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Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure)

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Producer:Hirotoshi Nakamura
Original:Sword Art Online
Release Date : Late May, 2013
List Price : 8,580yenabout67.05USD
Sales Price : 7,410yenabout57.91USD
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JAN code : 4934054782703
Item code:PP501
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Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure)
User Area(Evaluation:36/Comments:54)
PackageAsuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Package1
Item pictureAsuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Item picture1Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Item picture2Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Item picture3Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Item picture4Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Item picture5Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Item picture6
Other pictureAsuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Other picture1Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Other picture2Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Other picture3Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Other picture4Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure) Other picture5
Series title :

Copyright Reki Kawahara/ASCII Mediaworks/SAO Project
Height: approx 215mm.

It is a game but not for fun -

- From the popular title of novel, anime, and game [Sword Art Online] with 7 million sales, the SubLeader of [Knights of the Blood Oath Clan] a.k.a. "Asuna the Flash" with swift movement and strong heart will be turned into a figure!
- With the spread of hair and cloak, a light jumping feel has been achieved.
- We were particular about "a sense of unity." of the base of which the motif is the animation ending of the [Ain crad ed] and the figure.
- Contrast of red and white costume of [Knights of the Blood Oath Clan] is eye-catching, by carefully creating wrinkles of cloth, we have reproduced the texture of it.
- Armor parts was finished on Pearl paint with Hard texture.
- The fine line that have been made to the costume, and fine detail, such as sword [run vent light] are highlights.
- It is a figure that recreates a stage of the work, also the view of the world [Ain crad] the Floating Castle.

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Item Size/Weight : 26 x 17 x 17 cm / 475g
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Asuna -Aincrad- (PVC Figure)
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54 posts
1:Okami22: 2012/12/19 13:38:36
Finally!!! I've been waiting for a scale figure of Asuna and she looks pretty damn good. Instant pre order!!
2:Quake: 2012/12/19 18:12:26
I have been waiting for this figure with baited breath ever since I saw the pixelated non-painted previews appear online. And as the pictures show, this figure will not disappoint... grab it while you are lucky enough to find this online - was sold out at amiami within 10 min of popping up on the site. Luckily I was able to nab one here =D
3:lolikami: 2012/12/19 19:36:49
Yes yes yes! I want thiss!!!!
4:Rosi-san: 2012/12/19 20:55:32
reservation closed? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
5:Shirt: 2012/12/19 21:55:37
6:BBA322: 2012/12/19 22:24:06
Agh! I want an Asuna figure and this one looks so good, but the one thing that bugs me is the placement of the figure and slightly the pose. I really don't want to get this and then see one even better come out. (I don't like having multiple figures of a character) I'm so torn with it at that price!
7:xRikka: 2012/12/20 0:02:24
Please restock!! omg i cant believe i missed it lol D:
8:No Name: 2012/12/20 0:09:25
9:Archer24: 2012/12/20 7:46:31
Damn, I can't believe it became out of reservation so fast!
Lucky I pre-ordered it a couple of days ago. It's an amazing figure really.
10:arimpact: 2012/12/20 7:59:47
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, why didn't they announce when preorder will go up. GAAAAAH
11:Maximz: 2012/12/20 8:45:21
noooooo i wanted to reserve one T_T
12:M Saber: 2012/12/20 10:27:41
??? Didn't she just came out 2 days ago? How can reservation close already?
13:Discoceris: 2012/12/20 13:41:56
I have a feeling that there was a heavy demand on their JP side of the site and
that pretty much swallowed up all pre-sale stock. Even sites like CD Japan,
which usually takes a while to sell their own pre-orders were already out early

To Hobby Search, maybe it would help everyone here if you can provide an update
on the status of this pre-order and whether or not Kotobukiya plans to increase the
stock (thus delaying release) or the rest of us are just SOL.
14:Maximz: 2012/12/20 13:51:47
amiami, CDJapan, HLJ, HobbySearch ...all of them are out early! like didn't this come out today? >.> daymn.... the only places that seem to still have pre-orders up are selling them at insane site had pre-orders up at 130 USD and another had it at 100USD...thats insane considering the orginal pricing is like 77~79 USD mind you these are prices without shipping/handling fee's which is prolly another 12-21 dollars im hoping maybe hobbysearch gets some more pre-orders
15:Chocolatecheesecake: 2012/12/20 14:21:12
it will probably be re-released again, but Hobby Search usually don't put waiting list for popular items, cos last time i asked them for One Piece P.O.P items to have a waiting list, they said they get way too much people on the waiting list compared to the amount they are actually able to stock
16:No Name: 2012/12/20 15:08:35
WUT ?? Reservation closed ??? wtf.. soo fast >< Please open it up THANKS !! T^T
17:saomore: 2012/12/20 20:05:43
this is harsh man.... 1st day and its sold out, please restock... this is the figure ive been waiting for for months....
18:why?@?@?: 2012/12/20 20:10:47
why was the figure not put onto the main page? i looked on the website today, why is this sold out for fast?!
19:No Name: 2012/12/20 22:33:23
You have to realize, there's some people out there that check the website a few times every hour to see what is coming out for the day (I happen to be one). I check it at the beginning and ending of my lunch hour, during my break a little bit later, after work, and a few times before I go to bed to see if anything pops up. And when people know that something like this is coming out, they make sure to check it.
21:Hanna: 2012/12/21 0:17:43
OMG already reservation closed?! Damn :(
22:No Name: 2012/12/21 0:43:10
Fat girl
23:Shirt: 2012/12/21 9:46:34
Awww yea got mine!!!! L O L
24:Shirt: 2012/12/21 9:47:34
Be quick to refresh the page, guys. Restocked come and go quick.
25:Mitmit: 2012/12/21 11:28:32
Just now they opened reservation at 9:40 a.m. ?? @@
26:No Name: 2012/12/21 17:28:21
omg already closed x_X Ive been waiting for this D:....
27:Mitmit: 2012/12/21 20:18:03
I WANT TO ORDER!!!, I'm outta my mind already. I must order 100 sets.... zzzz
29:Qiki: 2012/12/22 11:46:00

