Simulating a slightly old freight train.

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Model Train
Simulating a slightly old freight train.
Hello, it's Kapinozuka.
I saw the new product info from Kawai, and thought,

"What would it be like to link them up?".

This is just an idea off the top of my head, but it would make me happy if you would bear with me to the end.

Now, about the freight trains of Japan in the old days.

There were many freight cars specifically made for the luggage itself,
and the luggage each had different owners,
as well as having different destinations.

So this basically meant the order of cars linked would vary each day, as well as the cars used themselves.

So you may never see the exact same freight train formation twice.

That's how much freight trains there were running back then.

So, let's take a look at a merged image I've made.
Please note that its just simple side shot photos cut out and linked together. The sizes are also roughly estimated to fit, and may not be accurate.

Merged freight train image
*click for full image

Yeah, the popular steam locomotive for towing the freight trains just have to be the D51, right?
So in this merged photo, the following has been linked.

D51 (Kato) + Tora55000 (Kawai) + Tsumu 1 (Kawai) + Wamu23000 (Kawai) + Wamu21000 (Kawai) + Koki 5500 (Kawai) + Wafu 29000 (Kawai)

Ah so nice! Very nice!
This is the freight train of the old days!

Hmmmm... but this seems a little too short for the D51 to tow.
So let's branch off to the DE10 as the tower.

Merged image of freight train with DE10
*click for full image

Other than the leader train being changed to the DE10 (Kato), the cars used are the same.

The old freight trains had many little black freight cars, sometimes with a container car between them, maybe a white refrigeration car, and could also have the reddish brown Wamu or Waki too.

Although it may be subtle difference, its interesting because there are so much variety.

So as you can see, you could have fun joining the locomotive you like with freight cars you like, and recreate a possible freight train of the old days.

In the world of train models, what freight cars you join are all up to youuuuuuu!!

If you think you want this freight car or that car,
it would be advisable to simulate the look in your head,
or create an image to get a grasp.

I mean, you could never have too much freight cars (right?).
Let's collect all sorts of freight cars and create a freight train to your liking.
If you are using N-Scale, you just have to collect freight cars and locomotives by companies such as Kawai, Kato, Tomix, Micro Ace etc.

If you get enough Freight cars, get a Locomotive!

If you get enough locomotives, get more freight cars

If you get enou...(infinite loop)

However, if you take too many freight cars and take over the garage at the model running gatherings centered on passenger trains, you might get told off, so be moderately reasonable please.

By Kapinozuka, who wants to make a layout that includes a hump.

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