Letter from a thousand years ago

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Letter from a thousand years ago
Hey everyone, Tomeko here!
Cutting to the chase, here is something that caught my attention recently.

Star Trek Plastic Model Kits
Star Treck U.S.S. Enterprise

This is a little embarrassing, but I only know it as a famous Sci-Fi title, so I basically have no idea of the content, however I have seen a single episode, due to a friend's recommendation.
And was greatly moved by that single episode.



The Enterprise (main space ship) cruising in space, and runs into a mysterious space probe.
And from the probe, a mysterious beam fired suddenly, striking the captain of Enterprise, Captain Picard directly. Falling unconscious, right from the beginning.

Now, when the captain regained consciousness, he was inside an unfamiliar house. In a stone made house with dry weather. Something that mildly resembles scenery of Rome or the Mediterranean Sea.

In the house, an unknown woman.
The woman calles the captain 'Kamin', and claims to be Kamin's wife.
And when the confused captain asks where he was, she simply says inside his house.

Wha...what the!!!!!!!

Detecting from the talks of the surroundings, Captain Picard, a.k.a. Kamin had wondered (?) into a planet named Kataan, and apparently been lying in bed for three days.

Kataan, a planet where people are living peacefully, yet is deeply troubled by the severe lack of water.

And having no means to return, Captain Picard has to live a life as 'Kamin' on the planet Kataan.


Change of scenery, back on the Enterprise.
The captain showing no signs of regaining consciousness, the crews are also troubled.
With the beam set on the Captain, they attempt to shield it away from him, but found that it just makes the captain unwell, so they are lost on how to save him.

And with some research, they found that the probe had been send from a planet called Kataan. However, Kataan had supposedly been eradicated over a thousand years ago, due to an explosion of a new planet......


Meanwhile, Captain Picard a.k.a. Kamin's time just keeps flowing. With 5 years gone by, the drought becoming even more severe. And while sometimes fighting, he also gets attached to the wife too. And they gained a son and daughter, blending into the towns people, and had fully became familiar with the planet Kataan.
And when he was checking the sky that had become his daily routine, he noticed something.

that, the life of planet Kataan was nearing its end......



Out of the many Star Trek episodes, this is one that many claims is at its highest peak.
The subtitle of the episode is "The Inner Light"

This is something I heard later, but this episode was so famous that it won the 1993 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation! (apparently a famous award in the Sci-Fi industry)

I'm sure there are many of you who already know this, but I did withhold the details of the story and the ending, so if there are any of you that's interested, I really do recommend you go watch it!

With exciting story line, with plot twists and human drama.
An episode I fully recommend!

So yeah, it was more of a talk about Star Trek rather than the model kit, but its really isn't bad to just sit back n enjoy Sci-Fi once in a while. Or more.
You can still enjoy it even if you aren't too familiar with the hard out lingo, too.

Right then, that's it for today!
Hope to see you next time!

By Tomeko, who wants all the Shinichi Hoshi works.

~ Extra ~

Since today's blog ended up with so much text, I thought I might as well add a bit of flavor with some Star Trek pics.

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek

There are a number of series of Star Trek, and they all do seem a little old/nostalgic, yet it still have that originality, a very mysterious design. I do love ships and crafts like fighter jets with an aggressive appearance, but these interesting looks are also nice too.

And yeah, a spacecraft can't go without the image of a disc, huh.

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