Mikasa Ackerman Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)

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Manufacturer:Good Smile Company
Original:Attack on Titan
Release Date : Late May, 2015
List Price : 13,800yenabout125.6USD
Sales Price : 12,139yenabout110.49USD
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JAN code : 4571368442161
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Mikasa Ackerman Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
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Copyright Hajime Isayama , Kodansha/[Attack on Titan] Production Committee
Height: approx 170mm.
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Exceptional skill, never before seen in the 104th Trainees Squad.

From the popular anime series 'Attack on Titan' comes a 1/8th scale of Eren's childhood friend, Mikasa Ackerman!

She is sculpted in a dynamic pose based on the cover illustration of the 2nd volume of the Blu-ray and DVD. The detail seen on her vertical maneuvering equipment and the textures on her outfit show off just how intricate a scale figure can be, allowing fans to enjoy Mikasa from all sorts of angles!
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 27.2 x 18.1 cm / 722g
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Mikasa Ackerman Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
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77 posts
1:Yuuki+Terumi: 2014/04/22 12:44:31
She looks stunning although she doesn't look the same as the anime to me. It actually looks BETTER in the figure although different than the anime, almost on par as good as the manga. I'm only worried about durability of this figure, will it lean since it seems to attach to the base from the leg. And this is sculpted by kiking too which is definitely worth getting since he did an amazing job on the other figures.
2:Dom Trooper: 2014/04/22 13:33:45
This Mikasa figure looks awesome, but the price is not, for a 17cm figure!
3:Discoceris: 2014/04/22 14:46:21
For this price, you may as well just pre-order this directly from Goodsmile
and get the DX version. It has a special base that matches the figure.

4:space dandy: 2014/04/22 14:46:58
Good Smile Company is now my favorite figure manufacturer! The price on this is a little high but the other figures suck compared to this one ;)
5:Rigby: 2014/04/22 17:18:17
Just making a review about this figure!!What could I say about this figure well, "ITS AMAZING" The sculpting in this Mikasa Figure is 100x better than the other Mikasa Figure for Ques Q It's True. My biggest complaint with the Ques Q Mikasa PVC is that her face is waaaaay off!! Like Mikasa from the future but UGLY!? Another reason I think this figure is awesome cause it's been created by "Kiking" The one who sculpted the INSANE BLACK ROCK SHOOTER :)
6:Melwei: 2014/04/22 22:46:17
The price...

I have to say its too much but i'll still buy her, guess that im just a fool
7:FastCat: 2014/04/23 4:22:13
@Melwei If you look carefully in Mikasa "Maneuver Gear" you could see why the price is expensive!!! The amount of detail they put in that in thing is crazy especially that dynamic poss of Mikasa!! :P Just looking at the pictures she will cost "ALOT" in EMS!!!!!
8:SnakeBite34: 2014/04/23 4:35:22
@FastCat Never choose EMS!! Always hated it, I understand that its fast and has a tracking number but having to pay alot for just "One figure" is not worth it!!!! Where im at EMS is a major problem for me!! Another problem im having is Customs fee!! Item always being held unless someone picks it up!? Rather stick with SAL ==
9:Rigby: 2014/04/24 1:40:10
@FastCat I have to agree with you on that one!! Sculpting is really AMAZING!! I wonder how Alter, Kotobukiya, Max Factory, and Griffon will pull this off.............
11:Oz: 2014/04/24 2:27:18
INSTANT PRE-ORDER!!!!!! LOOKS GOOD!!!!!! Good Smile never fails to impress us ;)
12:FruitLover: 2014/04/24 11:35:08
13:UnknownShooter: 2014/04/24 12:25:04
Woooow!! :O Seeing this and Ques Q Ver. Now I see what you guys are talking about!!!! Definitely getting this one for sure :)
14:CherryTree: 2014/04/24 14:42:43
=.=" So tempting!? I could wait for the Sentinel Mikasa in the Fall/Winter or I could get both Mikasa for Good Smile and Sentinel!? DAMMIT........
15:Potato Girl: 2014/04/24 15:43:44
To be honest, she is overpriced by GSC. But for those who are obsessed with Mikasa, they are going to buy her anyway. Smart move from GSC. For me, I'm going to skip her, not falling for this plot!
16:Rigby: 2014/04/25 4:11:11
Shingeki no Kyojin A.K.A ''Attack on Titan" is a popular anime!!!!! With all the appeal that its made to the internet I wouldn't be surprise if the company charge ''ALOT'' for it!! It doesn't affect me cause been collecting for a decade!! If you guys have concern have money problems you could always go in ebay for the "Bootleg Version" You will not be supporting the company but hurting it as well
17:jenabug1286: 2014/04/26 3:20:30
omg love this! so have to get it! I would never every by the cheap ebay bootleg versions of these pvc figures. what is the point in that???? got to have the legit thing. :)
18:Moro: 2014/04/26 3:56:44
Sure is broken spine in here.

