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1/8th Scale Racing Miku 2012 ver. (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Good Smile Racing
Producer:Sanjigen , Fumitake Onishi
Release Date : Mid Sep., 2013
JAN code : 4560392859137
Item code:859137
1/8th Scale Racing Miku 2012 ver. (PVC Figure)
User Area(Evaluation:18/Comments:30)
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This item is limited to 3 per household.
Copyright GAN / Crypton Future Media, INC.
Height: approx 190mm.

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The Goddess of the Racing Circuit - Racing Miku 2012!

'GSR&Studie with TeamUKYO' is a racing team that took part in the 2012 season SUPER GT300. The official mascot of the team, 'Racing Miku' was designed by GAN, and has now been transformed into a 1/8th scale figure for fans to enjoy! It's a figure filled with highlights such as her unique transparent costume, detailed paintwork throughout the figure, and the dynamic sculpting of her hair!
Item Size/Weight : 32.3 x 28.2 x 17 cm / 634g
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1/8th Scale Racing Miku 2012 ver. (PVC Figure)
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This item scores 3.89.
18 customers have submitted their evaluations.

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30 posts
1:Okami22: 2013/02/14 14:20:04
Finally!!! This is the one I was waiting for, the good smile version. I was scared for a
moment there thinking that the FREEing was going to be the only one. I did find it odd why FREEing would release their own version and not Good Smile. This version looks
far superior to the other one, its cuter and a lot cheaper. True, the other is WAY bigger
but its pretty crappy on the face. Also, this one is shinier! Preorder NOW!
2:jindo90: 2013/02/14 15:07:03
I still like the 2011 ver. better.
This head-body scale is weird to me.
3:No Name: 2013/02/14 16:25:03
Yes finally. Way better than freeing. Good smile automatic win as usual
4:Jo: 2013/02/14 19:08:18
Good one !!!! Luckily I didn't get the FREEing one after heard all the comments. Definitely get this for sure !!! But I also saw another Racing Miku 2012 gonna release soon, not sure is it from Good Smile Company, different from this and that FREEing version. The one that I saw has two big twin tails supported with both stands one(unpainted in exhibition).
5:Cosmoman: 2013/02/15 1:17:17
I don't understand why many people slandering Freeing version of Racing Miku 2012.. It looks gorgeous to me. GSC version has better clothing with the shiny effects, but as for the face... I think Freeing version is better. And not to mention it's on bigger scale than GSC.
6:Mari90: 2013/02/15 3:33:58
Darn it, STOP DOING THIS TO ME!! (tears...) pre-order...
7:Mari90: 2013/02/15 3:35:59
2011 ver is better though, more slender/shiny, but still..
8:edsierra: 2013/02/15 10:14:37
mmm. I dont now, this figure is more smaller than FREEing ver, is dificult to decide, but the hair design of GSC ver Miku is awesome, I dont now.....which one to buy
9:Mitmit: 2013/02/15 16:13:47
Even though GSC ver is quite smaller but you'll realize it that it worth your money than buying FREEing ver when you receive her and look at her overall painting. To me I would recommend others Miku fans to buy this. I've just pre ordered mine. And luckily I hold my strong desire to place order on FREEing ver. >_< hahaha,,,, Bye2 FREEing and Hello GSC ^^
10:hien: 2013/02/17 1:20:00
The head is so big...not proportional...agree with Cosmoman that Freeing version has better face than this one.
11:Mitmit: 2013/02/17 4:46:37
Well to me, she's GSC ver is looking much more cheerful than FREEing and rather cuter in a way of how her mouth is shaped compare to FREEing. Plus, in a way that FREEing Miku is positioned isn't looking natural. Attractive yes but not quite good enough to beat off GSC ver. And also not to mention that creating a Miku figure is FREEing's first attempt wheres GSC has made quite many if you look into their history.
12:Mitmit2: 2013/02/17 4:46:51
If you're wondering why I said it is unnaturally sculpted ? Let's talk about the way the ponytail hair waves, I can imagine a lot of racing cars passing through the finish line while Miku is moving her flag like the one in F1 Racing TV program. In the middle of an event, there should be stong wind blowing off her hair but not like the one you see now in the photo.
