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Transformers To a T
Hello, hello. Tomeko's here again.

I am afraid that the rainy season is setting in around Tokyo area, meaning around HOBBY SEARCH area. I mean, it's been raining for 2 days, not exactly cats and dogs, but drizzling on and off.
I keep my fingers crossed so that no fungi will grow on top of my head

I bet many of you are holding your breath for the release of the movie "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" that is just around the corner.
The last Transformer film in 2007 was packed to the brim with "bang bang" and "boom boom" and it surely hit the spot with me. I love those action movies where just about everyone hits each other in the face and just about everything blows up in the air.
Please don't take me wrong, I'm basically non-violent. I just enjoy things being broken into pieces on the screen.

And Takara Tomy is now gearing up for the releae of a multitude of items that are related, in one way or another, to Transformers.

Transformers Movie RA-01 Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime

This central character of the series, the born leader of the Autobots, is known among Japanese as "Konboi" or "Convoy.", not by its original English name.

"But why Convoy?"you might ask.

Well, the answer is, so far as I know, totally new names were alloted to many of the main characters in the series when this great American comic was imported into Japan, just so that they would be pronounceable for Japanese kids.

You see, the sound system of the Japanese language is so weird.
When you try to say "Optimus Prime" in a Japanese way, it consists of 9 syllables, whereas in English it's only 4...or 5, am I correct?
Also, voiced consonants, like the "v" sound in "Convoy," are very important in creating names that sound cool and robot-like to the Japanese ears.

Transformers Movie RD-01 Megatron

I seem to remember seeing this guy in the movie Robocop 2.

And here's Bumblebee for you!
Transformers Movie RA-03 Bumblebee
Bumble Bee

He is definitely my type.
He can talk but rarely does. I like that in a man!

Rumor has it that some of the Autobots in the latest movie can be not only transformed but united with others into a new robot.

If I may talk a bit about the last film, you will remember Megatron being sunk into the sea. I hear that he is going to make a comeback in the next one, something I anticipated the moment I saw the last one.
Let the villagers rejoice!!

Now, as you may have noticed, images for some of items are unavailable at the moment, because as of today the movie is still yet to come and they won't allow us to use item images ahead of time.
But, rest assured, they are to be permiitted after the movie release and are thus going to be displayed on our site.
Please check our homepage from time to time.

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