Belldandy with Holy Bell (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Max Factory
Original:Ah! My Goddess!
Release Date : Early Nov., 2013
List Price : 20,366yenabout184.39USD
Sales Price : 16,972yenabout153.66USD
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Belldandy with Holy Bell (PVC Figure)
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Series title :

Copyright Kosuke Fujishima/Kodansha

A goddess descending from the heavens with the ring of a bell.

From the popular manga 'Oh My Goddess!' comes a 1/10th scale figure of the main heroine, Belldandy! The figure is based on an illustration which was originally released as a pinup poster, and also features her angel, Holy Bell, supporting her from behind.

The figure has been carefully sculpted to create a dynamic effect through the flowing material of her dress and her windswept wings, and each figure will include a unique serial number to ensure collectability. With over ten years passed, the beauty of Belldandy and Holy Bell will be be available for all fans to enjoy.
Item Size/Weight : 41 x 30.2 x 22.1 cm / 1314g
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Belldandy with Holy Bell (PVC Figure)
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25 posts
1:Culevra: 2013/02/22 14:00:06
havent watched the series, but damn this is impressive
2:No Name: 2013/02/22 14:04:10
25 years of NTR sure is ... beautiful.
3:Jenabug26: 2013/02/22 14:36:56
wow...this is really pretty but this would be like around $200 or more just for a 1/10 figure? that is just way too much.
4:Mari90: 2013/02/22 14:51:07
Expensive, yes- but I believe it will be worth it, for I am a collector of the unique! Can you imagine how much those nut jobs will charge for her on amazon after reservations closed? About the price of a used car! I really like Ah! My Goddess, so I will work overtime if I have to.
5:Shiratori1: 2013/02/22 16:18:51
@ Jenabug26: there is not a standard set of measurements for "1/10" scale. The scale (whether it is 1/8, 1/4, or 1/10, is how big the figure is in relation to the original source material (you can find pictures of this figure on next to figures that are 1/8 scale (she towers over them)). As far as my opinion on the figure is concerned, she's awesome, but there are too many unknowns right now (planned figure-wise) to commit to tying up several months worth of money for her.
6:wowowow: 2013/02/23 15:07:11
HOLY PRICE!!! And this is so awesome!! The detial!! so unique!
7:JasperJ: 2013/02/23 20:02:31
I'm not a huge fan of this particular figure, but I am really enjoying these big companies trying to top eachother with the most extravagant figures they can make.

I'm sure one will come along that I really want.
8:nutz4pvc: 2013/02/23 23:42:43
@ Shiratori1
Belldandy is suppose to be 165cm tall which translates to 5' 4" in real life. Even if the scale is small you have to take into consideration that this is not a simple piece but has several uneven surfaces like the hair, wings, and folds in the robes which easily drives up the cost.
9:Corventus: 2013/02/24 23:25:04
Correct, and that being said, this figure will have a shipping EMS price tag of 50-60 bucks so you can sum that amount plus the $170. If you can afford $240 bucks for a figure, go right ahead.
10:Corventus: 2013/02/24 23:27:08
Wait a second, 5'4" sounds a lot higher then it really is. 330mm is equal to 13 inches.
11:Numii: 2013/02/25 7:47:59
Absolutely gorgeous!!! wonder if it will go on sale like ultimate madoka hehehe...
12:hien: 2013/02/25 17:28:56
@Corventus : Belldandy height is 165cm in real,the figure is 1/10 scale =16,5cm of height. Plus height of base and the angel so total height is arround 33cm(same height of 1/5 scale figure).
13:chocolatecheesecake: 2013/02/25 18:49:24
prolly wont go on sale like Madoka, GSM should have learned their lesson about making too much.
Anyway, guess SAL Small Packet is out of the question then, even if its a 1/10 scale... -___-
14:nutz4pvc: 2013/02/27 15:51:21
1/10 of 5'4" would be 6.4 inches if she was standing straight. Remember she's sitting, elevated, plus there's another torso with wings above her which would make it 13 inches. I think that $170 a fair price for what you're getting. BUT like with everything else I buy online shipping ALWAYS kills it and I usually try to bundle to keep costs down and rarely do I use EMS
15:Corventus: 2013/02/27 23:54:38
Hi, thanks for the reply. On AmiAmi they displayed the figure height (no idea why they did not do this here) of 320mm which it translates to 12.59 inches. With that being said, it is a really tall figure, taller than many other figures out there.
16:Corventus: 2013/02/27 23:55:04
I do agree that 170 bucks for this figure is not such a crazy price, what it is crazy is shipping charges and not everyone would plan to buy loads of figures to save $$$ on EMS shipping which gets crazy expensive, most just prefer to use SAL cause its way cheaper. This is the reason why Ultimate Madoka went on sale here for $75 and it took so long to get sold out, $50 ish shipping price tag is a bummer.
17:Mari90: 2013/02/28 3:21:20
I already preordered, like as soon as it hit the site..... if the price drops before reservations close, mine will drop too right? $170.00 bucks+shipping is not so big a deal because it's not due till August-- that's plenty of time to get couple hundred bucks- and I just know people will charge a lot once they're out of stock
18:Corventus: 2013/02/28 8:42:55
Correct, but prices will most likely never go down before the release date unless there is a good reason.
19:Corventus: 2013/02/28 8:51:43

In reference to people charging more than it is worth after orders are out, this only depends if people are willing to pay more than $230 asking price + shipping. This was not true for Ultimate Madoka and other high price figures after they came out.
20:Alastair: 2013/03/06 2:38:13
@Corvetus: Nobody's willing to pay that money for Ultimate Madoka because everyone and their mothers have her already. There's no "uniqueness" factor, no passionate searching involved. On the other hand figures like Bounty Hunter Yoko go for prices way higher than originally, because it's becoming a rare figure - to be proud of owning. Somehow I doubt Belldandy pre-orders will even come close to Madoka's. People don't even know her anymore.
21:Corventus: 2013/03/06 10:27:58
Aye, your right on the most part. Ultimate Madoka had a price tag of 200 including shipping, which not everyone could afford, however lowering her price to 135 inc. ship. did the trick for most poor collectors, me included. Never really saw that high of a price worth on madoka, but I am glad I got her at a lower price, she was worth it. And onto this figure, it is awesome, but not worth 175. It is overpriced and when it goes on sale, I will gladly buy it.
22:chocolatecheesecake: 2013/03/06 13:13:25
you know, this is not likely to go on sale, considering GSC would have learned their lesson with Madoka about making too many of something.
The description says it will have a serial number, which means they are going to limit the quantity produced, so i highly doubt this will be flooding the market like Madoka.
23:Mari90: 2013/03/07 3:29:10
@Corventus- Dude, you see the intricate details on her clothes? It's not going to go down too significantly. In my opinion, this is better than that Madoka one you're talking about, but that might just be my bias towards it because I personally think that show sucked.
24:burly: 2013/04/30 23:29:14
damm... this is nice. better start saving :)
25:Discoceris: 2013/07/25 3:11:31
@ Corventus

If you can't afford it, big deal, because there's always 3 or 4
others that will take your place. Why do you and other people
like you try to make it personal? This isn't about whether or
not you can afford it.
25 posts
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