Tetsudou Musume Style Station Posters - Based on Real Posters!

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Tetsudou Musume Style Station Posters - Based on Real Posters!
Hey there everyone, this is Tominon.
I thought I'd change things up a bit and go over some railway related items.

* Tetsudou Musume Station Poster (12pcs)

Tetsudou Musume posters that mimic real station posters!
These posters are based off of real ones used in stations, but with Tetsudou Musume.
The actual posters were on display at the show and people were flocking around them!

They're B3 size (364mmx515mm), just like the hanging poster ads in trains.
Leave it to Tetsudou Musume to combine the best of railways and the characters.
You don't even have to be a fan of railways to enjoy these!

The characters to be on the posters are:
Misono Kawaguchi, Yuno Kashiwagi, Alice Kuji, Mai Yagisawa, Misuzu Yamura, and Akana Kurihashi.
Misuzu is an original character for Fujikyu Railway and is making a guest appearance in the posters.
Akana is Minami Kurihashi's cousin - they look almost like twins!

And slated for 2011 is something called "Tetsudou Musume PLUS."
Details aren't out yet, but should be coming so check the Tetsudou Musume official site if you can't wait!

Speaking of railways...
Rollsign Key Chain part 2 came out so I'm going to plug it here.

You can set seven different destinations like you're running the trains!

Put them on bags, cell phones, anywhere, and turn them to your heart's delight...
Highly recommended!

And I actually got my hands on a sample...

KHM-01 Rollsign Key Chain Series 201 Chuo Line! It's so cute!

It's so fun to play with, and it even lights up! With white LED light! Incredible! For such a tiny thing!

Look at how delighted Woody is at it!

Anyways, it's really a great little piece so I recommend you all get one (or more) to play with. It's addicting!

That's it for today. See you next time!

- Tominon

P.S. the Tama Train is adorable
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