13:Mitmit3: 2013/02/17 4:47:07
Next is the eyes. She seems to be rather not as cheerful compare to GSC ver which makes me feel she's not very happy about the race/being a race queen. GSC ver lights up my spirit whenever I look at her but not FREEing ver.
14:Mitmit4: 2013/02/17 4:48:47
We all know that GSC has a lot of Miku figures but to me, Racing Miku 2011 and Cheerful Miku are a success. Why? Simply because hair waves become the main reason that results in overall narutal-looking.
15:Mitmit5: 2013/02/17 4:49:06
As for Hatsune Miku Tony Ver, I can't say it's either a success or naturally sculpted. Simply because of her hair. Too senseless in a way that her left hair side points directly towards the audience and her face also follows the same way looking by her leftside. As if her hair is just as same as Yami in To Love-RU series, You know what I mean.
16:Mitmit6: 2013/02/17 4:50:11
About the head part being larger than her body, I would say maybe the hair that results in a way. And by the way, if FREEing is to make Racing Miku, for the stands for her hair, they should reconsider it again by making the stands rather invisible if they're being heavy to be independent.
17:Mitmit7: 2013/02/17 4:50:27
Finally, I think FREEing is doing good consider the overall design. Not as good as GSC though. And I praise them for their first attempt therefore, they still need to improve a lot. That's my opinion and explanation to your question.
18:Mitmit8: 2013/02/17 4:50:40
And by the way, if you're good at observing figure's value and quality after you said FREEing ver is better, I suggest you observe more than you have and give your real final opinion as a professional observer. :3
19:Mitmit9: 2013/02/17 4:58:03
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one thing in part 2. GSC ver, the wind blows back her hair gently makes everything looks natural while her body is in the right/correct position. I watched all, but not every single yet, anime series and I know about it. :3
20:Calm down everyone: 2013/02/17 10:01:22
No need to fight over a Miku figure. We are all here because we enjoy figure collecting. No more debating this issue. If you guys need to talk, go take it to a blog, do not spam this section fighting.
21:Mitmit9: 2013/02/18 2:05:43
Gosh... can we just say that we're exchanging opinion rather than fighting over which one isthe best ? And I'm not saying that people should buy GSC ver over FREEing just because of the quality and the proportion. Seeing how FREEing has done well at their first attempt, I say we can give them a chance & buy one as well from them. And depends those who like it or not. Honestly I like FREEing ver and I've been more fond over GSC ver. I might think of buying one as well. :)
22:mimi: 2013/02/18 10:10:36
hey people, just grab em all if you like mikus right?
23:Mitmit: 2013/02/18 12:55:19
If you're a rich guy, then it's a yes. LOL For me I don't cause some of them aren't nicely sculpted. Plus I only choose which ones I like. :3 Bad ones left aside.
24:Lunar: 2013/02/19 9:28:22
Yes, opinions like these are good, they help others compare and make decision better.
25:Mitmit: 2013/02/19 20:42:25
Thanks for the support !! :3
26:Discoceris: 2013/02/20 8:00:23
It's your opinion. That doesn't make it the "right" perspective. Just enjoy what
you bought but stop trolling here. Let's face it, GSC's cheaper and that's the
bottom line for most folks (smaller also means less shipping)
27:MikuFapper: 2013/02/21 2:58:55
*fap fap fap
28:Mickey: 2013/03/03 0:15:23
Anyone think she'll have major leaning problems in the future?
29:Ein Sof: 2013/03/26 14:56:05
Mitmit sounds like critique pro...NOT! People's just biased towards GSC. I'll be frank, don't like GSC Miku's face, eyes, awkward pose. Chose FREEing's. Why? Arch of her back, waist, butt, and thighs just makes her look so much sexier. Face is beautiful. Eyes are fine. Just hafta buy the one I like and see it for myself instead of falling victim to another's biased opinion. Rather regret my own decisions instead of regret not ever buying the one I actually wanted.
30:Jo: 2013/09/12 18:43:33

I think it depends on how they build the figure and what material they used. I have a figure that built by Kotobukiya has the leaning problem. It's really hard to predict, I think it will slightly lean a bit due to the weight at the back part.
30 posts
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