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Manly Blog, Begins!
......Adult blog?
What are you talking about? Hobby Search is a hard boiled manly shop.

There are no immoral articles with peachy skin showing all over the place... well, not many, anyway...
So here I am, Tomeko here, wishing to argue the above... in a whisper.

Anyway, having said the above,
An item from the series known for their phrase
"It's not panties so its not embarrassing!"

Strike Witches Miyafuji Yoshika

Is clearly inappropriate for us to introduce to you, let alone play around with it and show you all the photos. Of course, we can't take all her cloths off, and say

"It's not panties so its not embarrassing!"

or anything similar that may be remotely inappropriate.

Oh but it is pretty well made.
The texture of the school swimwear is just so... elaborated, that one may hesitate for a second (in a good way).
The machine gun has been made with great detail too. The paintwork, texture, I can't think of anything negative to say about it!

By the way, the leg unit machine has been designed with the Jet from the eras of Reciprocating engine.
As it's called Onboard Fighter Jet Zero Striker Unit, its most likely to be modeled after the A6M Zero, I assume.
(not going to mention that im trying to make the article a manly one...)

The Zero Fighter Type 22

Speaking of Zero Fighter, it's the most famous jet from the old Japanese Navy.
There were several derivation models of this Zero fighter.

Boasting a great flight distance that doesn't require an aircraft carrier, plus heavily armed with two 20mm machine guns, as well as the great fighter capabilities, it got its name across with the assault on Pearl Harbor, the type 21.

Developed as the improved version of type 21, but ended up reducing its continual flight distance that was it's strongest point, the type 32

And finally, the type 52, the successor of type 32, equipped with a thrust type single exhaust pipe... these are the major line up, I think.

This leads to a question, what is the Fighter Zero Type 22 that is on Yoshika's legs?
Well, it is the reformed version of type 32, born to cover the flight distance that was inferior to that of type 21.
(It's a mystery why the improved version of 32 is numbered 22...)

The type 32 was introduced during the battle over the Solomon Islands in the southern pacific (a.k.a. Battle of Guadalcanal), in a situation where the aircraft was required to make a return trip over a very long distance. Therefore, the type 32 that was weak at long distance flight was questioned, and had been customized to type 22, with increased fuel capacity.
The engine and body parts are basically the same as that of type 32, but the shape of wings and the folding has been planed to be closer to that of type 21.

However, this type 22 hadn't been produced very much, with the battle situations at the time being part of the reason for it. So all together, including the heavily armed type 22, the tyoe 22 were quite rare. (Unfortunately, by the time they got it ready for production, the battle situation didn't require such long distance flight anymore.)

So before the type 22 got a chance to shine, the Japanese had been struck back, causing them to lack fuel and was forced to retreat from Guadalcanal Island.
Including the defeat at the Battle of Midway, the situation for the Japanese army were getting worse and worse...
But that's another story all together.

Right then, I hope this was somewhat educational, that was the manly blog for today!
Thanks for reading, hope to see you next week!

By Tomeko, who thinks the tides of the Pacific War is very deep...

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