How to nickname (Freight train version)

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Model Train
How to nickname (Freight train version)
It's still May, but it's gotten so hot like summer is coming.
I want to drink something cold!

Natural water of Iwate Kamaishi

Well... look at the label.
There's an illustration of a train.

I've got it from a friend and he told me it's available at Japan Freight Railway Company.
It's called "Natural water of Iwate Kamaishi".
Oh, you can get it at the website of Japan Freight Railway Company.

OK. Let's go on to the main subject here.
Illustrated on the label is JR's electric locomotive EH500.
It's used from the Tokyo metropolitan area to Tohoku district and Goryokaku (Hokkaido).

This locomotive is nicknamed "ECO-POWER Kintaro",
and you can see the logos and illustrations of the nickname and Kintarou on the body.
(Incidentally, Kintaro is a character for a Japanese folk story.)

EH500 (2nd Type w/GPS Antenna) (Model Train)
EH500 (2nd Type w/GPS Antenna) (Model Train)

The most interesting feature is that two bodies make one locomotive.
Since it's got 8 driving wheels,
it's so powerful that it can pull long freight trains on the slope inside Seikan tunnel.
As its name suggests, it is very strong.

Due to its dynamism, it's so popular among kid railway fans in Tohoku district.
There are a variety of model trains available.

There are a lot of nicknames for trains of Japan Freight Railway Company.

"ECO-POWER Momotaro"

EF210-0 is an electric locomotive used mainly on the Tokaido Sanyo main line.
JR publicly solicited nicknames for it, and it's called "ECO-POWER Momotaro".
(Momotaro is a character for another Japanese folk story.)

"ECO-POWER Blue Thunder"
EH200 Blue Thunder

EH200 is also eight-wheel-drive and used mainly on the Chuo main line and Shinonoi line.
Although it's a large electric locomotive, its design has a kind of European feeling.

"ECO-POWER Red Thunder"
EF510 Red Thunder Production Type
EF510 Red Thunder Production Type

EF510 is used in the Hokuriku and Tohoku district on the Sea of Japan side.
As report has it, East Japan Railway Company is planning to introduce the same model,
so it's got a lot of attention.

"ECO-POWER Red Bear"

DF200 is a diesel locomotive used in Hokkaido.
I think that's why it's called "Red Bear" (you know, Hokkaido is famous for bears).

Here's another, interesting one.

JNR EH10-51 (Plastic model)
JNR EH10-51 (Plastic model)

In the era of Japan National Railways (the predecessor of JR),
there was a two-car and eight-wheel-drive electric locomotive EH10 called "Mammoth".

It was developed for freight trains on the Tokaido main line,
so its use was very limited.
That's why it evokes the image of something unsophisticated.

Due to its large body, it couldn't be used for other lines,
and finally, like the real "Mammoth",
you can see it nowhere now.

Did you find any nicknames you like?
I hope you can see the real trains and call them by their nicknames!

See you!
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