the bonus poster
74:Aurora: 2012/12/26 13:03:58
In case anyone is wondering, shipping this beast was 2700 with my 50% discount, so 5400 normally.
75:Kohii: 2012/12/26 16:23:27
Damn, that's pricey shipping. Where do you live, Aurora? To get an idea of the shipping region.
76:Mitmit: 2012/12/27 1:38:16
@Kohii Wow.. how much did it cost you the shipping fee ?? SAL or EMS ? o.o
77:Kohii: 2012/12/27 3:44:55
I have mine pre-ordered since I'm on vacation right now so I asked them to postpone the shipping. Aurora said that shipping was 5400 yen for EMS (since the 50% off shipping discount only applied to EMS), so there's two possible destinations: Europe @ a package weight of 3 kg, or North/Central America/ Oceania @ 2.5 kg. S. America/Africa are out because shipping is 5400 for 1.5 kg package, and the fig has a net weight of 2.14 kg. SAL is a no-go because it has a weight limit of 2 kg.
78:Mitmit: 2012/12/27 12:40:35
Gosh... the price itself already pains me and adding shipping fee that cost much more is gonna pains me more... I love this figure but I've ordered another one which costs more than this. =-= Hmm.. kinda regret now though... Gonna resist the pain. T^T
79:Mitmit: 2012/12/27 12:43:34
@ Kohii By the way, so is this really 100% sure about getting half shipping fee that only applies upon this purchase of figure or some special condition to get the offer ? o.o
80:Kohii: 2012/12/27 14:03:01
Nah, the 50% off shipping was a special they had back a few months ago for those people who signed up for the Paypal Pre-approved Payment Method. So yeah, if you didn't sign up for that then, then you have to pay full price shipping, which really, is outrageous. For 5400 yen you could get a nice nendoroid. Also, since the figure weighs over 2 kg., that means you can't use SAL. You have to use EMS.
81:Aurora: 2012/12/27 16:12:30
It was to the United States. I took my paypal charge and subtracted it from the figure balance and it came out to be 2700.
82:Aurora: 2012/12/27 16:14:44
In contrast.. a normal figure / nendoroid was 2400 yen shipping :P

(Tales Petite here, Milla Maxwell PVC Figure from Amiami)
83:Aurora: 2012/12/27 16:19:45
er... 2200 Math r hard :P (still 2400 from amiami)
85:Aurora: 2012/12/27 17:02:49

Looks so awesome. Too bad I have to wait until I go back to school to get it (Jan 8 / 9) :P
87:Aurora: 2012/12/28 12:50:11
Come the second week of January, I'll probably post my own photos somewhere (Probably Imgur) :)

Though Hobbysearch and Mikatan did a good job.
93:No Name: 2012/12/30 14:38:01
Got mine today. Yeh that box is huge, I was shocked. They did a reall good job. Guess this makes up for my unhappiness with the Inori figure. Just trying to figure where to put it because shes not going anywhere outside of that box.
94:Daisuke: 2013/01/01 17:00:34
I have to agree with people who just got theirs. The box is huge but the manufacturer took great care on the designing of the box so NOTHING inside will move when shaked. Great insurance for long haul shipping. :D Now I need to look for a great place to storage it because mine isn't coming out of the box but still be displayed to look (box have a window to look at the figure). The box's graphical design is beautiful too. :)
95:No Name: 2013/01/06 11:28:31
Just received this figurine. Could not be happier with it. The box was designed very well for shipping and display, but I just had to take her out of the box and display her. Such an elegantly and beautifully designed figure, and of very good quality. The only minor flaw sides with the bow. It is a bit top heavy and also molded in a way that twists the two sides unevenly unless you take great pains to align them and force it. Other than that, no complaints whatsoever.
96:FigureJunkie: 2013/01/09 8:25:20
Come watch my in depth video review of this figure at
97:Wgd: 2013/01/11 15:13:32
Just got this...The box for this was massive...
98:Madokami: 2013/01/14 16:14:01
Gotta clean my room up / make space first :P
99:Chriz: 2013/01/16 21:42:26
Is there an ultimate Akemi in the pipeline?
100:Noooooooo: 2013/01/20 20:09:57
oh my god, all i can do is drooling, im still a colleger and don't have job. If i ask my mum to buy this she will go wtf and wont belive this toy actually expensiver more than my cellphone lol
101:M Saber: 2013/01/21 12:56:34
Finally got this figure, it looks great. Box design looks great as well. Going to display her in the box. Keep up with the quality good smile.
102:19 PAGES?: 2013/01/23 9:03:59
On this figure? Good Grief! Is the anime show really that great? If so, is it madoka being a cute character? Can anyone explain this madoka madness? Shes great looking but meh, I aint no sheep follower of hype...
103:Mickey: 2013/01/25 15:39:08
@19 PAGES?, everyone has their own opinion on whether the anime is good or not. Saying that, you don't have to like a show to like the character. I'm sure a lot of people just love this figure because of the sheer amount of detail and beauty. I myself have seen the show, and although it's not as good as the hype it's been given I still like it. I do like this figure as well, but for now I'm happy with the smaller figma version of her.
104:Buff: 2013/02/03 14:17:05
Just opened the box. It's got a fair bit of paint imperfection on the back of the dress, and the pegs that hold the back-wings and leg-wings just don't seem to match. I've been trying to slot them in for the past hour or so. As commented before, the flower-bow is heavy. Luckily I only dropped it on carpet. It's a good figure, but I'm not sure it's worth the price.
105:Veela: 2013/02/08 0:58:16
you must be kidding me... 50% off so quickly? WTF...
106:gaiachaos: 2013/02/08 3:33:47
The figurine was grossly overpriced to begin with. As the saying goes, you can't fix stupid. :p. Paint jobs will never be perfect. They are massed produced in a short period of time.
107:Chriz: 2013/02/08 7:08:41
I always knew its going to go on half price sale. Just didn't know its happening THAT soon.

