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Bulkarm Lambda Jackal (Plastic model)

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Series:Hexa Gear
Original:Hexa Gear
Release Date : Mid Jan., 2024
JAN code : 4934054045495
Item code:HG123
Bulkarm Lambda Jackal (Plastic model)
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This item is limited to 3 per household.
Height: approx 180mm.

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[Aircraft Description]
- [Bulkarm λ] is the general term for the second-generation, high-performance mass-produced Hexa Gear developed by MSG. These units are mainly used by non-Para-Pawn units within the Valiant Force, and as weapons for the Heterodox armed forces in cooperation with MSG. The [Jackal] discussed in this article is a model equipped with specialized equipment for urban combat, and is mainly used by the Heterodoxes who received it for purposes such as fighting between Heterodoxes, demonstrating against residents and rebels in controlled territories, and maintaining public order. The reason for developing it based on the Bulkarm series, which was showing signs of becoming outdated with the appearance of the third-generation Hexa Gear, is that it has an armored, sealed cockpit that is useful for long-term patrol missions, and is easy to introduce and operate even for organizations with little experience in operating third-generation Hexa Gear, due to its marching speed and maintenance environment.
- The piloting system uses a BMI (Brain Machine Interface), and the Governor controls the aircraft through armor or a headset. In addition, restrictions imposed on Para-Pawns due to the Project Regenesis charter are imposed on them when they pilot the aircraft.
- In terms of overall performance, the unit has inherited the versatility and robustness of the Bulkarm series, but each part has been made lighter with an emphasis on the movement speed of the limbs, and the drive system is made up of artificial muscles transformed from HEXA G-R.M., and new air maneuver thrusters are fitted to the back and the bases of the limbs to increase acceleration performance in close combat, making it highly praised for its lightness that is unusual for a second-generation unit.
- In addition, its reduced defensive power is compensated for by the many optional shields and additional armor, and it still retains the freedom of attack that comes with being a humanoid. This wide range of equipment options embodies the 2.5th generation in a different way to Bulkarm Grantz, and depending on how it's used, it can compete to some extent with the third generation Hexa Gear.
- However, all of these high performances are also strategies designed with a specific purpose in mind.
- For the Heterodox who live on the battlefield every day, the provision of this aircraft is a very attractive proposal. However, on the other hand, its irreplaceable high performance means that they are completely dependent on MSG for support in maintenance and repair. By simply adjusting the supply of equipment, MSG can manipulate the number of operational aircraft and even the power balance of each faction, and even the conflicts in various regions themselves have come to be influenced by MSG's decision-making.
- In this way, MSG indirectly controlled the power struggles in various regions, and many Heterodox who unknowingly accepted their involvement were absorbed into Valiant Force or disintegrated.
- [Jackal] mainly operates in urban areas due to its aircraft characteristics, and is often exposed to the eyes and ears of ordinary non-combatants. And because of the gruesome appearance when spotted, it is feared as `MSG's dog`.

[Mounted Weapons]
・Heavy Submachine Gun: Motor Dog
・Shield: Barricade Shell
・Plasma Rod: Hungry Bite
・Polygonal Blast (Air Maneuver Thruster)

[Product Specifications]
- The shoulder armor can be replaced with an expanded attachment with a 3mm joint.
- Newly sculpted wrist units are included in four types: [Close grip], [Open hand], [Gun holding hand], and [Sword holding hand] for each left and right hand.
- The included heavy submachine gun can be positioned in one of four grip positions, and can be installed in various locations on the aircraft using special optional parts with 3mm joints.
- The shield equipped on the arm can be attached with a grip held by the wrist part or with a 3mm joint, and a plasma rod can be stored inside. In addition, various options such as a spare magazine for the heavy submachine gun can be attached to the 3mm joint on the back.
- Bonus parts include a head antenna part for the commander's unit.
- Comes with a special joint that is compatible with the Flying Base Neo (sold separately).
- Compatible governors are Pawn A1, Para-Pawn Sentinel, War Mage, Early Governor Vol.1, etc., but not all governors are supported.
- It will be molded in six colors: blue, light blue, gray, gunmetal, silver, and clear orange.

・Bulk Arm λ Jackall body x 1 set
- 4 types of wrist parts x 1 set (left and right)
・Heavy submachine gun x 1
・2 spare magazines
・Shield x 1
・Plasma rod × 1
・Shoulder extension attachment x 1 set (left and right)
・Captain head antenna part x 1
・Flying Base Neo connection parts
・Archive card


( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 13.2 cm / 725g
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Bulkarm Lambda Jackal (Plastic model)
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