Little Girls, are sometimes all right, Right?

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PVC Figure
Little Girls, are sometimes all right, Right?
The other day, due to a very unexpected accident, I ended up with my face in a bowl of noodles. Yup, that's me, Tomeko here. How's it, everyone? *cleans soup covered glasses*

Lets ignore the earlier sentence.
I think we shall have a look at the Hobby Search Limited Edition product today. Yes, lets.

Queens Blade Steel Princess Ymir Critical Attack

It's critical. In other words, life threatening...
This girl also has...

Queens Blade Steel Princess Ymir 1st Attack

Queens Blade Steel Princess Ymir extra Attack Miyazawa Limited

these two color variations, but I thought I will use this opportunity to introduce the Hobby Search Limited Edition item, the Critical version.

It's a Hobby Search Limited Edition product.(Emphasize)

Right. This Ymir here is one of the few rare characters in the Queen's Blade series, which tend to have a high ratio of large breasted characters, to have a flat chest.
No, wait! Here, we will regard it as [modest], yes. Much better.

Then again, her appearance is clearly that of a child...
...what, shes actually 70? Right then, so there is no problem, as she is apparently mature. (huh?)
She is not a little girl

Ymir this time is made with plenty of Kaitendo's specialty, the candy resin.
The candy resin creates that beautiful luster, full of dreams and hope.

Unfortunately, we can't show you images with too much showing, but the back is a part that I personally recommend. With the scapula unseen, the flatness really gives a lolita feel to it. tehehe...

This may be off topic, but this white Ymir has a pose slightly different to the other two.
The left hand at her hip is one of the differences.

......and as a second recommendation point, I will mention the posing of her fingers on the left hand, and the silkiness of her glove.

This also goes for the other two, but the boots are made to look pretty sturdy.
It could be metallic or pearl + clear coating I guess, but its very smooth and shiny.

Plus, the magical diagram area of the stand base is mirrored, its rather gorgeous I have to say.


The magical diagram is of different color, depending on the version!

The normal Ymir (1st attack) and black Ymir (extra attack) have the black diagram above, but the white Ymir (critical attack) has a white diagram drawn.

The gauntlet on her right arm is of the same material used on the boots.
The combination of a little girl + Hard-out weapon makes for a very nice picture, don't you think?

Lastly, here is the front-on angle of her beautiful smile.
Each of the drills (hair rolls) has been carefully painted individually. yeah.
The original Pink version is very nice, and so is the black version with the goth feel,
But as one of the Hobby Search staff, I will highly recommend the white Critical Attack Version.
oh, and also note that our white version is currently on sale at 20% discount!

Right then, thanks for reading, see you next time!

By Tomeko, who mentions that the clothing might... come... off...

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