Costs me 5400 yen to ship it though. I guess it won't make a difference if I personally visit Japan and buy one back. This better be good!
108:Tokioka: 2013/02/08 16:57:39
I feel a little dissapointed...
109:danscape: 2013/02/08 19:23:29
Love my figure and I think it was the worth the money. However... 50% off after only a month is a bit of a slap in the face to everyone who pre-ordered. In response to Buff - I initially had trouble getting the back and leg wings to fit in the pegs but it's literally just a case of finding the right angle to slot them in. The diagram on the small black & white assembly sheet should give you an idea of the right angle.
110:Kohii: 2013/02/08 23:09:54
Welp, I'm lucky since I sold the first one I bought for a profit (~20 bucks) on ebay a couple of days ago. Maybe I should buy a second one on the cheap.
111:No+Name: 2013/02/09 8:41:17
Bad luck to all the people who got it at full price! Lol!
Oh well, that's just the way things go!
112:No Name: 2013/02/09 21:43:19
the price troll you all who preordered before!
113:Mitmit: 2013/02/10 3:20:08
GSC cheater. >:( Luckily I didn't pre order it and now the price dropped a lot. Really bad luck to those who did it first. :(
114:Aurora: 2013/02/10 3:37:15

I had 50% off shipping on top of the 20% or so off first price.
it amounted to about the same thing with this price + 5400 yen shipping.

so I'm not really all that upset.
115:Aurora: 2013/02/10 3:39:19
They probably just made tooo much, and that shipping is what turned people off from buying it anyway, not so much the original price.
116:Exia: 2013/02/10 4:08:50
So glad I didn't preorder this figure even though I love Madoka.

This is what every fans dream come true scenario for these type of things.
117:Paireon: 2013/02/11 1:50:19
Well, fudge.
And to think I preordered because I thought it'd be sold out like so many other figures by the time it was released...

I am disappoint.
118:Discoceris: 2013/02/11 3:17:52
@25 No Name
First of all, the paper they use and bubble wrap weigh roughly the same. Secondly,
paper costs less, which they can afford to give you item discount. Thirdly, box needs
to be larger than product, because that will prevent product damage from box
damage. Thank the USPS for crappy package handling.
119:Chriz: 2013/02/11 20:10:54
A little after 3 days of going half price, its sold out.

It sure is a popular figure if the price is right.
120:Mitmit: 2013/02/15 1:17:59
LOL the original price is BACK!! @@ I bet the shipping fee discount won't be available no more. Original price back + full shipping fee = death of your wallet.
121:kuezan: 2013/04/21 9:41:09
i bought this for my bro. best thing that i ever bought.
122:M Saber: 2013/05/18 13:34:17
I think they released too much of this product. Next time I'll take my time when purchasing GSC products.
123:Chriz: 2013/05/20 20:27:32
Hmm... I wonder if I can buy another one...?
124:Chriz: 2013/05/20 22:17:07
Ops, too late. Its sold out already.

Or perhaps lots of people will bail when they find out the killer shipping fee...?
125:KiraJeya: 2013/05/21 0:15:49
Killer shipping fee indeed...Almost the price of the figure itself...But rest assured,I'm not bailing...XD
126:null: 2013/05/29 5:14:37
BARGAIN please!!
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