Hobby Show Special vol.4 <br />~ah the depth of the World of Hobbies~

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Hobby Show Special vol.4 <br />~ah the depth of the World of Hobbies~
Super happy having the PSP back from repairs, Tomeko here, How do you do?
Today will be another Hobby Show Special Report, carrying on from last time.

★From Doyusha

Bombard (Rotational Style Large Cannon)

Does the rotational style in the name mean it can adjust the angle?
Or could it mean that the cannonball itself rotates after being launched, and slings with that Centrifugal force, (like a shotgun)?
With a mechanist where the small bullets stored inside will scatter, once the large cannonball itself is slung, so I guess this is the origin of shotguns, grenades, and shrapnel etc.

Da Vinci Bombard
But looking at the illustration, the bullets/cannonball kinda seems pastoral.

Multi Barreled Canon (Machinegun)
Da Vinci

It looks like a broom, doesn't it?
Apparently what we would call a machinegun these days, tho I wonder it would fire all the bullets by a single pull on a trigger, without a choice? I personally think that it would be nicer to be able to change the amount fired at time...... as the amount of wasted bullets will increase errrrr... nvm. It will be very useful when you want to set up a barrage!

But yeah, this is something really trivial, but I think something the person that developed the Gatling gun is a genius.

Printing Press
Da Vinci Printing Press

The type printing was said to be created by Gutenberg in the mid 15th century, but seems like there were things mildly similar before it.
(due to issues of the invention and propagation of paper, there were already similar things invented in the orient or something......)
So yeah, its not too much of a surprise that Da Vinci had thought of a printer. But its form kinda reminds me of a weaving machine.

Swing Bridge
Da Vinci Swing Bridge

There are many worrying points, such as the weight being heavy made of wood, or having too much pressure on the Fulcrum position etc. but I'm sure the Mr. Genius Da Vinci had put those points into consideration already.

A mobile bridge that is put across only when required, I guess is the drawbridge these days.
May be he thought of this when he was staying in Venice, having so many waterways.

Da Vinci Catapult

The super famous besieger device, isn't it? The weapon itself had existed even before the days of Renaissance, but this one is powered by spring.
But gosh, it seems that Da Vinci had researched weapons quite a lot. I guess he had helped advise in military issues of key figures, so its not surprising in a way.

Paddle Boat
Da Vinci Paddle Boat

ummmm... errrrr......

I can see what he is getting at, but gee, doesn't it require huge amount of effort to power this by man? Then again, there are cute swan boats that are powered by the same idea.
Not that it had a rotation part as large as this.

Armored Car
Da Vinci Armored Car

Ah, the armor like an old Japanese umbrella, with barrels pointing in all directions. It is understandable as a tank or armored vehicle model, but one would think it would be problematic, as it doesn't look too capable for traveling off -roads.
Oh and personally, I'm interested to know how many people it can take onboard. I mean, it would be one heck of a task if one person had to drive, attack, and load bullets all on their own.

Self Propeller Kart
Da Vinci Self Propeller Kart

...this thing, I'm kinda interested in how it works.
It seems that the automated drive by the break and spring etc. is its selling point, but the power required for spring expansion is probably man-powered, isn't it...?

Aerial Screw
Da Vinci Aerial Screw

Alright, so this is an impossible form dynamically, but I personally like the design.
It was long after that human race managed our first flight, but it seems that it was already our dream to fly, even from this early period, that's what I thought from looking at this piece.

Mechanical Drum
Da Vinci Mechanical Drum

Apparently you can program the rhythm of performance...... but does that just mean this is a drum version of a music box?
I guess I shouldn't say something as inconsiderate as its probably better just to drum normally ...nvm.

Da Vinci Mechanical Drum

Looking a the illustration, I imagine you would push the thing like a push-car, which turns the wheels and the gears inside, which turns the spiky barrels, to produce drumming sound, I guess. I think the gimmick is just marvelous.

but......its still better just to drum normally *cough cough*

Ok, so I may have gotten slightly heated with that discussion.
But yeah, this kind of unusual model kits (sorry), I personally like very much, so it can't be helped.

So let us carry on, shall we?. Yes, lets.

Unified Type 2 Wooden DROP TANK SET

The containers put on fighter jets, a.k.a. fuel tank.
It seems that they weren't wasting these by throwing them out after/ or in combat, but apparently they retrieved and reused them.

Drop Tank

Oh and by the way, the people that made these tanks were, apparently, the Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing.
Back then, since they couldn't sell instruments well due to being in the middle of a war, I guess they clearance munitions instead......... yup, that's what the guy at the SWEET booth was trying very hard to explain.
It is horrifically well detailed for a 1/144 scale, (enough to clearly read the kanji 'Tenchi Muyo') its very much recommended as an accessory of the Japanese Army crafts!

★From Tokyo Marui
From Marui that is working hard with their IRC Heli, there were many new items from the Remote Control Heli displayed.

IRC Heli K-On!!
K-ON! IRC Heli

From the popular anime series [K-ON!], the so called 'Ita-Heli'.

K-ON! IRC Heli Decal

Apparently it also comes with custom decal, so you can decorate it to your liking!

Also, take a look at these new items that will probably start their reservation sometime in the near future.

Tokyo Marui IRC Heli

Tokyo Marui IRC Heli

Tokyo Marui IRC Heli

Tokyo Marui IRC Heli

Tokyo Marui IRC Heli

So yeah.
The company known for making model guns, Marui seems to be branching into railway models and remote controls too.
The company has great technology, so let's look forward to their developments.

Alright, that's it for today!
I think there is still a little more of the Hobby Show reports left.

By Tomeko, who is considering exercising, with the temp getting warmer lately.

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