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Gundam Kit/etc.
Hi, this is Hyakugabasu !

It has recently been getting hotter, not just warmer in Japan.
Yeah, their time is coming soon in Japan..........I mean they are "C"ockro............I can tell you any more here.

To you guys who would like to throw away disgusting feeling given by "C," I recommend you to get HoiHoi-san which will be released by KOTOBUKIYA.


Just figure........?

No, it isn't !

Then what is that ???

Oh I got it ! It is a movable figure !


Answer : A movable figure.

The correct answer is a plastick kit!!!!!

KOTOBUKIYA is incredible to release a HoiHoi-san plastic kit !!! Not only HoiHoi-san but also ART-1, Temjin, and so on. How do they know my favorite characters !!!??? According to the official website, three different eye parts are included.

Watching the right-hand side

Watching the left-hand side

Wathing the front side

OMG, how Kawaii !!!

Even Mr.Furuyashiki working for Maazu Pharmaceuticals must be surprised and satisfied !

Also she can take some poses.


Since her armes included in the package, you can display her with fighting pose.

KOTOBUKIYA-san, releaseing Combat-san and PEST-X-san will make me more excited.

Since we can accept pre-orderes for this item, just make a visit the item webpage !

The introduction of HoiHoi-san finishes here.

Catch you later, guys !
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