Happy 10th anniversary!

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Model Train
Happy 10th anniversary!
Hi! How are you doing?

HOBBY SEARCH marks its 10th anniversary,
so I shall look back on Japanese railway 10 years ago.

Series 209-1000
(Series 209-1000 Joban Line, in the summer of 1999)

Sorry for my poor picture!
This "Series 209-1000" is the same age as HOBBY SEARCH.
Series 209 was developed as a "new generation commuter train" of JR.
It's excellent in energy saving and can run with little energy.

Series 209-1000
Series 209-1000
Series 203-100
Series 203-100
(Joban Line, in the summer of 1999)

Here's a picture of Series 203, which we should call "the King of Joban Line".
As you can see, Series 203-100, which is developed in the early 1980s,
and Series 209-1000, which is developed in the late 1990s, look so different,
though they share the same goal.

By the way, no manufacturer has released N-scale 209-1000 model trains (In June 2009).

This year, a brand-new train called "Series E233-2000" will be introduced for Joban Line.
I heard it will replace Series 203-0 and -100, and Series 207-900,
but Series 209-1000, which is the same age as HOBBY SEARCH, will continue its career.

Finally, I'll show you some of the trains that made a "debut" in 1999.

Series E26 Cassiopeia
Well-known luxury train!
E751 (Tsugaru and Hatsukari)
Speedy train which is used in Tohoku district, released by MICRO ACE.
JR Tokai 313
Released by KATO and MODEMO.
JR Kyushu 303
Used in Fukuoka, released by MICRO ACE.
Tokyu 300 Series
Used in Setagayaa Line, released by MODEMO.
Meitetsu 1600 Series
Released by GREENMAX, this summer. Open for Reservation!
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