Also that price is outrageous. Other manufacturers have produced SnK figures with the 3D maneuver gear at a fraction of this price.
19:Rigby: 2014/04/26 16:07:56
Good Smile is always impressive when they bring out a figure!! Black Rock Insane Crazy Base/ Awesome Sculpt, Love is War Dx Enormous but Awesome Base, Puella Magica Madoka Ultimate Dynamic Pose/ Awesome Sculpt, next one that still needs to come out Deep Sea Miku Hatsune Base surrounded with Corals......
20:sneeduy: 2014/04/27 8:35:05
Height: approx 170mm (including her stand?)
21:abc: 2014/04/29 3:31:01
What the hell with the price? 1/8, 170mm, small, not include special base but ~13k yen?
22:GoldenD@rkness: 2014/04/29 11:25:14
Popular Anime + Good Smile Company = Expensive Figure!! Not surprise really!? Seen that a lot with previous figures.......... I'm still going 2 buy it :P
24:PlantLover: 2014/04/29 11:42:45
Look at pictures "INSTANT PRE ORDER" " :)
25:KrabbyPatty: 2014/04/29 11:46:59
Would rather stick with the original version :( DX Version cost more and shipping might be outrageou!!!!!!!
26:wert303b: 2014/04/30 11:03:12
Might be expensive but this is arguably the best looking Mikasa Ackerman figure so far. I also bet that licensing didn't come cheap and the cost for licensing is passed down to us consumers. I suppose you get what you pay for.
27:PS4: 2014/05/01 0:41:19
October is going to awesome!!!!!!!!! Can't wait 2 get mines!!!!!! :)
28:Super Cake: 2014/05/01 6:16:48
29:LuckyClover: 2014/05/01 6:22:48
SHI*!!!! Just type in Hobbysearch and this got my attention!!!!!! Instant (Pre Order) =.=
30:Catherine: 2014/05/02 6:26:04
Finally Pre Order Mikasa ;) (I'm Safe) Could imagine this thing selling out like CRAAAAZY in the fourth quarter!!!!!!
31:DragonSlayer46: 2014/05/02 6:31:38
Had to pre order this!!!!! I already have Sentinel Levi 1/8, all I need is the Sentinel Eren along with Good Smile Mikasa -.-"
32:ComputerGeek253: 2014/05/02 6:38:52
Looking at the illustrator I'm not surprise if Mikasa is going to sell out very well. Kiking was the who sculpted the Black Rock Insane Shooter 1/8 Good Smile!! I pre order this cause I always wanted to have a female character from Shingeki no Kyojin >////<
33:ExtremeSport: 2014/05/02 6:45:03
==" Damn Running out of space to put my figures!? Only have one place to put her and that's my laptop :) Instant Pre Order
34:CandyLover: 2014/05/05 13:59:51
Wow!! This Mikasa figure looks amazing from Top to Bottom!!!!!! Hope they make other characters :)
35:WindowsXP: 2014/05/05 14:04:46
Good Smile got my attention and it worked!!!!!!!! Have to pre order Mikasa --"
36:Prince$$Zelda: 2014/05/05 14:34:42
I promise myself I wouldn't get this until it hits the bargain bin but I couldn't!? Price is outrageous I'll give it that but a awesome sculpting of Mikasa and Good Smile is too hard for me to let this one pass by ^^ Pre Order
37:Verizon: 2014/05/07 4:18:08
Been awhile I went in Hobbysearch first thing I saw is THIS!!!!!!!! 0.o" Pre Order
38:Leon: 2014/05/07 4:24:17
I have been looking for a best deal to find the Mikasa 1/8 Good Smile and looks like Hobbysearch has it for cheap ^^ Other sites are very expensive!!!
39:GoldenGoose: 2014/05/07 4:31:00
40:FireBlade52: 2014/05/07 4:39:10
Boy!! There is a lot of "HYPT" 4 this one figure!! I have to base my own opinion when it comes over :P
41:Venom: 2014/05/07 5:21:28
@FireBlade52 this is just the Prototype. The Final Product will probably be announce in September or October 4th quarter.
