Looks like a key chain but......

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Looks like a key chain but......
Konnichiwa, This is HYAKU GABASU !

Phew, I just escaped from my inventry count work. Now, what I have to do is to post an article for our blog !

Today's topic is a very practical radio-controlled car !

It is Tenyo p-car IR05 Fairlady Z, that is now on sale !!!

Huh? That is just a normal key chain, isn't it ?

Oops, I can see something.....on the upper left of the package...........what is it ?

Wow! That is Sekai Saishou (the world smallest) !!!

For your information, the key-shaped object is actually the controller!
and the car can go forward and back and turn left. Tha's great, isn't it ?

In addition, the car itself works as a small toach ! This is quite useful as an accessory for your car key or your bag. Don't you think ?

Also the elaborately produced details of the p-car series would make madel fans surprised !!!

Since Skyline, Imprezza, Estima, bB, and IR06 i are in its lineup in addition to Fairlady Z, you can find your favorite one !!!

Now, just get your own p-car, just turn off the lights in your room and just play !!!

By the way, when I asked one of my colleague a question like "What does p of p-car mean ? Is it the first letter of pikka, which means flash in Japanese ?"

He just told me "Just come back to your inventory count work !" lol

See you next time !
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