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Nendoroid Mikudayo (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Good Smile Company
Material:PVC , ABS
Producer:Isao Shirasagi
Release Date : Mid Jul., 2013
JAN code : 4582191969770
Item code:969770
Nendoroid Mikudayo (PVC Figure)
User Area(Evaluation:23/Comments:28)
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This item is limited to 3 per household.
Height: approx 100mm.
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It may not be the real Miku, but she certainly has her own charm!

From 'Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku' comes a Nendoroid of the conspicuous character based on Hatsune Miku, Mikudayo-! Her flappy twin-tails that became popular at events have been faithfully recreated in Nendoroid size, and even move about in the same way as the original costume!

She also comes with optional parts, including some pop candy as a special collaboration extra between Mikudayo- and Fujiya! Enjoy posing Mikudayo- in her most famous poses, or come up with your very own original poses for her!
Item Size/Weight : 21.1 x 12.1 x 8.2 cm / 229g
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Nendoroid Mikudayo (PVC Figure)
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1:Okami22: 2012/11/05 16:07:23
Ugh! Shes pudgy, ugly and creepy. What happened!!! How does good smile company
ruin an iconic character like Hatsune Miku. I love Hatsune but this one is a pass for me. I pre ordered Racing Miku, World is Mine Miku and Nenderoid Petite x mini 4WD Racing
Miku but this one is a big fat NO! for me.
2:Artificialkid: 2012/11/05 16:37:54
people need to calm down. Its Miku- DAYO, she has become an icon for creepy. Love this for the simple fact of awesome photo ops. She is the new "Woody"
3:No Name: 2012/11/05 16:43:20
Hahaha... Obese Miku.
4:DrMusic: 2012/11/05 17:28:13
5:Niwa: 2012/11/06 1:27:18
Looks just like the real Mikudayo imo.
6:M Saber: 2012/11/06 2:27:57
Overly attached Miku. Should put this on 9 gag. Looks similar. LOL
7:Tokioka: 2012/11/06 4:01:47
icon or no icon....9gag or 4chan i don't care about them... it's fugly!! :D and kind of remember me some people that actually look even worse on Miku's cosplay... but anyways it's my $ and i'm not buying this :)
8:jindo90: 2012/11/06 10:27:41
lol this is mikudayo alright!
9:Haladoon: 2012/11/06 11:03:10
So I wasn't going to get this....but regardless, is there sereously only the 1 face? That alone makes it not worth it...but I'm sure she's still gonna sell out. I'm just glad I got her Yukata
Version. :D
10:Aki: 2012/11/06 19:33:44
OMG.. Too Creeepy to pre-ordered...
lol :p :p
11:LaFisk: 2012/11/06 21:55:06
12:Joyce1237: 2012/11/07 6:34:16
It's Mikudayo!!! Gosh I remember when I saw her in the Family Mart videos... Super cute and sorta creepy. Love you always, Miku xoxoxox
13:Yumi: 2012/11/07 7:22:00
lol well it does look like Mikudayo for sure.. not something i'd like to pre-order though..
14:RoseTech: 2012/11/07 16:26:39
No ruining. Miku dayo ("It's Miku!") comes from the various instances of people wearing kigurumi of Nendoroid version Miku. They were used for the release of Project Mirai. Naturally, the costume needs to be big for the person wearing it, so the whole skin and face appears puffed up. The end result is a monstrously creepy yet funny take on Miku's typical image. It was so peculiar, when FamilyMart had Miku campaign, they used the same costume in their commercials.
15:MadMartigan: 2012/11/08 2:09:59

In case you're clueless, this is COSPLAY (kigurumi) Hatsune Miku from various events. OF COURSE it's chubby. I still think Good Smile is obviously beating a dead horse here, but I know some of you will always buy the Nth iteration of Miku no matter what minor colors or accessories change at $40 a pop anyways.

Hey Good Smile- how about some NEW designs, and not piping out single characters from a TV series every 6-8 months instead.
16:icelava: 2012/11/08 8:57:58
Man that is totally scary.
17:No Name: 2012/11/08 9:37:15
I knew some people would say something like pdgy, ugly and creepy.
You guys are over-reacting from this.
This model, Miku Dayo; (I'm Miku), is suppose to be creepy.
Good Smile did good job on this.
18:Mitmit: 2012/11/09 14:03:48
But still this one looks creepy comparing to other nendoroid figurines which looks much more cuter than this and not scary at all because the looks are a bit round-like wheres this one looks square-like shape. lolx I don't think GSC did a good job. =-= If you're so good at looking at nendoroid, why don't you carefully observe the shape and compare it with others then you'll know the reason why it looks creepy.
19:lolikami: 2012/11/12 22:56:29
looks like bootleged miku imo lol

20:Chocolatecheesecake: 2012/11/13 14:58:38
GSC did a great job of this item!
if you are after a proper nendoroid, why don't you just get the normal Nendoroid Hatsune Miku?
21:Mitmit: 2012/11/14 23:56:10
Well.. suit yourself then mate :P. By the way, most people call it fat miku and I just realized that when I compare to her body with another GSC nendoroids. Huhuhu... She is indeed a fatty miku xD
22:Chocolatecheesecake: 2012/11/15 11:34:25
oh i have a normal miku as well of course!

there is a comparison pic at Mikatan Blog, might be a interesting read
23:Mitmit: 2012/11/15 13:14:55
Yes interesting but if they were going to make a special nendoroid like this. At least don't create a fat miku especially her scary overall face. There won't be many people buying this. Won't even out of stock for this. After I read through the site about this nendoroid's speciality, I saw the very last 2nd pic: Nendoroid Miku is still acceptable and cuter than uggg... On the left side xx ><
24:Mitmit: 2012/11/15 13:22:59
By the way, you see the last 2nd pic. Both nendoroids' wearing boots. Left looks like a lego--fat-like-shape and right looks more chihi= cute. And when you look closely to the Miku Dayo's leg part. Actually she's wearing a pair of boots. Wheres on the right wearing black Knee Socks and a black shoes. Normal miku doesn't wear boots. Because of that, they make her looks ugly or scary or fat as what others said above. =-= What do you think ? Still ok with you ? @@
25:No Name: 2012/11/16 6:55:05

You're missing the point. The character it's based on is NOT Hatsune Miku, it's Mikudayo, which was a costume used to promote project Mirai. Mikudayo is creepy. Mikudayo itself is based off Miku, but that's irrelevant to this particular figure.

It's like, if you don't like horror movies, that's fine, but you can't call a horror movie bad because it's scary.
26:Mad Sciencetist : 2012/12/17 20:39:57
everything looks awesome but her face (>o<)
27:Chen: 2013/02/10 4:39:06
people are evaluating mikudayo in regards to regular miku, it seems like
but mikudayo is modeled after mikudayo! not after miku, obviously. so evaluate it in terms of if it looks like MIKUDAYO.
28:Breezy: 2013/02/18 6:10:42
I can't believe that people are actually bashing this figure for not being cute haha. It isn't supposed to look like a flawless Miku, it's based off a costume and its actually extremely accurate and well-made! Also she has one face because a costume can't change it's own face. I think it's charming in its own way.
28 posts
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