Golden Darkness Swim Wear ver. (PVC Figure)

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Original:To Love-Ru
Release Date : Late Jul., 2013
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Golden Darkness Swim Wear ver. (PVC Figure)
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Series title :

See Momo Velia Deviluke Swim Wear ver. (PVC Figure) also.
Copyright Kentaro Yabuki, Saki Hasemi /Shueisha, Toraburu Darkness Production Committee
Height: approx 235mm.

- View it from the universe's most dangerous [Darkness る To LOVE - - Trouble] Animation's most popular buzz
Killers are, golden darkness appeared in the swimsuit on slender style.
- Look nailed another to stare at her black little shyly here!
- I am a double side-by-side with more attractive and [ver swimsuit thigh-Berea-Debiruku.].

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Item Size/Weight : 30.1 x 17 x 16.5 cm / 470g
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Golden Darkness Swim Wear ver. (PVC Figure)
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16 posts
1:Okami22: 2013/01/29 15:48:49
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! ANOTHER PERVERTED FIGURE OF A CHARACTER I LIKE!!! Dude please stop with these already they are on last nerve, i know this is her first swimsuit figure but still who actually enjoys these except for the pervs out there. There is nothing unique bout this, just more skin thats it, nothing special. Put some damn thought in the figures for once. Give her a cool pose not just have her stand there like a moron with less clothes.
2:Okami22: 2013/01/29 15:54:40
Less clothes do not necessarily mean better figure(quoting someone that replied to my post from the sankarea figure). That is the exact reason I skipped on sankarea so Im skipping on this too. The second I saw her when I arrived to the main page I was like COOL! Then I ACTUALLY saw her and I almost lost it and not in the good way.
3:beware angry wolf: 2013/01/29 18:20:09
WOW - you feel better now that you got that outta ya system??

You do have a point though.....
4:Wgd: 2013/01/29 21:11:50
@Okami22, less clothes = less material needed to make the figure.

I guess they are just cutting costs?
5:No Name: 2013/01/29 21:57:05
Well I could give a rats ass. She's so damn sexy. I wish this were Haruna. That black tight slick rubber of a bathing suit is too fitting for her. And those itty bitty titties... Lmao

Okay I'm done. XDDDD
7:Discoceris: 2013/01/30 5:44:57
With the Yen weakening against the Dollar, I'm expanding my purchasing options :P
8:Mari90: 2013/01/30 6:33:53
I'm glad I'm very particular about my figures, otherwise I'd be broke!! :D lolz.... Again, looks great, but as stated above, not unique.. I'd like to think that all of my figures I decided on have a unique 'charm' to them.

@Okami22- my condolences..
9:Mari90: 2013/01/30 6:35:53
to understand Okami22.... okay... it's like putting Yomoiko Readman, or Nenene Sumerigawa in a g-string..
10:No Name: 2013/01/30 11:03:15
That hair... I love it... Probably my favorite part :3
11:TehSir: 2013/01/30 13:35:05
Words of advice, if you don't like something, ignore it and move on. Your comment(s) give me the impression you're an a-hole. Which could be false. You make valid points, but you're too overbearing. I don't want to hear this here. This rant is best done with your friends at the cafeteria. Not to people who make their own conclusions on their own opinions.
12:Lykaios: 2013/01/30 14:47:25
@Mari90, is it THAT far outta character for her to be dressed like this?? SOMETIMES things like that will affect my purchase.
13:Mari90: 2013/01/30 17:24:49
@Lykaios- okay...that example was a bit extreme, considering this is a pretty 'ecchi' show... but don't let me stop you from getting her
14:Shirt: 2013/01/31 3:09:32
Out of Character.
Yes I think it is for Yami.
15:No Name: 2013/01/31 11:30:44
I think it's out of character too, at least her partially pulling her bottoms down is. Love the hair, the variations in the color is striking and a great idea but the generic face and "un-Yami-ness" feel of it makes it a no buy for me.
16:No Name: 2013/02/01 20:45:05
how is it possible to complain about a character being lewd, when she's from a series that is borderline serialized hentai. I just don't think it's possible.
17:Chizuru1: 2013/02/27 21:20:40
I must admit that this figure is indeed "Un-Yami-esque"...
Still, I can't really pass up such deliciously munchable features...
Those perky breasts in a tight leathery swimsuit. Yum
That silky smooth butt. Yummm
That out-of-this-world face. Yummmmm
Don't be an hypocrite about that one. If you did watch ToLoveRu... A small part of you would LOVE Yami to be acting like like she is on this figure... No?
16 posts
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