Oh well, at least I got a copy....TIMES 3....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30:Mari90: 2012/12/22 13:46:54
...what the doich, that was fast...
31:CroNO: 2012/12/23 7:02:39
ended up getting mine elsewhere, had to pay 10 bucks more but hey at least i got it! *peace sign*
32:HiMe: 2012/12/23 7:24:49
Yeah, same here *high five* x'3
33:=[: 2012/12/23 13:58:01
34:jenabug26: 2012/12/24 6:24:26
Glad that I had reserved this before its closed, I happen to look at this site almost everyday, not like every hour though, but I happened to catch my eye on this pvc figure and just had to reserve it, I love Sword Art Online, watching it now!
35:favilar: 2012/12/25 13:34:46
noooooooo :(
36:Mitmit: 2012/12/25 21:13:58
Did they close again after received an email from Hobby Search ? O-O
37:Hayley: 2012/12/25 22:42:19
So popular, compared to poor kirito, that within 2 days of reservations opening she's sold out. I've had to prepay a reliable seller on ebay instead , either that or suffer without.
38:ZERO: 2012/12/25 23:22:12
Reservation seriously already closed!
39:ZERO: 2012/12/25 23:25:52
email just came out today. that's kinda messed up
40:lantice: 2012/12/26 5:58:43
I guess My next chance to get a figure of her is when that expensive 1/7 version comes out.
41:a hien: 2012/12/26 16:08:55
pass it...this one is not quite good for me...maybe another manufacturer will release another figure of Asuna soon and much better than this one
42:Figure Complex: 2012/12/26 19:29:35
I dont like her facial expression :(
43:Mitmit: 2012/12/26 19:41:04
Well.. at least her face is identical to the one in the anime series. She has a lovely smile as well. So I think Kotobukiya did their job well. Not to spoil our lovely idol. xP
44:Qiki: 2012/12/29 18:13:15
Whoever is inquiring on the next Asuna figures, here are the next line of figures coming out soon. A Figma and Wave Beach Queen version.
46:MitMit: 2013/02/05 0:07:30
Still no reopen reservation yet. >.> What've gottan into their mind... Still waiting >.>
47:Discoceris: 2013/02/21 17:37:08
Pre-order back up? I just placed my order :P
48:Wow: 2013/02/21 20:56:33
Wow, reservation still open yay, mmm should i order it?
49:Mari90: 2013/02/22 5:00:02
That was quick, yeesh!
50:Mitmit: 2013/02/22 7:03:59
=-=.... the hell ....
51:discoceris: 2013/02/22 7:47:38
I only discovered it open to order by accident late last night. I'm almost certain
they emailed a small number of JP customers about it and I just happen to
notice this figure appearing on the front page for no reason at all, so I clicked
it and ... voila. Maybe some JP customers are now pissed. LOL
53:omg: 2013/02/28 2:05:16
i dont like this figure looks unnatural, with a fake smile.. nv liked kotobukiya figures i only trust alter and good smile
55:No Name: 2013/04/19 1:18:37
I think I want to wait for an actually review of this figure before I get her. It's Kotobukiya. It's always a hit and miss with their figures. I hope she turns out beautiful though.
57:g130288: 2013/04/25 11:31:30
I have got many figures of girls from Shining series made by Kotobukiya. They were made nicely so this Asuna figure is going to be a beautiful one for sure. I have ordered both of this scale figure and the figma.
58:Chriz: 2013/06/04 21:46:34
Ive seen the figure myself at the Kotobukiya headquarters. I was surprised that it actually looked okay. In fact, most of the figures coming out in the next few months seemed to be of higher quality than usual.
59:Marlis: 2013/06/16 10:58:59
Koto did a bad job with this. The actual figure's face looks terrible. The face looks blank
and too light. The shading on the figure is horrible. Buying figures from koto is like a
gamble, 40% chance you win, 60% end up with garbage.
60:Discoceris: 2013/07/15 10:21:10
Did you actually purchase the figure? I received mine and didn't see the problems
you did. Saying, "face looks blank" is a bit of an oxymoron, considering that these
are figures and aren't suppose to be "flesh and blood". I also received the
Asuka Shikinami Langley figure and that was pretty good as well.
54 posts
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