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Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Orchid Seed
Producer:Minhel , Blond Parrot
Original:Maid Bride
Release Date : Early Oct., 2013
List Price : 9,114yenabout82.92USD
Sales Price : 7,457yenabout67.85USD
Points Acquired : 74pointsOther Currencies
JAN code : 4582292601241
Item code:PVC124
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Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure)
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PackageMaid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Package1
Item pictureMaid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Item picture1Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Item picture2Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Item picture3Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Item picture4Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Item picture5Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Item picture6Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Item picture7See more...
Other pictureMaid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Other picture1Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Other picture2Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Other picture3Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure) Other picture4
Series title :

Copyright 2009 Aruchu Kiduki/Core Magazine/Orchid Seed
Height: approx 13.5cm.

- Three-dimensional system to a cute girl gamer Hikikomori [! ]

- Story of Dr. Chu's first book in Onitsuki in the [bride maid] from [summer Oda] of heroine [Yuki]
- Defenseless figure multiplied by take off the pants and jersey, and I was stuck Tawawa sheer shirt from wet
Bust irresistible!
- It was a plump ass is that, A naked is ...?
- Upper body is also possible to form a T-shirt that turned up in an expression compatible.
- Draw her charming big headphone, the teacher is in Ju blond hair flowing and murmuring
Enjoy it ♪

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Item Size/Weight : 18 x 18 x 17.7 cm / 519g
Explanation in Japanese

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Maid Bride [Yuki] (PVC Figure)
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This item scores 4.78.
37 customers have submitted their evaluations.

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28 posts
1:Culevra: 2013/03/15 13:56:45
my goodness, that is hot!
2:Yuuki: 2013/03/15 17:59:25
I kind of have a policy of not buying figures this risque, but this one is very subtle, so I may have to rethink that. Gonna have to think long and hard about this one since I don't live alone.
3:Mari90: 2013/03/15 22:40:33
pretty hot... room in the cupboard for one more? :\
4:Numii: 2013/03/15 23:39:44
Never have I actually really thought of wanting to buy an ecchi figurine, wonder if my mom will be ok with this. I'm a girl after all :u
5:Tabris: 2013/03/16 0:36:27
Very very cute *q* !! Could have been a bit bigger though...

@Numii: even if you're a girl, you can appreciate the charm of this figure; do not be afraid by its ecchi theme =)
6:Mari90: 2013/03/16 8:56:53
@Numii- advice- keep out of sight if you have any runt siblings...
7:Yolol: 2013/03/16 11:11:04
Sexy+hot+super kawaii=INSTANT PREORDER <3 :D
8:Yuuki: 2013/03/16 14:17:19
You guys' bravery has just helped me come to a decision. Hidden in the cupboard it is then.
9:StealthCat: 2013/03/16 15:08:13
Somehow... it's just better with the shirt on. Consider that 75 bucks spent!
10:Skyragi.: 2013/03/17 1:17:22
About 20mins after it was posted I come back and look again. "What made me impulse pre-order like that?" xD

Nah, i'm gonna keep this one on the shelf with everyone else. :3
11:icelava: 2013/03/17 10:46:16
why am i more intrigued by her headphones...
12:Pekoni: 2013/03/17 22:31:28
So I'm not the only one...
13:Fate: 2013/03/18 3:38:32
Rawr, really nice =33. I was wondering if anyone knows if transporting this good is breaking any laws for Canada? xD Can't seem to find anything on it and really want to buy =((.
14:Kalash: 2013/03/18 14:47:03

I think you should be fine in regards to shipping to Canada, If she instead looked significantly under-aged then you'd have reason for concern.
15:Okami22: 2013/03/19 7:42:15
Hmm is it me or doesn't she look like Sora from the visual novel/anime Yosuga no Sora?
You know as in IF Sora had a rockin body cuz her face and hair color is similar. Damn I
want this but I don't think being labeled a pervert by my whole family is worth it, Grrrrrr! but I
want it so bad!
16:Yuuki: 2013/03/19 14:49:21
@Okami22: Buy now, regret later. Words to live buy when purchasing figures because you never know how much stock they have, or if it will ever be released again, but you probably already knew that.
17:Mari90: 2013/03/19 16:40:48
@Okami22- I understand- if it makes you uncomfortable, don't get her... no one will likely see mine, lulz..
18:kuronyan: 2013/03/19 19:22:22
time to buy a new cupboard, the previous one is already full if you know what i mean
19:Seftak: 2013/03/20 1:04:25

There's no trouble. I have 4 Native, 1 Fault, 2 Super Sonico and more "hentai" figure coming and i never had any trouble with them.

And why would someone hide a so beautiful piece of art from the eyes of everyone, they deserve to be right next to the tv in a glass display, like mines! lol
20:ns21: 2013/04/16 15:19:39
is this allowed to be shipped to Australia? anybody knows? if i wait for the reply from the govnt office, i'm scared that it will be too late to reserve :S
21:No Name: 2013/04/16 17:08:10
@ns21: probably not, just checked the website but unless they can classify this as porn, they shouldn't be able to stop you importing it.
22:No Name: 2013/05/03 1:55:55
@Numii, I know what you mean! I'm a girl 2 and I really like this one.. but just not sure about my mom..
23:No Name: 2013/05/04 5:55:53
I used to wonder how my friends would react before buying my first few ecchi figs, well, I ordered four in one go(believe me, they screamed hentai^_^). Got teased a little but it was no way as bad as I assumed it would be! Now I've over 30 decorating my room!(around 15 are not ero)
Pro tip: don't care about what they think, and they won't care bout what sexy figs you buy ^_~
24:No+Name: 2013/05/16 11:16:03
The masterpiece from God
25:huhu : 2013/06/01 21:42:51
She's worth every cent...
Anyone disagree? Go read brail, you blind heathens!
26:BeatleJo: 2013/07/28 9:54:53
must resist but I know I will fail :(
27:Beatle: 2013/08/01 10:08:30
yep I knew I would fail! lol finally po'd her. I live in Australia tho so hopfully shes allowed
past customs?
28:akatoki: 2013/10/12 22:29:19
Mine came in the mail yesterday via EMS - perfect condition as always, figure is very well crafted, as Tabris commented, would have been really nice if it were 1/6 scale or bigger, I'd still pay a bit more for it, great quality!
28 posts
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