42:De@dM@$t3r: 2014/05/07 5:31:45
I hope Good Smile doesn't mess up the face :P Prototype looks really good but Final Product not sure about........ "Don't let me down Good Smile"
43:SailorVenus: 2014/05/07 13:52:00
I look up a site and realize Kotobukiya will be releasing a Mikasa as well ^^ I'll pre order that ; along with the Good Smile Mikasa 1/8 :)
44:ChocolateMint: 2014/05/07 13:57:17
Its really funny that Mikasa is more popular than Eren :P Must be the kill streak
45:SailorVenus: 2014/05/07 14:02:11
@ChocolateMint Be honest when did Eren ever killed a Titan? "Without Transforming into a Titan" ((Never)) There is one moment with Eren trying to take out the Colossal Titan but failed to realize how big he is!!
46:Shiny Star : 2014/05/07 14:04:35
Good Smile is ''Quallity and Detail" ^.^ Pre Order
47:FireSorcerer: 2014/05/07 14:09:16
48:MetalGear64: 2014/05/07 14:15:13
Looks at price!! O.o" My wallet may be hurting but it will be worth it :)
49:LaserBeam: 2014/05/07 14:17:42
This would look good with my other big figures!! ><
50:RikaFurude32: 2014/05/07 14:26:09
I just hope October is a good month to buy figures!! Paying $1000 for 10 figures + EMS is outrageous!!!! I might have to give my pre order if that happens :P
51:SilentKitty: 2014/05/08 3:47:21
Thank Goodness I was saving up!! ^^ I could finally use that money 2 buy Mikasa :)
52:Samus: 2014/05/08 3:57:15
"AWESOME" Just "AWESOME" I waited so long for a Good looking Mikasa Figure!! Ques Q version didn't have that impact on me but thisone does. Now im waiting for a Good Smile Levi, and Good Smile Eren to be announce ;)
53:SkyHigh: 2014/05/08 4:09:39
Only problem I have with this figure is the "Metal Rod" could easily be seen!! I'll still pre order it anyway!! :P
54:SecretChamber: 2014/05/08 4:29:15
@SkyHigh Know what you mean!! I have another figure with that same exact rod Cheerful Miku 1/8 Good Smile. Unlike the Cheerful Miku 1/8 figure the Metal Rod could easily be hidden. The Mikasa figure nope!! Unleash you were able to customize your very own base to hide that thing might as well just deal with it. The purpose of the metal rod is too show Mikasa gliding through the air without it she would be kneeling down on her base :P
55:SkyHigh: 2014/05/08 4:36:13
Thx makes perfect sense!! ^^ Have to base my own opinion when it arrives.
56:Mea: 2014/05/08 4:44:47
Geez!! Still no update for Mikasa's base --'' They already show images for the DX ver. ((Roof Base)) but not the original ver. Just to be safe i'm still going 2 pre order this thing :/
57:WhiteCastle: 2014/05/11 4:29:07
Been awhile I heard the name Shingeki no Kyojin ^^ Last time I saw this anime was last year on December. I could its a really really good anime :) My favorite characters in the show are Annie, Levi, and Mikasa!! Mikasa is buy far my favorite character in the series >////< Instant Pre Order
58:LastOrder: 2014/05/11 4:43:47
Mikasa isn't really Eren's sister!! She was originally raise by two parents; her mom and her dad. Mikasa has been caught by these thugs and being force to be her slave!! Who was the one that saved Mikasa from these thugs?? Eren of Course!! That is how Mikasa became a member of The Family ^^ During that time she is committed to help Eren all the way "Pre Order Her" She is just Awesome
59:Tails : 2014/05/11 4:53:32
Mikasa is good for doing one thing and that is being a "Yandere" ^^ Love Mikasa Pre Order
60:$ElectricMan$: 2014/05/11 5:06:02
