Into the Murk of Silent Hill -- Red Pyramid Thing from Gecco

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Into the Murk of Silent Hill -- Red Pyramid Thing from Gecco

The dark side of Silent Hill -- where everything is rusted through and
enbrowned as with dried blood. The sky is murky, the air tainted, and
somewhere far off you hear a slow, measured clangour of metal on metal
rising and falling through the deserted streets. There lumbers forth an
ominous figure, face enfolded in a triangular helm, bulky in stature, dragging
along a huge, blood-stained blade of great scissors in his hand.
He is Red Pyramid Thing, the punisher of sins, who awaits you to stray into that
abandoned town.

- [Mamegyorai Limited] Silent Hill 2/ Red pyramid thing 1/6 PVC Statue

The greatest piece of molding I’ve ever laid eyes on.
No detail left out, Gecco has had the original Pyramid Head replicated
in a 1/6 scale statue.


Side shot.
Lying Figure, poor victim, is writhing in his deadly grip.


Back shot, the Thing seen now in an entirely new aspect (to me, at least)


I always wonder what may be this horrible puffy mass of flesh. There is no telling,
I think, but in Silent Hill 2 there is the denouement where Red Pyramid Thing's helm
separates half in the middle, revealing many iron thorns embedded inside…

That’s it. Sweet dreams (grin).

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