A pleasant extra

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A pleasant extra
Good evening.
Roku here.


This is not a model train accessory item.


This is not a model train structure item.

They are the option parts which are included as extras for the Sci-Fi Revoltech [Baragon]

Sci-Fi Revoltech vol.4 [Baragon]

The overwhelming model design is impressive, but I just love the fact it comes with extras to display as well. It's well worth your money.

For Roku, who just likes extras (too much...), the house and horse is very happy extra.
The Face hugger that comes with Alien is a very nice extra too, I say.

This is slightly different to extras, but the Revoltech series Motonari Mori

Was there really such weapon, seriously?
Apparently it's the [Ring Blade Supreme Illusion]

I used Tira on Soul Calibur (which we unfortunately don't have products for), so I couldn't help reacting to it.

Yes, you're right.
It's a very trivial topic.

Anyway, that's it for the intros of new Revoltech products.

For those of you interested in the latest Revoltech, click Nowa above!

By Roku, whom just had a hangover in a long time... woke up with a headache and felt sick. And was clothes-less for some reason...

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