0.o" I hope Good Smile won't delay this figure!! The long wait for the Deep Sea Miku was a horrible experience!!
61:Wesker5: 2014/05/11 5:16:35
I know Good Smile will do very well in this figure ^.^ Good Smile is all about Quality & Sculpting!! Can't Wait 2 get my Copy
62:MarioKart8: 2014/05/11 11:09:35
o.o" Price is expensive but that will not stop me from pre ordering her!!
63:LightSaber: 2014/05/11 11:12:26
Choosing EMS for this thing!!!!! Just want her right away ^^
64:FreshWater48: 2014/05/12 5:18:08
==" All the HYPT for this figure it will probably go up 4 high price few weeks after release!! Too be safe ill pre order one anyway :P
65:GroundW@rrior: 2014/05/12 5:45:04
All these pre orders that are happening each day high possibility there will be a Good Smile Levi and Good Smile Eren ^^
66:((SolarBeam)): 2014/05/12 6:40:37
>< This would look good with my Nendoroid & Figma Mikasa!! More Mikasa is awesome!!
67:MysteryClock: 2014/05/12 16:47:11
DAT FACE o.0" Definitely looks like Mikasa!! Pre Order Time ^^
68:NPC: 2014/05/12 16:56:53
I hope it's one of these figures that don't require much assembling!! Those maneuver gears looks like it will take awhile to assemble along with those wires :P
69:CrystalMirror: 2014/05/12 17:07:23
I have a Mikasa wallscroll just like that one :) Figure will go well with my wallscroll
70://$t@rG@t3//: 2014/05/12 17:20:45
Still no images for the base!!!!!!!! ==" Seen the dx ver. looks like a roof of a house but nothing yet 4 the standard VER. Good Smile better hurry up with those images :/ Buy this thing tomorrow I know I'm going to regret this........
71:RainbowCereal : 2014/05/13 15:44:02
My Wallet will be hurting from this!! ==
72:FlightControlx42: 2014/05/13 15:46:04
No Need to worry about this ^^ Good Smile always does a good job on there figures!!
73:RainbowCereal: 2014/05/13 15:51:26
Appreciate that!! I do own some figures from Good Smile majority of them is accurate. No details are off & paint job matches the illustrator design ^^
74:Boo: 2014/05/13 16:02:39
What got my attention in this figure is that Pose & Expression but it's mainly the Expression!! I was worried these figure companies were going to give Mikasa a happy/ grin face but thank goodness they didn't!! In the series Mikasa Ackerman is consider a Yandere outside she is very soft and mellow can't do anything about it but when Eren is in danger/ out of control Mikasa goes berserk show her true inner Self!! Have 2 get this figure :)
75:<Eclipse>: 2014/05/13 16:08:15
If only I have a glass case I would totally get this!? Hate seeing my figures in dust !-!
76:Book Reader: 2014/05/13 16:21:27
U know figures don't always have to go outside there boxes!? Best solution is too leave it inside the box. Save up your money and buy some glass case :/
77:Hotman: 2014/07/01 5:08:24
Nothing especial about her .
78:Chriz: 2014/07/26 10:47:36
What I like about this Mikasa figure is that it awed people with the amazing aerial shot instead of lady assets (GSC couldve done so since Mikasa is a rare asian breed).

The price is borderlining okay taking into account of inflation and fanaticism around the anime. I remembered Saber and Saber motored cuirassier also cost around the same and had just as much details on the bike compared to Mikasa's boost gear. The plus here is that this is a small figure so shipping won't hurt.
79:qiuqiu: 2015/06/03 5:53:26
This piece is awesome! Mikasa looks stunning here but would prefer one with a standing or sitting pose.
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